The next day, Kence slowly opened his eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling for a while. After a few minutes he looked at his body. He was still wrapped by Sven's robe and he opened it to see the ripped blue robes inside

At this time, he didn't care much about the clothes that he saved up from making and selling pills. He bought it with his own effort and hard work but it doesn't matter now

The memories of the traumatic experienced he had last night flooded his mind. His body slowly curled up on the bed while he was trembling. Silent tears came out from his closed eyes. His teeth were clattering as he shed drops of silent tears

He can't understand why he has to experience something like that. He just wants to lead a simple life and help his parents from the burden. Although he wants to be a powerful cultivator but that was only because he thought of it as something cool. Also, if he wants to help his parents then he first needs to have power. He didn't harm other people so why does bad things needs to happen to him? Whether it be his aunt or that senior, he didn't do anything to harm them. Why does they need to be this cruel?

A hawk entered Kence's room from the window and made a chirping sound. It was the blue hawk that he fought before. After it was healed, Kence decided to free it but it would sometimes come back on his room and play with him. The hawk landed on Kence's side

Kence looked at the hawk and hold it gently on his hand as he cried. The hawk went to Kence's face and rubbed their faces together. Kence closed his eyes, he didn't have any desire to do anything today

On Sven's room, the youth can be seen sitting in a meditative posture while clouds of poisonous green clouds covered him from head to toe. The poison made sizzling sounds as it damaged his body for every second that passed. The pain from this kind of body tempering was beyond imaginable to ordinary people yet the youth didn't even utter a single cry of pain

However, sometimes the poison's power was too much greatly harming his body. While there were also times that the poison was too weak to do any substantial effect. The clouds were flickering from too much or too weak power as if the one using it wasn't able to control it accurately

Sven opened his eyes and the poison clouds retracted back to his body. He frowned as he was not able to focus on his cultivation. He grabbed a few healing pills and directly swallowed it. A warmth current travelled on his body and it speedily healed all pf his wounds

The pills were naturally high-level ones and even Sven don’t have too many of it. If he has an unlimited supply of healing pills then the rate his power was rising would reach an even more unimaginable degree. Too bad, even with the support of his Clan he can't have an unlimited supply of it

Sven clenched his feet and stood up from his bed. He started walking back and forth around his room. He then looked at his door as if he will go out but decided to continue pacing back and forth on his room

A few minutes passed that Sven was greatly distracted before he gritted his teeth and decided on something. He walked to his door and opened it before walking to the other room. He hesitated a bit before opening the door of Kence's room

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Kence curled up on his bed with tears on his eyes and face. A blue colored hawk was with him while trying to make the kid feel better. The hawk sensing Sven shivered in fear and flew to the side far from the kid. Blood Beast has great danger sense and this hawk was really fearful of Kence's roommate

The gloom and depression on the room made Sven to frown. When Kence heard someone opened his room he flinched from fear but calmed down when he saw that it was Sven. He sat on his bed and wiped the tears away from his face. "I'm sorry, do you need anything?" Kence asked in a rather weak voice

Sven was about to act like he always does that will surely angered Kence but seeing the kid's spirit this low he felt extremely uncomfortable. He was not used at this kind of Kence. The kid was always jolly and full of spirits before, but now....... only depression and gloom can be felt from him

Sven opened his mouth to say something but he immediately closed it as no words came out from him. "If you don't need anything please leave for now. I just want some time alone for now" Kence said before lying down again on his bed. Sven didn't know how to react. Normally, this time Kence should be angry at him for just entering his room like that without knocking. He should be fuming red from anger now

How Kence reacted was so not him at all. Sven didn't want this kind of Kence. His suddenly felt anger towards that senior who made Kence to be like this. Sven walked inside and sat on the edge of Kence's bed

The youth looked at him in puzzlement but nonetheless didn't have the strength to be angry or to say anything. "I'm sorry Sven, is this about the training? Can we please do that in another day? I just want some time alone for now" Kence pleaded as he didn't want to face other people today

"I'll kill him" it was just three simple words but when it came to Sven's mouth it became terrifying. Every word was filled with boundless killing intent as he really meant what he said. Kence's body trembled, he of course thought of killing the senior but the concept of killing someone was still something he was not willing to touch. He's still very reluctant on it and didn't dare to really plan on kill someone

"I'll kill him!" Sven repeated while looking straightly at Kence's icy blue eyes. It was more than enough to make Kence believe that he would really do it and not just making a simple statement. "H-how can you kill someone......" although Kence's impression on Sven was that he's extremely terrifying but for him he's still just ten years old. It was one thing to kill a Blood Beast but to kill a fellow human? He can't believe that Sven would be this serious

"You are my subordinate, anyone who will harm you will pay!" Kence had a rather complicated expression on his face and he sat on his bed again. "B-But killing someone is...." Kence wants to say bad but he remembered what kind of world he was in

Profound Blood Continent

A place that greatly valued one's Bloodline as it will be your tool to rise to the top. If you don't have a decent Bloodline even before starting cultivating you will fall. While if you can't evolve your Bloodline even if you cultivate, you'll still be at the bottom for the rest of your life

"Is bad?" Sven chuckled in a voice filled with ridicule. "Don't tell me you still didn't see a glimpse of the true nature of this world!" Kence shudder as he knows what Sven meant

He's just a commoner, a weak peasant. If a Noble reported what happened, the academy would surely take action. But if he reported what happened he's sure he would have a bad ending as the one that did it was a Noble

A Noble! A word filled with power and authority! Only if one is a Noble would the Academy will take action for him. While even if a Noble reported it as long as the one that did the horrible thing is of a higher Nobility the Academy won't take much of an action!

It's already enough that as long as someone showed talent while they are in the academy the Noble can't pressure or offend them directly. Besides, even if it was done to a Noble but most of them will decide not to report it. If they do so then they will sully their reputation

"Do you think that the Academy is this simple? I can bet to you that the second years has this kind of unspoken tradition and the academy knows it. But even if they know they won't take action! Why? Because this was a chance for the student to strive and thirst for more power!"

"You want to have revenge and kill the person who took advantage of you? Then be strong and do it yourself!"

"You are angry and want to vent it out to the one who offended you? Sorry but you don't have the capability for now. Come back when you are strong enough!"

"Just what world do you think you are living now? A kind world? If you think so then you are too naive! Everything here depended on one's power!"

"This is a chance for you to increase your strength, what can you achieve by moping around here with tears?!"

Every word of Sven shook Kence's heart. He was unwilling to admit it before but this world is really......unkind, no it was merciless and cruel! He still clings to his ideals and norms that he got from earth but none of those things are applicable here

Kence's eyes were burning with determination, he always acted like a ten-year-old kid but his real age is 28! The warmth and love that his parents and his friend Calter blinded him. He knows that this world is treacherous but he didn't take it straight to the heart. The comfort from the ones he loves made him too weak and naive!

"I will become strong!" Kence said in a determined voice which made Sven to smile in satisfaction. As someone who has an Ice Heart, Kence should be cold and indifferent to the concept of killing. If someone offended you, you need to make sure that they would pay for the rest of their life

"Do you want to know why the seniors are powerful even though they claimed they only have around 45-50% absorbed Origin Blood?" Sven asked in a tempting devil's voice. Kence gulped and nodded his head. He was someone that's talented even among the first years, yet he can only take advantage of the defensive power of his ice to barely defend himself from five blows

Sven expected it and smiled evilly. "Change your clothes and come with me!" Sven said and stood up. Kence immediately removed his current clothes and changed into one that the academy provided and took his sword before exiting his room

Sven was already outside waiting for him with also a sword on his hand. They didn't say anything and just walk. Thankfully, they didn't have class in this morning as the Academy took consideration for the students

Even if the student was not taken advantage off but they would still be exhausted from the banquet with all the sparring and.....

They went inside the Mighty Blood Forest. This was only Kence's second time entering the forest and they chose a rather secluded area without any Blood Beast around

"Watch closely!" Sven said and demonstrated a set of sword moves, every move was elegant and precise. It made Kence amazed at how Sven was good at handling his sword

After demonstrating it Sven stopped and threw his sword away. "Now watch this!" Sven moved in a zigzag line and Kence had a feeling that the kid was like a moving snake. Sven made his hand to move like an agile snake and bite down on the empty air

Sven with sword was like a human expert swordsman, while when he was without a sword he moved like an agile poisonous snake. The difference was so huge that it will make one to wonder if they are the same person demonstrating two different kinds of fighting technique

"The seniors are powerful because of their connection to their Blood Soul. They made themselves to be like their Bloodline giving them a resonance that made them be able to unleash that kind of strength. It may made them much more powerful but that is not the right path! I will now teach you how a true cultivator trained!"


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