Soul of a Hunter

by KurtMKing

Original COMPLETED Adventure Fantasy GameLit High Fantasy Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Nineteen-year-old Rex works with his childhood friend Cam to fight the monsters in the area around his town as the only Hunters protecting it. It's a quiet, peaceful life without much difficulty. Their work is worthwhile, the money is decent, and the locals treat them well. They are content.

However, after they receive an ominous warning, the pair of Hunters must push themselves harder as they search for a potential issue in an attempt to put it down before it becomes a threat. When they track this new danger to its roots, however, they find themselves fighting tooth and nail just to protect their town. When that comes to pass, they can only hope to hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive. No matter the risk, they will fight to protect their home, proving they possess the souls of true Hunters.

[participant in the March-April 2020 Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Written for a comp this is a story that exceeds expectations.


  The story has a little too much raw exposition and repeating of plot points for my tastes but that is merely a small point considering the overall texture of the tale.

  The author has left plenty of space in the story for further exploration of that storyverse in many directions of time or space to expand it in the future.

 Will look for further stories of the author with interest.

Scott Fenton
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Great character story, really nails the brother-to-brother relationship.

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Rare to see a web fiction story told to the end - told in the style of a traditional novel rather than a web novel.

You do not see brother-to-brother relationship explored much in fiction, overshadowed by the father-son relationship. exploring the brother relationship both from the perspective of a big brother and little brother was powerful. I can appreciate a story that does not shove failure in your face the way that you would see in the parent - child dynamic. It makes sense for a parent to ensure children understand the consequences of failure, because it can mean your doom. However, since most parent figures are conveniently departed from this story, you are given the opportunity to see how the characters take on risk and become men without the interference from parental figures - for better or worse. 

I appreciate how the novel took on the challenge of magic in the story. The mechanics and methods were explained well enough to be considered "hard magic" and gave a sense of realism to the story. The magic was an important part of the story, but never intended to overtake the character exploration that drove the story forward. To that end - some parts of the magic system were never explained to be used logically and consistently and if magic were ever to be a focal part of the story, would need to be reworked. 

I though the novel took a very optimistic and positive role of humans and the world they live in and the role to be taken in society. With so many novels taking an ultra-realistic approach to storytelling and saturating the world with the cruel and dark aspects of the human condition. I liked that this novel took the approach it did. Since it was centered in a mild-mannered village, it could really explore the small-town aspect of friendship, family, and doing what is best for society. Much of that is lost when you set a story in a big city, because suffering inevitably means that you must only care for those closest to you, and forges people into harder and more pragmatic individuals. This story would never work the way it does in a big city setting.

Spoiler: Spoiler




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Author has 6 webfictions

Reviewed at: Epilogue

I really enjoyed this fiction.  I lso noticed that the author had 5 other fictions anfd I'm hoping that they are all set in the same world.

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This story is a great read. I wish it would have been longer. There are some parts that had my heart racing. It has a different approach than normal writers take. I think some parts could have  been longer or went into more detail but I think this story was written on a time limit.

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A rarity on RR

Reviewed at: Epilogue

The author made the brave choice to write a relatively short and self-contained story on RR. It was a pleasure to read, especially for the charm of its 3 village heroes! 

Here's the breakdown. 

Style 4/5


It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why I'd give 4/5. Overall, I found that there was a bit too much ''tell'' instead of ''show'' in some of the earlier parts of the story especially. The dialogue could also be a bit too simple or sometimes superfluous. This did not detract from the enjoyment of reading this book

Story Score 4.5/5

The overall story is very well executed. Although it left me wanting for a second tome, the overall flow is good. The beginning kept my attention, the buildup was satisfying, the ending tense and the epilogue emotional.

There are some slight world-building issues in the magic system, which was a bit too open in my opinion. The main character (Rex) is very powerful, and using the excuse of ''he learned this in the capital'' seemed a bit too cliche. Without spoiling it, Rex faces an event which makes him very powerful, but the reason for this development was not completely answered. He buys a statue at one point, and its importance is somewhat weakly explained (basically a Deus Ex Machina). With the statue in particular, I believe it was introduced too late in the story.

My recommendation to the author would be that you need to plan a few elements earlier. Maybe I'm wrong, but your preparation on the characters seemed strong; make sure to put a bit of extra time in the story too, it will really help your work step into a realm where it could be published. 

Grammar 5/5

Nothing to say here. Very clean and precise. 

Character 5/5

This is where this story shines the most. The characters are absolutely loveable, mature and consistant. They grow in belieable ways. Themes of responsibility and family are well explored. I especially liked Cam, the sidekick. His strength and weaknesses are clear. 

For the author, you seemed to have set-up a long chain of events in order to explain his relunctance to fight. Its a bit of a missed opportunity that Cam, in the end, couldn't explore himself and find a niche in order to better support Rex or defend himself. The last fight of the story would have been a good time for him to get a revelation! 

Either way, there's something endearing to two young men giving their all to protect their small town.

Overall 5/5

Although I love my never-ending weekly serials, this is a great example of a book in the style that most RR readers will love yet which is also self-contained. Its characters are the strong point and I think this will easily appeal to 95% of people on this website! Give it a try!!

Night Auditor
  • Overall Score

A roller coaster of fun!

Reviewed at: Chapter 022

This story is really a fun ride through the imagination of the Author. 

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Great Story Of Ones Willing Sacrifice

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Great story that shows ones willingness to sacrifice himself to protect those he loves.  The bond between friends and ward is proof that family is more than just blood.