At this time, Sven just finished 'defending' five blows of a senior. He made it to look as if he was having a bit of hard time doing so as to not arouse suspicion on himself. As long as he's still not powerful enough, he won't show his true power. Besides, if people think you are weak, they will underestimate you and you can use that to your advantage

He went back to their table but didn't saw Kence there so he just sat on his seat without saying anything. He just wished that the second years will give him his cultivation resources and let this night be over

Zairon and Calter was still flirting with each other but suddenly, Calter's face flushed red and his hand that was holding the wine trembled a bit. He realized that there was something wrong on his body and panicked inside as he remembered where Kence is

"S-senior, I-I'll just say something to my friend" without waiting for Zairon's answer he moved his weakening body to Sven. Fortunately, they are just a few seats away and with difficulty he went besides Sven who was looking at him in confusion

Calter whispered something on Sven's ears and the former's face immediately became cold. He stood up from his sit and run inside the building. "What's the matter?" Zairon asked and went to Calter. Their actions made him suspicious but for him Calter is like an innocent kid, he doesn't believe that he will realize something

"I-It's nothing senior, I'm just suddenly feeling hot" Calter feigned ignorance and put his hand inside his robe. If one looked at his fingers they would see an ordinary looking ring on it. A bit of his Bloodline power entered the ring and a small item came out from it

Calter then act as if he was about to cough and covered his mouth with his hand while putting the small item inside his mouth and the effects of the medicine that the seniors put inside the wine was slowly getting subdued

Sven with an angry face went to the building and opened all the rooms on it one by one. As he still didn't have any Qi yet he still doesn't have the ability to scan places using his divine sense

The more time passed the angrier he become. He knew Kence like the back of his hand. The kid was too innocent, pure, and to top it all fragile! If the senior's plan succeeded the kid would end up broken. If that were to happen, he won't care about cultivation at all and that is a waste for someone who has an Ice Heart! He cannot let that happen, if Kence was nurtured well he would become a strong underling!

At this time, tears were continuously flowing from Kence's eyes. His clothes were slowly being removed by the senior as if he was savoring the experience. His face riddled with tears will provoke the lust of any depraved men

"S-senior, p-please stop!" As more time pass the more his body became weak and the sensitivity of his body continue to rise. He was already breathing heavily with his chest violently expanding and retracting. Even if his mind was extremely disgusted but the drug made his manhood to form a small tent inside his clothes

This was like the time he felt the most disgusted on his entire life. He felt even more disgusted at the thought that his buddy down there was that hard. "Please...please...."

Despair. He was in utter despair. If this goes on, he won't even know how to live after that or will this senior even leave him alive after doing this kind of horrible thing? He can only hope that he would die after this

It seems like the senior got tired of slowly removing his clothes and with a lewd smile violently ripped it. The blue robes of Kence that he saved up a lot of his money by selling pills was destroyed like that. More of his flesh was exposed and the despair he was feeling intensifies

"" his voice was even weaker than before and even the senior was having hard time hearing it. But help? Just who would help him?

The image of that youth with green hair and eyes flashed inside his mind. Just one look of him was as though it can poison anything and everything in this world. "Sven..." he weakly called out the name of that youth before he heard something getting smashed

The door was violently opened by a kick and when the senior turned his head, he only saw a fist covered with green fog heading his way. He felt extreme pain before he lose consciousness

Kence weakly turned his blurry vision on the man who saved him. Moonlight landed on the youth's cold face as he stand there like a God. Kence cried even harder as he was finally saved!

This was the time that he felt most happy at seeing Sven's cold and arrogant face. "Sven!"

Sven didn't say anything and removed his black outer robe and covered it on Kence's body only leaving his undershirt for him. This moment was Kence's most fragile moment and he mustered all the remaining strength on his body to hug the other man and cried on his chest

Sven can feel the warm tears from Kence and it put him in an awkward position. He didn't know what to do and just let the kid cry on his chest. This was the first time that the two was this close and Sven's mind went blank. He unconsciously patted Kence's back but his blood rushed to his face when he heard a sweet moan from Kence

"A-ah!" Kence's body trembled from the pleasure of that simple touch and it made his mind a mess. He should be getting embarrass for his actions but the hotness of his body was the only thing he can feel

The adrenaline from getting saved was used up and feeling the warmth from Sven's body made the heat from his body to intensify. The weakness from before rushed back to him and he can't move again with his head resting on Sven's chest. He can even hear the other man's heart beating wildly

Few moments passed as the two didn't know what to do. Kence's situation worsen as he became even more aroused from being this close to someone. Kence took a deep breath and tried to clam himself but the effect of the drug was not something that can be removed just by breathing

It didn't help his situation and he unconsciously grabbed Sven's clothes from gritting his teeth and preventing himself from doing any action that he knew he would regret in the future. Sven took a sharp breath from Kence's simple action. From being chased by the Dragon God Emperor to his ten years of living in Profound Blood Continent, just how many years has it been since he relieved himself?

He didn't have any chance to as all his attention was focused on making himself as strong as possible. As a man he naturally have those desire but it was set aside for a lot of time. But now, with Kence's action it was resurfacing again

"S-Sven....h-help.... I-It's so hot...." Kence said with difficulty. His body as of now was like a burning fire. Sven took a deep breath before he regained his senses and cursed himself from being this stupid

His hand that was still on Kence's back glowed with green light and the particles of the drug that was inside of the kid was sucked on his hand. An aphrodisiac with a right amount can even kill a person. It can also he consider as a poison! Poison is a broad term. Even something that is beneficial for someone if too much or too little can become a poison and cause death! Even a normal water if drunk too much can cause water poisoning

As the Life Extinction Pearl is the treasure that has the highest level and control over poison it can control almost all substance in the world!

The drug's effect thanks to Sven immediately vanished on Kence's body. And maybe it was because of what happened to him, Kence can still feel how weak his body is. "T-thank you" Kence removed himself from Sven's body and sat on his side

"I told you that there's something suspicious in this but...." Sven's words were cut off as he saw Kence started to cry again. It looks like he really was too vulnerable right now and his words reminded Kence of the horrible things he just experienced. "Forget it" Sven said while sighing

None of this would happen if Kence just listened to him. He almost loses a powerful future underling! If that happened then the time he spent on nurturing Kence would be a huge waste! He still didn't even reap the benefits of it

"Let's just go back in our dorm" Sven said and stood up but Kence shook his head. "I-I can't stand, my body's still weak" Kence said softly and Sven let out an exasperated sigh and he crouched down in front of Kence. "Hop in!"

Kence blinked his eyes but this time all he wants to do is rest. He didn't have any energy to think about anything else. Kence controlled his weak body and climb on Sven's back. Sven hold his legs and stood up which made him to almost fall as his grip on Sven's shoulder was not strong enough

"What are you doing? Hold tighter!" Sven said in an annoyed tone. He was already giving him a great service by carrying him on his back for the second time, why can't he hold properly?

"S-sorry" Sven was shocked. If it was normal times Kence would surely be angry at this time to him but instead he actually apologized. Just how deep his trauma is?

Kence was unsure about what to do and can only grit his teeth and hug Sven on his neck while resting his chin on the man's shoulder. Even just lifting his chin was already a hard to thing to do

Their cheeks almost touched each other and Kence can feel more warmth of the person carrying him. Somehow, he felt extremely comfortable as he felt safe now because of Sven

Sven just let him and head back to their dorm. He went to detour and walked on the building's back as not let the other see them. It would be a huge trouble if someone saw them

Sven can feel Kence's warm breath on his neck and shoulder. Together, with some fireflies that were flying around them gave off a very romantic vibe. Kence stared at those fireflies once again mesmerized by their beauty and without him knowing he actually hugged Sven tighter because of the comfort and the beauty of the fireflies

At least for now, he can forget that traumatic experience. But things might be different tomorrow when he woke up and he finally regained his full senses as he was still in shock now at the fast things that happened tonight

Thankfully, tonight is a full moon and it was not that dark. "Sven?" Kence called the name of the man carrying him sofly

"Hmm?" Sven didn't look at him and just focused on walking. "Thank you for everything" Kence said filled with gratitude. He is always angry at Sven because of his poisonous words but he didn't forget how the man always help him

Whether it be the slave merchant, the snake that he planned to use to scare the kid. The arrogant Noble at the entrance exam, teaching him alchemy. Criticizing Otto, their Alchemy Teacher for not punishing Yohan for his actions. To having him have some fighting experience in the Mighty Blood Forest and killing the Blood Beast who was about to kill him. And now, he once again saved Kence from the hands of that senior. He can't thank Sven enough for all the help he gave to Kence

Sven might not realize those as almost all of the things he did to help Kence was not with the intent to help. A small genuine smile unknowingly appeared on Sven's lips. "You are my subordinate, of course I will help you" this was the time first that he declared his intention of making Kence his subordinate but instead of being angry Kence just smiled sweetly

"Hmm, I'll be your subordinate!" Kence smiled and went to hug Sven tighter before closing his eyes to rest


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