Kence and the senior went to an open area. The attention of the first-year students turned to the two. Among the first years Kence is one of the top talents. Ever since he entered the academy and finally gained some cultivation resources, his cultivation speed skyrocketed. Even he was shock at his own improvement. He has some fame among first years, not just because of his talent but also because of his handsome looks

If the Elite Students didn't have pride, they would really ask Kence to join their Clan. All Nobility Clan required strength and those who are talented are mostly students that came from other Noble Clans. It was hard to find someone talented outside of those clan or powerful organizations. But of course, these student's pride seeped to their bones so they won't easily try and approach Kence for them to join their Clan or organization. For them they are the genius of their own clan

"Please be lenient to me, Senior" Kence bowed and cupped his fist. The senior nodded and smiled at him. Another referee came to them and when the rock landed on the ground Kence immediately attacked. He knows how much powerful these seniors are and he needs to take all the advantage that he can!

His mind in just a second connected to his Blood Soul and its power flowed on his body. Kence swiped his hand in the air and three ice spikes flew to the senior. That sweet and gentle smile of the senior suddenly vanished and was replaced by a craze smile

The nails on her hard grew a few centimeters and became sharp. Kence's eyes immediately widened and he immediately realized that this senior is a wolf in a sheep's clothing! She looks so gentle and kind but when it comes to battle her wild side will shock her opponent

She went on all fours before dodging the ice and charging at Kence in a fast speed. Her speed was so fast that Kence can't even dodge, she was like a powerful cheetah!

Without a choice Kence crossed his arms to his chest while ice covered it for protection. He also froze his feet on the ground to not let himself be knocked away that easily, with Sven's teaching his fighting skills became barely passable. Even with the protection of his ice he was still forced back a few meters and the ice on his arms and feet was destroyed

Fortunately, ice has powerful defensive capabilities but a deep nail marks still appeared on his arms. Kence hissed in pain as pain tolerance was not something one can easily train. Even after a month, Kence still has an extremely low pain tolerance

The senior laughed wildly "Is that all you got? Fight me!" The other second year students laughed at Kence's misfortune. Of all the seniors he can challenge it was actually this girl? Even though her strength was only average in the second years but she was a pain in the ass! Not only her speed was that explosive her wild personality will make one be overwhelmed

Kence gritted his teeth while his eyes started to tear up which made the senior's eyes lit up. He covered his wound with ice and the bleeding stopped. After doing so, aside from feeling cold the pain vanished and it became numb. This was also something Sven taught him as he knew that he has low pain tolerance. Way lower than even normal humans, in a fight getting distracted from the pain of an injury was extremely fatal!

If you are affected by the pain and you succumb to it, the opponent didn't need that much effort to kill you. More ice covered Kence's arms and legs, even to his face. Since he only need to withstand five blows then he can focus on defense

"Oh? Quite smart" Wind gathered around the woman's hands and feet and she went on all fours again while staring at Kence with that wild eyes of hers. Somehow, can really feel that this woman is a cheetah!

Her figure cut the air and went to attack Kence again who was again shocked at her speed. This time her speed was even more monstrous than before. After he saw the slightest movement from her, he immediately crossed his hand on his body again but it doesn't end there. The ice on his arm became even thicker and the senior's attack made him to flew tens of meters while destroying the ice. Another wound appeared on his arm that he immediately covered with eyes

Only when the distance was right did he made ice on his feet to stop himself from getting further. He realized one thing; it was smart to freeze his feet to the ground but it was better that he did not. This senior's speed was too fast and he can react better if the distance between them is far

"W-when will this end?" Kence thought, the senior only attacked twice but the pain was already too much to handle even if he freezes it with ice immediately.

That senior doesn't gave him a chance to rest and attacked once again

The senior was not moving in a straight line this time and Kence became dizzy. He gritted his teeth and this time he covered the other parts of his body too. Even without that much of a great fighting skill he still wasn't an idiot. If he can't attack from the front then he will attack on the side or back!

Sure enough, that senior decided to attack him on his back. But because she needs to change direction from her charging speed the strength behind her attack was weaker than the previous two

The senior attacked him twice more before their fight ended with Kence being a punching bag. The seniors are after all too powerful, thankfully they can't unleash their full power as the academy will punish them if they do. The goal is to hurt these geniuses’ pride and show the disparity of strength not to kill or cripple them

After the fight the senior's nails retracted back to normal and even her sweet and gentle smile came back. But this time Kence was really afraid of her. "You're a good first year! You'll get your reward later. In the mean time you can enter the building to get some healing pills" That senior gently said before going back to her seat

Kence sighed as it was finally over and he head inside the building first and ate a pill. That pill was of a higher level and immediately healed his injuries. He then went back to his seat but he only saw Calter and Zairon flirting with each other with Calter's roommate having an awkward expression on his face

Sven actually went to challenge a senior. Kence sat on his sit, only a few seconds passed when a male senior sat next to him holding a bottle of what looks like wine with him. Zairon's eyes flashed when he saw that bottle

"Do you want a drink?" That male senior asked and Kence looked at the bottle on his hand. "I-Is that wine?" For god's sake! They were only ten or eleven years old. How can they drink at this age?

That senior nodded and opened the bottle of wine and poured some on a glass. Kence looked at that senior "I-I'm too young to drink?" This was Kence's mistake though as he didn't saw that the senior put something on his drink

"What are you talking about? Most people started drinking when they reached the age of ten!" That senior said and Kence turned to look at Calter asking for confirmation. Calter nodded his head which made Kence to take a sharp breath

Heavens! He knew that people in this world grew up fast and ten years old was like the legal age but isn't this too early?!

The senior gave the glass of wine to Kence and poured on another glass for himself

He then passed the bottle to Zairon with hidden smiles on their faces. Zairon took the bottle and poured one on a glass, he then whispered something on Calter's ear which made him blushed so hard. With no one noticing, Zairon also put something on the wine and gave it to Calter before pouring wine for himself

"Drink up!" The other senior said and lifted his wine and Zairon seconded while looking at Calter's perfect face. Kence can only sigh inside him and took his wine too. Besides, back on earth he was already 18 years old and plus the ten years here in this world made his true age to be 28!

Kence drank the wine on his hand and a funny expression immediately appeared on his face. "Ekk! Too bitter!" If he didn't want to make a fool of himself, he would really spit the bitter liquid inside his mouth

"Come one, drink up!" That senior said and forced Kence to drink the bitter wine which made him tear up again as if he was drinking the most disgusting drink in the world

Kence's head immediately became dizzy as it turned out that his alcohol tolerance was too low! Calter was in a better situation though as he didn't become drunk immediately

"I-I'm going to pee" Kence said and tried to stand but his vision was spinning like crazy. The senior on his side smirked and went to 'help' Kence. "Let me help you" the senior said while supporting Kence's body. At this time all Kence wants was to go in a comfort room to relieve himself and splash some water on his face. He cursed at himself for forcing himself to drink that disgusting liquid

He was supported by the senior and the two entered the building. They first went to the bathroom before Kence felt like there was something wrong on his body. He started heating up and his face flushed red. There was a certain itch on his body that he can't figure out

That senior's smirked turned deeper at seeing Kence's current state. "Are you okay? Do you want to rest first?" Kence weakly nodded his head as his body strength was slowly leaving him without him knowing why. Instead of making his condition better by peeing it turned even more badly. That senior then guides Kence towards a room with no one else inside

Along the way, Kence's body heat continues to rise as if he was having a fever. He even had the urge to take off all of his clothes. The senior laid him down on the bed

"Are you feeling hot? Do you want to take your clothes off?" The senior said with lust on his eyes. He gulped at Kence's current expression as shade of red covered his face down to his neck

"N-no, I'm o-okay" Kence said weakly and the senior touched his face. "Don't be shy, I'll help you" only then Kence realized with his blurry vision that the senior was on top of him with a perverted look on his face

His eyes widened and he had a bad feeling about this. The senior was slowly removing his robe while breathing hard from excitement. "N-no! I-I'm okay, you can leave me here" just saying those words took a lot of effort on Kence's part

"As your senior how can I do that?" At this time Kence's white chest was already exposed to the senior's eyes. His chest was moving aggressively as if he was having a hard time breathing. If Kence still hadn't realized this senior's bad plan to him then he would be an idiot!

"N-no, please no!" Kence plead while tears gathered around his eyes. "Huh? Did you say more?" The senior laughed loudly while taking pleasure from Kence's current expression. He was like a pure angel that was about to be ravished

Kence used his weak hand to push the senior away but even just lifting it was already extremely hard. Due to whatever the man on top of him put on his drink made his body extremely sensitive. Even though he feels disgusted but the drug on his body made him feel pleasure just from a single touch

If this continue, no doubt he would lose his mind and might even beg the senior to help him release the heat on his body


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