Back at the party Calter was still acting like he was slowly getting under the influence of the drug the senior put on his wine. He was waiting for the right time where Zairon was distracted and when that time came, he immediately took action. A bit of his Bloodline Power entered the ring on his finger without being noticed by Zairon

A small paper sneakily appeared on his hand and when Zairon was not looking he put the powder on it on the senior's wine. "S-Senior, I don't why but I felt weird because of this wine" Calter said while faking taking a sip on his glass. Zairon chuckled and drank on his own wine. A hidden smirk appeared on Calter's face when he saw the senior drinking the wine

Calter acted as if he became dizzy and his head landed on Zairon's chest. "S-sorry!" Calter apologized and 'tried' moving away but his body feels extremely 'weak' and was only able to grab on Zairon's clothes. The senior smirk and he patted Calter's back in a sensual way

"There's a room in that building. Let me take you there to rest" Calter weakly nodded his head and the senior 'supported' him and slowly walk towards the building

The second years who saw this gave a thumbs up to Zairon and some made a whistling sound. Zairon was holding Calter's waist while occasionally rubbing it. Every time he did so Calter would moan. The sweet sound of his moan further ignited the fire inside the senior and he can't wait for when the pure kid on his hand would be beneath him

The fire made Zairon to breath heavily, he thought that it was just because of excitement and didn't thought much of it. His lower region was already starting to swell and ache a bit as if it wants to be unleashed and free

When the two entered the room Zairon laid Calter on the bed while staying on top of the latter and spoke with his manly voice. "Flower, what's with the expression on your face?" Zairon asked teasingly

Currently, Calter's eyes were a bit watery and his face flushed in red while he was breathing heavily. He looks as if he was in heat and was ready to pounce on anyone who would get near him

"S-senior" Calter called softly with a heavy breath. Zairon caressed Calter's face as if he was holding the most fragile thing in the world but the lust on his eyes were burning intensely

Calter moaned from the touch and it travelled into Zairon's ears causing him to groan. But suddenly, Zairon stopped moving while his eyes were continuously blinking as an uncomfortable feeling bubbled inside him

His heart started beating wildly which caused his chest to expand and retract wildly. He slowly felt his strength leaving his body and he was almost unable to support himself. In just a matter of a few seconds his body became sensitive and even a simple touch was enough to set his body on fire. The lust that he was feeling now was even more than what Kence felt before

The substance that Calter put on the wine speedily worked its wonders and put Zairon in an extreme heat. The innocence vanished on Calter's face and he pushed Zairon below him

Zairon was taken aback at the sudden change and his eyes widened in shock. If Kence was innocent and naive, Calter on the other hand is pure and saintly as if no one in this world can taint him

But that pure and saintly aura around Calter vanished and was replaced by a sadistic smile. He looks as if he was a cunning wolf that will make one's heart to tremble in fear

"Senior, you made me really angry tonight" even the sweet voice of his was replaced by a very dark one. It sent shiver to one's soul. Zairon was in too much disbelief that he stared at the sadistic smile on Calter's face dumbly

"H-how can this be?" His mind was in a mess because of the drug and the drastic change on Calter's attitude. Seeing his expression Calter laughed wildly while rubbing his hand on Zairon's shoulder sending the man below him in frenzied lust but was unable to move. "Senior, I thought you are strong and smart. Do you think as someone hailed number one in a Marquees Clan and even the whole younger generation in the entire Dukedom I would really be that simple? Hahaha!"

Calter laughed as if he made the funniest joke in the world. Zairon was taken aback, he was not from a Noble Clan but as someone who came from an organization with similar power to even a Marquees Clan, he knew a lot of things. Calter being this pure and ignorant made many people wonder how he can stay as the number one

One may think those who are born in Nobility Clan are extremely lucky but what they didn't know was that the competition inside was very fierce! Even if you don't want to compete you would be labelled as a trash and be bullied by those talented descendants. And even if you are talented you still need to be extremely careful, a Noble descendant suddenly dying was not uncommon! More often the ones who die are the most talented ones!

It can be a fellow clan member who did it because of jealousy or fear that you will become the patriarch. It can also be other clans that are afraid they would be surpassed and suppressed. The inner working of Nobility Clans is extremely complicated. So, if Calter was that innocent how he can always be the number one?

"Senior, I think you really are naive for thinking that. But let's not talk about that. Let's talk at how you made me so angry tonight!" Calter violently ripped Zairon's clothes revealing the manly chest inside. His eyes lit up and lick his lips. "Damn you! What are you doing?!" Zairon asked angrily and glared at Calter. He can't believe he was in this situation by someone he thought as a gentle and fragile flower

What flower! This is clearly a wolf in sheep's clothing! A cunning wolf that will only strike when the time was right

"Senior, don't be angry. I should be the angry one here as you almost harm my only friend. Kence is the only true find I have yet you are thinking of doing something bad to him. Thankfully, Sven finished his fight early. If not, I need to take off my mask in front of many people. I am really angry tonight senior, you need to take responsibility"

Calter's hand landed on Zairon's manly chest and played with his nipples. The senior took a sharp breath from the pleasurable sensation that it caused. His buddy down there was fully erect now and wants to breath fresh hair. "S-stop!" Zairon shouted angrily as humiliation filled his entire body

"I'm sorry senior but you need to be punished for angering me" Calter said while still having that dark face and sadistic smile on his lips. His hand went down and ripped the lower portion of Zairon's robe

The front part of the senior was almost fully exposed. He was only left with a piece of clothing on his side as the middle part was destroyed. Even his underwear was fully shown to Calter and he can see the large erection down there

"How naughty! I am punishing you yet you are this hard. I think I need to punish you more!" Excitement can be sensed from Calter's voice and the senior had a bad feeling about it

His bad feeling came true and on Calter's hand appeared a rope. "Junior what are you going to do?! Don't even think about it or you'll pay!!" Zairon roared but his body was extremely weak now to move. If he has his full power, he can surely defeat Calter, too bad he's too weak now

He thought of himself as a wild wold yet now he's as weak as a lamb in front of a true wolf. "Do you want to know a fact senior? I drug you with a Wild Lust Powder" Zairon's body trembled when he heard the name of the drug. To think that it was actually that drug! Zairon knew he was doomed now

Originally, he thought as his physique was superior after perhaps a bit more than ten minutes the drug's effect would vanish but he was actually drugged with a Wild Lust Powder! He threatened Calter with that thought as after ten minutes he can have his full power back but now he knew that was impossible

"Just a pinch of the powder was enough to make one go crazy in lust for a whole night. But senior, did you know that I put a few grams of it? Hahaha!" Calter's voice was like a devil's voice entering Zairon's ears who gulped down hard

He can only suppress his lust now and not beg Calter to have sex with him because of his willpower but as time goes on, he knew the powder would cloud his whole mind!

"J-junior what do you want? I'll pay you as long as you let me leave!" The arrogance on the senior vanished and he now started to plead. What a joke! In front of a few grams of wild lust powder his willpower will crumble in a few minutes!

"Don't worry senior, I will let you leave......when the sun rise" after saying it Calter used the rope on his hand to tie on Zairon's wrist and put the man's hand on top of Zairon's head making a very lewd look from the senior

"Damn it! Don't go too far!" Zairon's anger exploded but no matter how angry he is he can't do anything in his current situation. Calter's eyes glowed seeing that after a few minutes Zairon was still clinging to his rationality. This filled him with immense amount of excitement that he can't wait for Zairon to surrender

"Heh. I originally planned on making you fall for me while acting pure and innocent before slowly revealing my true colors. That's why I am so angry now senior. I need to punish you for what you did"

Calter flipped Zairon's body and spanked the buttocks of the man below him. "Ahh!" A manly groan escape from Zairon's lips. Even a single touch was enough to set his body on fire much less something that intense. "Stop! Asshole stop!" Zairon gritted his teeth and his anger continued to rise and reach the skies. Too bad, the more defiant he is the more it excites Calter's sadistic side

The junior then went to bite on Zairon's neck while making sure that his breath will enter the senior's neck. His actions were extremely effective and it sent shivers down to Zairon's body. If Calter looked at the senior's underwear he will see a slightly wet tent on it. Even with just those simple actions Zairon was already leaking this much

"Damn it! I said stop!" Zairon grip the bedsheets in anger but he was too powerless. "You have a tough will power senior, I am impressed. Let's see how long will that last

Calter then went down to plant aggressive kisses on the senior's neck. He even made sure that there would be marks left on it. "These clothes are annoying!" Calter said in annoyance and ripped Zairon's remaining clothes

It exposed the man's manly brown back that was shining from sweat. "D-damn.... s-stop!" Zairon's mind was almost overcome by lust and even though he wants to rip Calter to shreds but the drug's effect was making him horny to anything that Calter did

He can't believe that a manly man like him would be dominated by a flower like youth! This is too unacceptable to him that's why even though his body greatly wants it but his rationality won't let that happen!

Calter grinded his body on the man's back while taking pleasure on Zairon's struggles. That's right! Struggle more but in the end, you will succumb to me!


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