Kence removed the ice covering his pill and gently put it on his pocket. He exited the battle ring while holding the hawk on his hand and went to where his teacher is. Kence bowed down and apologized to him "Teacher, I'm sorry!" He apologized sincerely

Narry let out an exasperated sigh at the battle's outcome. "Fine! But you will have a lower score for that" it was no use pushing Kence too much might as well let him be

"Thank you teacher!"

Kence looked at the hawk on his hands and was not sure what to do about it and he turned to look at Narry. "You can have it. The students' normally killed their opponent and the academy already considered that hawk as dead. They won't use precious resources to treat a weak Blood Beast so its up to use to heal that one" Kence's face lit up with joy and he gently stroke the hawk on his hand

He went back to Calter's side with the shivering hawk on his hand. "Little hawk are you feeling cold?" Kence was puzzled at why the hawk looks as if it was shivering from cold. It has an ice attribute and should have a resistance towards ice

The hawk uttered a weak cry and Kence started feeling worried. "Let me see him" Calter said and Kence put the hawk closer to Calter

The kid then touched the hawk's weak body, particularly on its injuries that were still covered with ice. "I think your Bloodline power is entering its body. Its the coldest around its wounds. Try to see if you can remove it"

Kence immediately did what was told to him and he closed his eyes while putting his hand on the hawk's injury. Kence can feel a familiar kind of energy on it, it was his Bloodline power and it looks like Calter was right

He controlled the ice energy and removed his hand on the hawk's injury. Icy light flew out from the wound and the hawk started feeling a bit better. Kence did the same for the other wounds and removed all of his energy that was harming the hawk

However, removing his Bloodline power means the ice that blocked the Blood Beast's wound was also removed. Blood started leaking out from the wounds and Kence panicked immediately

Calter saw this and put the thing he already readied and made the hawk to swallow it. It was a healing pill. Most of the pills that humans made and consume can also be use by Blood Beasts. After all the most important thing for the pill was it medicinal essence that will provide the mystical effects

"He should be all healed up in a few weeks" Calter said and patted the hawk's head. Kence looked at him with gratitude "Thank you, I'll pay you for the pill when I get the money"

"You don't need to" Calter said while shaking his head. "No, I'll pay you for that someday okay?"

Calter rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh "whatever"

The students were tested one by one but they only mostly chose to battle Level 0 Blood Beast while there were not many that chose to fight a Level 1 Beast

As long as the students won they all killed their Blood Beast even though they have some hesitation. It was only Kence that not only didn't kill his opponents but also decided to bring it with him

"Next is Student Caizha Hale!"

When the students heard the next student they all looked towards a girl who was walking in a strange manner. It was like she was imitating how cats walk

"Is she someone famous too?" Kence asked Calter who laughed at his words like he was crazy. "Why are you laughing? Every time a famous student was called our classmates would always turn their focus on them and chat loudly with each other!" Kence wore a wronged expression on his face and pouted his lips

"Hahaha okay sorry, but you're right she is somewhat famous. Caizha is also from one of the three Great Marquees Clan, Hale. Her clan is extremely wealthy, even my Crosmoner Clan's wealth can't compare to their wealth at all"

Hearing Calter's explanation, Kence turned to look at the girl who came from the Hale Clan with jealousy. "What a lucky girl! Here I am sleeping in a worn out bed back at our home but she was probably sleeping in a bed made from gold coins!"

Calter laughed at Kence's words again while Kence was busy imagining just how much gold coins the girl has. Her money was probably enough to make Kence and his parents to live a wealthy life without doing any work

"What level of Blood Beast do you want to fight?" For Narry, so far most of the students are only average but he has high hope for this Caizha. She came from a Marquees Clan and even if she don't have much of a cultivation talent with her Clan's resources she should have high cultivation talent

"I choose an early stage Level 2 Blood Beast, teacher" Narry nodded in satisfaction and went to get one of the level 2 Blood Beast. Just like what he did to the previous students Narry tapped the beast and it was immediately paralyzed before throwing it in the battlefield and activating the protective barrier

The beast is actually another dog type while Caizha has the Bloodline of a Black Cat with affinity towards darkness. The dog leapt towards the young girl but she went on all fours and dodged it like a real cat

There was a craze smile on her face and her eyes turned into a cat's eye. This improved her vision and the dog's movement became slower to her.

"Hmm she's also in the early stage of level 2. She really is from a Marquees Clan" up until now only Sven was the student that is in the level 2. He was also the only one that chose to fight a Level 2 Beast. The others mostly fought level 0 or 1. Narry was naturally satisfied that another level 2 student was in his class

The girl's nails grew a few centimers with an extremely sharp end. The previously innocent looking girl transformed into a wild looking one

The dog pounced on Caizha again but the girl dodged its attack effortlessly. It seems like her specialty is speed. She run in all fours and used her nails to scratch the dog. As her speed was faster than the dog it was not able to dodge and five deep wounds appeared on the dog's body

The dog was enraged and used its paw to smack on the girl but like a flexible cat Caizha moved her body in an impossible angle before putting a distance between her and the dog

The dog opened its mouth and a small ball of fire were generated that it want to use to burn the hateful human in front of it. Caizha swiftly run and dodged the fire ball. No matter what the dog do, Caizha always dodged it and even until now she still didn't gained any injury

Without giving the dog a chance to recover from using its powee she pounced on it while her hands were covered with black colored energy. The dog just finished using an attack and was not able to react

The girl's nails made another wounds in the dog's body but this time the wound and the blood was black in color. It was also slowly spreading around its body and causing the injury to worsen

This claw attack of hers has a corrosive property. If the dog wasn't healed on time it will only a matter of time before if sustained heavy injuries and die

The dog howled in pain and its eyes turned to bloodshot in anger. It opened its mouth once again and fire red colored light appeared in front of it. The dog gathered a lot of its fire power and condensed it into a ball. This time the fire ball was more destructive and powerful than before

The fire ball cut the air and flew to Caizha's direction. She also made a ball on her hand but it was black in color. She threw the dark ball on her hands to meet the fire ball. She watched Sven's fight before and she learned this technique from him

Her own dark ball was not enough to consume all of the fire ball's power but it was enough to slow it down. A loud bang were made by the collision of the two energy balls and Caizha seized the chance to dodge the dog's attack

The fire ball exploded into an empty air not harming the girl at all. The dog still didn't have the ability to let its attack chase its opponent and the fire ball can only fly in a straight line

The dog was exhausted and its movement become slower. Its injury even worsened its condition. There was already large patch of black on its body that was eating away on its vitality

Caizha decided to end the fight and pounced immediately to the dog. This time her claws aimed at the dog's neck and slashed on it. The dog fell on the ground as it loses its life

She stood up and her eyes returned back to normal while her long nails retracted back. She then rub her hands to remove the dirt on it

"Very good!" Narry clapped and was very happy at the result. Caizha bow her head and the wild aura around he vanished and came back into a sweet girl

"Okay next is Student Calter!" Narry said and this time the students were even more excited. Calter was crowned as the number one genius in the younger generation. His fight was bound to be more exciting

"Good luck Calter!"

Calter muttered a soft thank you before walking towards the weapon racks and choosing a sword. He then went to the battlefield

"What level of beast you want to fight, Student?" Even Narry was anticipating and hopeful about his fight. If he didn't do well then the title of number one genius will be taken away from him and will be given to Sven. He wants to see with his own eyes why Calter was called the number one genius

"Mid level 2, teacher!" Narry nodded and grab a mid level 2 beast on one of the cages. Calter's opponent is an earthen brown colored monkey with the affinity to earth attribute. Its defense was bound to be high among the level 2 beasts

"Start!" Narry shouted and the naive look on Calter vanished. It was replaced by a serious battle intent. He immediately connected his mind to his Blood Soul to use its power

The sword on Calter's hand glowed with a white light and he waved it into the air. The sword cut an empty air and Calter bend his legs for support

Narry's eyes glowed at seeing Calter's sword stance. He was not impatient and chose to stabilize his position first. The monkey charged at Calter and threw a punch at him. The monkey's hand was covered with hard brown rocks that can be use for both offense and defense

The sword and fist collided causing sparks to flew everywhere. If it was the other students they will surely took a few steps back but Calter didn't. He was like a proud mountain that was impossible to move

He jumped backwards and his stance changed. Before, it was like a steady mountain but this time its like his speed will explode at any time. That is what actually happened

Calter kicked on the ground to give himself a head start, his figure dashed in the air while his sword slashed at the monkey. The beast didn't thought that the previous immovable human will suddenly unleashed such speed

In panic, the monkey crossed its arms in front of it to block the sword. Sparks were generated again but the monkey still hasn't stabilized itself when the sword in the kid's hand attacked it again

This time Calter's hold on his sword was more powerful and steady than before. He didn't gave the monkey a chance to react and slashed his sword non-stop. Although the sword's power was not that powerful because of the rate in which he used it and he was not able to put too much strength on it but it still made the monkey quite helpless


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