Beyond Humanity: Lightning Falling and Hook of Rage

by t_andersson

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Humanity reaches deeper and deeper into space with its starships and Space Cities. Maybe their technology and curiosity has taken them too far?

A scientist and an electrician walk down separate paths following the clues and secrets of the powers. Magical powers that let some shatter boulders with their fists and some discharge beams of ice from their palms and more. Everyone is different, and specific mental traits are key. There are many secrets left to discover.

A man cloaked by mystery and power works from the shadows, he has been given the tools to ensure humanity’s place in the Universe.

The future of humanity, how much is it worth?

Beyond Humanity will consist of three novels and all will be published in this sequence of chapters. The chapter POVs will rotate between Beth and Milo but with some guest inclusions of other characters. A new chapter will be published every Sunday, and whenever extra words drip off my fingers.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Decisions and consequences (Start of Book 1) ago
Chapter 2: One day of many ago
Chapter 3: Defiance ago
Chapter 4: What can a lazy man like me do? ago
Chapter 5: The horrors of mind control ago
Chapter 6: Tern, Devou Clan ago
Chapter 7: Vault the hurdles ago
Chapter 8: The Mythical Cat with coffee and lightning ago
Chapter 9: A psychopath's take on violence and its consequences ago
Chapter 10: The potential in molten rock and fire ago
Chapter 11: Welcome to the future! ago
Chapter 12: The new crewmember ago
Chapter 13: Space and hardship, the makers of friends ago
Chapter 14: The new railgun and the lightning's explosive progress ago
Chapter 15: Unpredictability of manifestations ago
Chapter 16: Bonebag versus popsicle ago
Chapter 17: Organized lightning ago
Chapter 18: Immortality made flesh ago
Chapter 19: Powered people's vanguard ago
Chapter 20: Blooming super strength ago
Chapter 21: Attempted anti-assault against aliens ago
Chapter 22: Attributes of manifestations ago
Chapter 23: Curiosity’s hooks ago
Chapter 24: Progression and regression ago
Chapter 25: Cycles of friendships ago
Chapter 26: Space pirates! ago
Chapter 27: Before collision and revenge: preparations. ago
Chapter 28: The desert at the center of the world ago
Chapter 29: Ahead of chaos ago
Chapter 30: Propelled by revenge ago
Chapter 31: Super strength vs livid lightning ago
Chapter 32: Revenge revealed ago
Chapter 33: Aftermath and the dark future ago
Chapter 34: New beginnings ago
Chapter 35: My best friend the nuclear warhead ago
Chapter 36: Overcharged ago
Chapter 37: Broken made unbroken ago
Chapter 38: The clash between mind and matter ago
Chapter 39: Accelerating into grander adventures (End of book 1) ago
Chapter 40: The crew of the Final Sight, new and old alike (Start of book 2) ago
Chapter 41: In the wake of mind control ago
Chapter 42: Looming despair on both sides of the hull ago
Chapter 43: Haunting pasts and the awakening of the sleeper ago
Chapter 44: Ambitious ambush and on the brink of Man-turned-lightning ago
Chapter 45: Escalation of clashing powers ago
Chapter 46: The mysterious solar system ago
Chapter 47: Clones of Putin ago
Chapter 48: Social interactions with an alien orb ago
Chapter 49: Decha's carved route ago
Chapter 50: Alien bonding ago
Chapter 51: That my friend, is the passageway to unlimited power ago
Chapter 52: Chieftain Argus' quest. ago
Chapter 53: Stealth ships and the nuclear man ago
Chapter 54: Everything is strange until it is not ago
Chapter 55: To aliens, humans are alien ago
Chapter 56: Man's conduit and the dragon ago
Chapter 57: The purpose of madness ago
Chapter 58: The Breach to Heaven ago
Chapter 59: The lightning's decision ago
Chapter 60: Portals of lunacy ago
Chapter 61: Crew collapse ago
Chapter 62: The Captain's duty in deep space ago
Chapter 63: The African space warlord ago
Chapter 64: A prelude to the cyborg madness ago
Chapter 65: Fashion and speed turned destruction ago
Chapter 66: The grind of the lightning bolt ago
Chapter 67: The tranquility ahead of battle and chaos ago
Chapter 68: Titan of the mind ago
Chapter 69: Blood fueled portal ago
Chapter 70: Lightning falling ago
Chapter 71: Cyborg incarnate ago
Chapter 72: Bonebag vs Popsicle: the final round ago
Chapter 73: A bundle of electrical tendrils ago
Chapter 74: The foundation of dragons (beginning of book 3) ago
Chapter 75: Man of marble ago
Chapter 76: Liquid savagery in true cyborg style ago
Chapter 77: The world carving God ago
Chapter 78: The lightning awakening ago
Chapter 79: Living with dragons ago
Chapter 80: The nuclear wrath of the cyborg ago
Chapter 81: Welcome to the fold! ago
Chapter 82: World of dragons: Invasion! ago
Chapter 83: Believe in the lightning ago
Chapter 84: Rage in rhythm ago
Chapter 85: The Russian's grind ago
Chapter 86: Ragebringer ago
Chapter 87: Crew, united ago
Chapter 88: Fractured mind ago
Chapter 89: How to kill a God ago
Chapter 90: The pilot of unseen bravery ago
Chapter 91: We are the hunters ago
Chapter 92: The disgruntled alien sphere ago
Chapter 93: Deposits of power ago
Chapter 94: Prince Three-Paw ago
Chapter 95: The crew's foundation: through man and dragon. ago
Chapter 96: The dragon pilot ago
Chapter 97: Lightning incarnate ago
Chapter 98: Berseker ago
Chapter 99: Clash between mind and lightning ago
Chapter 100: The battle weaver ago
Chapter 101: Russian revenge ago
Chapter 102: The cyborg's decision ago
Chapter 103: The metal monster ago
Chapter 104: Captain lightning ago
Chapter 105: Gods and boulders ago
Chapter 106: The star of conclusion ago
Chapter 107: Hook of rage ago
Chapter 108: Saif ago
Chapter 109: Beyond Humanity ago

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Beyond humanity - addictingly good

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

This story is amazing. The opening swept me away and left me craving for more. 

I truly enjoy the characters and their story. There is a great diversity which make the story even more enjoyable. 

The plot twists are well placed and took me by surprice, some even blew my mind. In a good way ;-)

I highly recommend this story. And YES, you should read it if you considered it. It will not disappoint.

Note for author: Keep those pages coming! 


Just my opinion, but to save the reader time and effort, skip this story.

The concepts are nice: super powers, humanity colonizing stuff, aliens, etc. These are why I started reading.

But, the characters are incomplete in their motivations, their decisions seem to stem from "the story said so" instead of developing from genuine demonstrated human motivations. This is why I stopped reading at chapter 14.

Finally, the author doesn't seem very proficient with the English language yet, and uses many phrases that are poorly translated. This makes trying to understand what is being said extra challenging, and weakens the story.