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Azad's dialogue was short and rough but it detailed the important aspects. The comprehensive details would have to be revealed at a later time.

With the newfound information that went beyond the Demonic Teacher’s testimony of Deluc’s tomb, a grin appeared on the young disciple’s face.

“Sealed you say?” Dario questioned.

“One of the past hero's national treasure is lodged deep into Deluc’s blood-red orb,” Azad replied.

“Ah, his nucleus where he stores mana?” Asked Dario.

Azad nodded, “Precisely.”

Hearing the conversation between the two, the three experts were unable to comprehend what the “blood-red orb” entailed.

It was obvious that they had little to no knowledge of such things since they walk the path of a warrior, not a mage.

Sensing their curiosity, Dario went on and explained the bloody details. (Author’s note: No pun intended.)

“The blood-red orb that Azad mentions is used as a tool for the undead to store mana. Depending on the quality, it enables the use of spells up to the 7th-tier.”


“I may not be a mage, but I know well enough that spells of that level can send us to hell,” Gerald commented. “At first I thought that the unique monsters were the tip of the iceberg, then, Azad was an opponent we could not hope to face without the leader’s direction. But now, we're going to face an opponent that can do away with guys at our level without breaking a sweat.”

“Hehe.” Nocturne chuckled. “I don’t usually say this, but Gerald is right on this one.”

“So what do you suppose we do, young master?” Caesar asked.

“I will face Deluc alone,” Dario replied plainly.


“What! How can you possibly hope to face that monster by yourself?” Gerald said, almost shouting.

Understanding Gerald’s concern as well as the rest of the party, Dario held one of his rare soft smiles on his face. It wasn’t a wide smile. The young man had to display such an expression for the purpose of displaying a trustworthy sentiment to his companions.

“It has always been my intention to face him alone,” Dario said.

His words came off with a solemn tone as if no other rebuttal could change his mind.

“And with this newfound information, most of the burden which I had anticipated has now worn off.”

“Young master, I beseech you, we can not on good conscience watch as our leader enter an impossible battle,” Caesar said, pleading with sincerity.

This time, the Legendary Midnight Soldier interjected.

“If I may.” His voice was deep like a well accompanied by words carrying volume. “I believe the one who has resurrected this old Ronso is yet to show what he is truly capable of.”

The three experts heard what Azad had to say and immediately understood the meaning, yet, their faces looked bothered.

“The Arishok is right, stay back and observe. That will be my last order.”

Nothing else needed to be said and the party passed the long hallway to the last chamber. Dark mana orbs lid the pathway like a scene from a horror movie.

For the last gates to be seen in the massive dungeon, a depiction of an elf was carved deep into the ebony door.

“Is that what Deluc looks like?” Said, Gerald.

Knowing that question was posed to him, Azad replied.

“There’s only one way to know.”

The gates open and their sights locked on to the one individual sitting on a wooded throne. It surprised them that Deluc looked like a dignified elf and not a skeleton. The only thing out of place

He’s managed to keep his vessel? Thought Dario.

Suddenly, the air trembled and the ground quaked.

A disembodied voice was heard, “Who dares to enter my chamber?”

Dario stepped forth alone, “Sith Lord greets the Eldar Lich.” The young disciple slightly bowed while introducing himself.


“Kekeke.” The Blood Elf let out a laughing snarl. “Seeing as Azad is now bound to you, I suppose what you say is true.”

Deluc waved his hand and a flurry of spells began to emerge. “If you can survive my ‘greeting,’ then you would have earned my acknowledgment.”


Watching from the heavenly palace that is Holy Manalum, Jinn has been watching the steps of his young disciple. Veda, the elegant butler stood by the side of his Master.

“Sir, why send the young master and the rest of the party to that tomb of all places? Ita far beyond their level, that much is certain.”

Jinn replied, “Levels are not everything. Dario has already achieved Heavenly Demon Awakening. A dungeon such as that is worthy to test his limits.”

“...” Veda remained silent.

“What worries you, my old friend?”

“It took some time to figure out what you had planned for the young master, sir.”

“Oh? Pray, tell.”

“I had thought you would be raising Dario to be like you, but now, there isn’t much of a difference.” Veda continued on. “The Angel of Death, Heavenly Demon, they’re the same, are they not?”

Lord Vicegerent Jinn chuckled.

“Indeed, I expected nothing less from you, Veda.”

“The young master has not received much education in the ways of the arcane. How will he compete with the Eldar Lich?”

“The Heavenly Demon breathing method combined with the Dragon Heart is more than enough to compensate for his lacking magical abilities.”

“It appears there is still much to learn in this new world.” The butler with the appearance of a graceful old man with white hair bowed.

Jinn lightly nodded.

“Watch closely, my disciple will continue to surprise us.”

A holographic screen displaying the events happening with Dario’s party was shown as a movie theater. Eldar Lich Deluc casted a 7th-tier spell, Vermillion Nova. Pillars of fire emerged from under the ground. This would be a fight where Dario had to go all out.

“I had predicted he would reach that level,” said Jinn. A screen window appeared and displayed Dario’s stats. “Sooner than expected.” Lord Vicegerent Jinn clasped his hands like an overlord plotting to conquer the world. “We can proceed to Meloire once my disciple returns. Assemble the rest of my people and gather capable fighters,” commanded Jinn.

Dario Courtwell

Lvl. 60

HP: 9999 (+1000)

MP: 999 (+100)

AP: 9999 (+1000)

Class: Peak of Transcendence Realm

STR: 840 (+100)

DEF: 878 (+100)

INT: 997 (+100)

WIS: 1005 (+100)

SPR: 1022 (+100)

VIT: 840 (+100)

DEX: 811 (+100)

SPD: 1199 (+100)

LUCK: 200 (+100)

Main Job: Sith Lord

Sub-job: Dark Hero

Evasion rate: 75%

Critical Chance: 88%

Titles: Lord Vicegerent’s Disciple (sealed)

Heavenly Demon (sealed)

Sunshine King/King of Day

Night King/King of Night


Lord Vicegerent’s Disciple - (sealed)
Heavenly Demon - (sealed)

Sunshine King/King of Day - Increases all attributes during the day by 20 points. Can increase this title’s skill to a maximum of 5 stars.

Proficiency: 5/5 Stars

Night King/King of Night - Increases all attributes during the night by 20 points. Can increase this title’s skill to a maximum of 5 stars.

Proficiency: 5/5 Stars


“At once, sire,” Hades and Veda replied.

Returning to the window screen, the young disciple dodged the massive fire. His footwork, Ying & Yang Buddha Path, is the culmination of all Heavenly Demonic Cult’s history and their path to absolute power.

He must have realized it by now. Thought Jinn.

The reason why Dario did not inherit nanomachines. For now, the young disciple understands it to be similar to his people’s culture. In other words, The Demonic Way is said to be a lifestyle where the pursuit of power is paramount. The strong rule while the weak perish.

The Heavenly Demon Cult in Murim China was said to rule no matter which area they occupy. Much like how the Omen Nation was betrayed by its neighboring countries, the Divine Cult was betrayed the same way.

From then on, the Heavenly Demon Divine Cult swore to one day reclaim their ancestral homeland and succeed in the pursuit of strength (power).

Anyhow, sharing similar history is not the entire reason why Dario would be learning the Heavenly Demon arts. He would come to know the entire truth in the future.

Back to the fight, Dario’s movements emanated from his breathing method and he floated in the air every once in a while. He was graceful and wasted no steps.

“You move like a Sith Lord. Very well,” Deluc said.

Suddenly, a Gate rip the dimension, and giant, loud steps were heard pounding the ground. The loud sound came closer and what appeared shocked the party - a Bone Dragon had shown itself.

At this point, Jinn would continue to observe his disciple’s journey. A cocky grin appeared on his handsome face. “Another worthy edition for resurrection.”


Bone Dragon, Blackwar

Lvl. 66

Titles: Void Dragon
Class: Transcendence Realm
Species: Undead Dragon

Rank: Lieutenant


Elite Boss (sealed)


“Hehe,” Dario smirked.

Ever since passing level 50, his body felt lighter. After the fight with Azad, a massive amount of experience was gained. However, before all that, the young disciple had done something that would allow him to fight Deluc 1-on-1.

The secret was when he took the Rainbow Pills that he created.

Thanks to the vast records of the Omen Tribe, they say that ingesting such a pill increases the individual’s chi by 100 years. In short, MP, AP reserves would increase by many folds. Yet, that is not the reason why Dario felt confident.

It is said that a fortune will be bestowed upon the person who can catch and kill the unique monster, Rainbow Bird. What they do not say is that the encounter with such a monster is a blessing itself. Every single thing regarding the Rainbow Bird which has the Title, “Lucky Bird,” does not begin to describe how big of a blessing it truly is.

I have to make sure to discuss this with the scholars. Thought Dario.

And the reason he thinks that is because he found a new attribute that the Rainbow Pill can give.

Night King, or King of Night, is a high-level Title that increases all attributes during the night by 20 points. It is one of two titles that is known to increase one’s attributes in all categories. This was the new skill that he learned when he ingested the pill.

Initially, Dario did not think of increasing his chi when he took the Rainbow Pill. There was another way to use a chi-strengthening pill by increasing one’s skills (Titles).

Titles in this world are a reflection of one’s character or accomplishment. It could not be explained any more simply than that.

With all this said, the only way to attain Title’s is to develop them in a meticulous manner. The Omen Tribe knows of a way to get the Night King title.

To master the night, an individual would have to spend his days purely when the sun goes down. Complete darkness is the essence of attaining the title.

This is where the surprise lies.

Dario did not expect to not only get the Night King title but also master it at the same time.

From then on, his attributes would permanently stay the way it is no matter what time of day. This is why he feels confident, even damn near arrogant to face Deluc alone.

Overall, the young disciple’s status attributes were akin to high-level Transcendence Realm users at only level 60. Specifically speaking, his attributes put him near the Demonic Teacher’s level.

Imagine what he could be when he caps at level 99, he would be an existence only a handful can contend with.

“You dare?” Questioned Deluc.

A grin was shown on Dario’s face and he taunted Deluc and his Bone Dragon by waving his index finger back and forth as if he was welcoming them.

“Arrogant! I expect nothing less from a Sith Lord, ruler of darkness.”

Deluc became angry. It had been centuries since anyone displayed such an arrogant response to him. After all, if all the countries that had attacked Deluc in the past could not kill him, then who can?

Still, the young Sith Lord displayed such arrogance.

But when Dario pulled out another sword and imbued his aura, two different colors shined brilliantly with its glamour. Like a fire’s form where it constantly rises, a golden radiant color and a dark violet color displayed Dario’s aura.

Illiyin and Sijjin.

The two weapon artifacts personally bequeathed to him by his master.

Dario had questioned why his master had given him an overpowering weapon, but now he understood.

Those two weapons could properly harness his strength.

Therefore, with one attack, Dario would destroy the Bone Dragon.

“Celestial Core Inversion!” Dario shouted.

Crossing both his swords downward like a samurai ready to unleash his katana from the hilt, two massive waves curved their way like a whip and sliced the Bone Dragon in many parts.

And just like that, Deluc’s Dragon had been slain without even doing anything.

It was thanks to the properties of both Sijjin and Illiyin.

Sijjin, the Divine Artifact wielded by Lord Vicegerent Gloriano. This was the sword that showed the dark violet aura. It held an elegant and foreboding appearance. The gold inlays and aesthetic engravings of the sword made it pleasing to the eye. Gold is appealing to all eyes and has attractive qualities making it valuable, yet, the dark violet aura gave off the expression that the sword was haunting.

However, undead creatures like a Bone Dragon are immune to death afflictions. Dario already understands as he is a Sith Lord and is the origin of all Necromancy skills.

Still, the Divine Artifact inflicts MP and AP damage in place of the Death status affliction. This only happens if the opponent is immune to death.

Not only that, the other artifact had not been spoken of as of yet.

Illiyin is a Legendary Artifact with non-elemental and holy properties. The Fair species forged the sword to compete with the holy sword Sijjin that exists somewhere in the world. With the same appearance as Sijjin, the golden radiant aura accentuated its appearance. It was described to be a sword that was “a piece of holiness.”

The holy property alone was enough to deal a fatal attack on the Bone Dragon.

With the combination of both the weapons being utilized by the Aura Technique, Celestial Core Inversion, both weapons momentarily combined both their energies and created an attack worthy to be graded as SS-tier.


The damage that the twin-wave attack did was staggering.

9999 Damage!

9999 Damage!


As of now, Dario’s full potential is fixed at a certain level. Each vessel (body) has a cap when attributes exceed the capacity. This means that a Breakthrough is required. And it’s possible only at level 99.

“Enough playing around,” said Deluc.

The graceful elf stood from his wooded throne and pulled the saber that was lodged deeply into his mana orb.


Blood spattered and Deluc threw the saber that had binded him for hundreds of years.

“Unfortunately for you, I had enough time to muster the strength needed to take that saber out of my core.”

Deluc’s wound was quickly patching itself up like it was brand new.

“Allow me to introduce myself, I am Eldar Calamor of the Blood Elves. I’m sure by now, people call me a different name.” The Blood Elf waved his hand and a stream of blood formed a shape into sharp objects. “You who challenges this dungeon shall perish!”

At this time, the real battle would begin.


They had been fighting for a couple of hours now. It shocked the party when it became apparent that Calamor kept casting 8th-tier spells. The fact that the rumors about Deluc having 8 Arcane Rings is true and can now be verified as an Archmage.

However, there is a catch. Since he was binded for so long with the hero’s national treasure, Bind Saber, Deluc’s total power is severely reduced.

It made the gap between him and Dario closer than one would think.

“Holy Flare,” Dario casted a 9th-tier spell. A variation of the 9th-tier non-elemental spell, Flare.

In all cases, it is impossible to cast spells without the required Arcane Circles. And 9th-tier is certain to permanently reduce Dario’s MP/AP. This is true for any person as well, however, Dario was an individual talented in mana. He could convert the MP needed to cast spells beyond his level to be expended in AP.

Mana stored in the Dantian, also known as “elixir-of-life-field,” was detailed by Murim China to be located at the perineum. At a certain level, one can exchange different energy usage like MP and convert its energy consumption to AP usage instead. This level of mana control is at the level of high-Transcendence realm practitioners.

With all that said, 999 AP had been reduced.

A Beam of grey lights emanated from the young disciple’s eyes and made a zig-zag movement towards Calamor. Unable to move any more than a step away from the wooded throne, he stayed seated and took the spell head-on.

9999 Damage!

After the attack, Calamor gathered his Blood Magic and created multiple blood spheres.

He was about to cast 6th tier spells.

A grin instantly appeared on Dario’s face for a quick second.

It’s time to use this one. Thought Dario.

“[Dragon Breath - Holy].”

The young disciple opened his mouth and mana condensed into fine particles forming into one place. A linear line of a holy white beam blasted into supersonic speed.


“Kurgh!” Calamor let out.

Visually, the Blood Elf looked substantially damaged. Two holy attacks took half of Calmor’s HP.

“Where the hell did you come from? How can a Sith Lord like you exist?”

“That’s not all,” replied Dario.

“Unlock Heavenly Wings.”

A massive swirl of mana enclosed itself like an orb around Dario. Then, the sphere-shaped cracked and disintegrated like it never existed.

Dario’s whole appearance had changed. The tattoo located on the left side of his temple was glowing a platinum color alongside his hair and eyes. He was wearing a strange armor. Most importantly, a grey-colored set of energy wings were endlessly flowing from the young disciple’s back.

“Time to die,” said Dario.

It was an arrogant comment. One born from supreme confidence. But what the young disciple was about to show was a testament to that arrogant behavior.

“Omen Impale!”

Soul Wing Techniques:
[Skill - Omen Impale]
Rank: EX
Proficiency: 78%

-A blade ceremony ending with a deep stab as the final move. This technique is designed to kill instantly.

-Three shadow doppelgangers appear to unleash a fatal move.


28705 Damage!


“Impossible!” Screamed Calamor.

As the last sequence ending in a fatal stab, Dario had pierced the Blood Elf’s mana orb and destroyed it.


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