The dog was even more enraged and it opened its mouth once again. Moonlight energy gathered on the dog's mouth and it spat out a moonlight ball energy that flew towards Sven

Sven used his tactic again and used a poison ball to slow down the attack coming to him. He avoided the dog's attack easily and threw yet another poison ball. His speed of using Bloodline power was simply astonishing

The poison didn't made the dog to feel any pain and it thought that it didn't sustain any kind of injury. The dog ignored the poison and run with its mouth open to bite on Sven

Sven hold out two of his fingers and a beam of poison ball flew out from it. The poison entered the dog's mouth and spread on its inner organs. The kid then clenched his fist and the dog started to howl in pain

Sven controlled his poison to not cause any pain before but now that the amount of poison was enough he controlled it to bring pain to the dog. The dog's body cunvulsed violently and twitched in pain. Sven walked towards the silver dog and end its life with another poisoning session

He managed to kill a Blood Beast a small realm 'above' his easily. He makes it look too easy to do that shocked everyone present. Narry clapped in satisfaction while a smile hang on his face. "Good, good! You are a skilled fighter and didn't hesitate to end your opponent's life and give them a chance to retaliate!"

Narry made it sound like killing was a good thing to do. The surprising thing was the other students didn't disagreed on his words and were actually agreeing about it. Only Kence think differently. His face failed at the brutal scene in front of him, it was the first time he saw something getting killed like that

An urge to vomit overcome Kence's senses and he threw up. Calter immediately went to pat Kence's back. Connecting Kence's vomiting and his previous expression when Calter saw Kence's reaction at seeing the caged beasts, Calter knew that it was hard for his friend to witness a murder

Narry looked at Kence with dissatisfaction. For him the kid was too naive and didn't know how the world works. If it were in reality and a Blood Beast attack you, as long as you have a chance you should kill it. In the annals of history there are many humans that were killed because they showed mercy

"Student Kence, you are next" Kence's face paled once again at hearing his teacher's words. For Narry Kence's softness was unacceptable, if he were to meet a Blood Beast outside the academy he would die easily. He don't want any of his students to die and thus he needed to force Kence to kill

"Teacher, Kence is not feeling well. Can he go later?" Calter tried to plea in Kence's place but Narry shook his head. "I know he is your friend but he needs to ready himself for the reality. You can't shelter him forever"

Calter looked at Kence with complicated emotions. He don't want Kence to fight now as he was not in any condition to fight but their teacher's words were also true. Kence needed to experience blood

"Go pick your weapon now" Narry said sternly and Kence shakily walked towards the rack of weapons and chose a sword. The other students although uncomfortable at the thought of killing but their mentality was shaped by this world. They knew that they needed to do it to become a great Cultivator. Only Kence has the mentality of an earthling and was very hard for him to accept the concept of killing

Kence walked to the battle ring while a sword was held by his shaking hand. "Choose the level of your opponent" Narry said while shaking his head. If Kence continue acting like this he would surely be at the bottom of the ranking

"E-early L-Level 1" Kence answered. He currently absorbed 16% of his Origin Blood and was at the peak of mid level 1. He also knew his current state and he has no hope defeating a Blood Beast at his level

Narry went to one of the cages and opened it with a key. Just like the silver dog the Blood Beast immediately attacked Narry but with just a tap the beast was immediately paralyzed. Narry threw the beast in the battlefield and with a wave of his hand a protective dome covered the battlefield while Kence's body glowed a bit before the light vanished

"Are you ready?" Narry asked and even if he was not ready Kence cannot do anything. "Y-yes" Kence answered with shaky voice. Narry shook his head again before waving his hand and the beast immediate regained mobility

The beast was actually a blue hawk and has a bit of affinity for ice just like Kence. As soon as it can move again the hawk flew towards Kence and wanted to use its claw to rip the kid in shreds. Seeing the hawk attacking him Kence hastily connected his mind to his Blood Soul to use its power

However, Kence was too panicking and his sword only glowed with a bit of icy light before the hawk reached him. Kence clumsily used the sword on his hand to block the hawk's claws but his grasp on the sword was too weak and it fell out from his hand

The hawk didn't waste any time and went to attack Kence again. The kid clumsily dodged and fell on ground in the process but the hawk's claw still made a cut on Kence's paled face. Thankfully it wasn't that deep but the wound still bled a bit

Kence coincidentally landed next to his sword and he grabbed it quickly. Calter looked at Kence worriedly, although his friend won't gain any serious injury but if every battle results he had was this bad the academy might expell him. After all, the academy wants to cultivate strong cultivators and they won't waste their resources on someone that cannot even kill a level 1 Rank 0 Blood Beast

Sven was watching Kence in disdain. For him Kence was really too stupid, if he has the mentality of he can kill his enemy he shouldn't be in this embarassing state. He was still a small realm higher than his opponent and he should able to defeat it with just a bit of skill

The hawk didn't care about Kence's state of mind and from its beak icy cold energy gathered and it shot out towards Kence. The kid was still sitting on the ground and can only use his sword to block. However, his arm strenght was not enough and the sword once again flew out from his hand

The Noble kids started laughing at how hilarious he looks while showing contempt on their faces. Not all of them are indifferent at the concept of killing but they were sure that they can at least defend theirselves

Kence stood up and looked at the hawk who wished to kill him. He didn't want to kill or hurt it but what can he do? The scene of Sven killing the silver dog shook him to the core. He can't even properly use his Bloodline Power

The hawk gathered icy energy in front of its beak again and a beam of icy energy shot towards Kence. The kid did all he can to dodge but it still scrape past on his waist. His robe was damaged in the process and a broken glass fell down from it

Kence felt like the world stopped seeing the broken battle of his first pill falling on the ground. Fortunately, the pill inside was not damaged. But the scene of his precious pill being humiliated again hit his reversed dragon scale

He can swallow the humiliation from Yohan's actions because the kid was a Noble and he cannot do anything about it. However, this hawk which he showed mercy actually defiled his pill. This was something unacceptable for him

Just like what he wants, the pill was always with him to witness all of his actions, hardworks and future achievements. But it seems like it was a bad decision as it fell on a bad situation again

Kence's blue eyes gained a hint of coldness and the previously stupid and naive air around him vanished. It was replaced by coldness that struck everyone's heart. It's like he became a different person

He quickly connected his mind to his Blood Soul to use its power and a cold smoke came out from his mouth. Even the hawk that didn't have much intellect was taken aback by the sudden change of the 'ant' in front of it and just flew in the air dumbly

Kence slowly walked to the location of his sword and took it. As soon as he grabbed the sword icy blue fog covered it and the surrounding temperature fell down. The hawk felt that it was insulted and shot another ice beam from its mouth. Kence easily used his sword to destroy the ice beam while his blue cold eyes were staring at the hawk

He waved his hand and small dome of ice covered his precious pill to protect it. The hawk was angered that its attack was easily block by what it though an ant. It flew down and once again used its claws to kill Kence

Kence's sword left an icy trail as it was used to deflect the hawk's claws. The impact cause the hawk to flew backwards and a deep cut was left on its claws. But there was no blood coming out from the wound as it was sealed by ice

It looks like the ice will prevent the hawk's injury to worsen but the icy energy was actually slowly entering the hawk's body to damage it from the inside. No one knows if Kence knew of this fact as only coldness can be seen on his face. There was no anger or the desire to kill for revenge, he was as expressionless as an ice

His transformation was so fast that some of the students even rub their eyes to make sure that they aren't hallucinating. "Good, good!" Narry praised at seeing Kence was finally taking the fight seriously. This is what he wants to see. If all of his students were like this a lot of them will die of an old age and not from any of their enemies

The hawk uttered a cry before firing another icy beam. Kence slashed with his sword and an arc of icy light flew in the air and met the icy beam. Without even resting, Kence poured more of his Bloodline power on his sword and once again made another slashing motion

Another arc of icy light was generated and was threatening to hit the hawk. The hawk panicked and clumsily flew higher to avoid the sword slash but it was still hit on one of its wings. The icy energy blocked the hawk's injury and no blood was spilled. However, soon more coldness spread inside the hawk's body and it shivered

The hawk also has an ice attribute and should be resistant to Kence's attack. But it seems like the kid's ice was of a higher quality and add to the fact that Kence was a small realm higher than the beast made the ice extremely harmful to the hawk.

Kence slowly walked towards the hawk who utter a bird cry in a threatening manner. The beast can't fly as one of its wings were injured plus the icy energy pervading inside its body. Kence's eyes flashed with an icy light and hold his sword downwards and stabbed it to the hawk

However, when he was about to kill Kence's sense suddenly came back to him and he realized what he was doing. Kence's eyws widen in shock and in panicked forcefully alter the sword's direction but the stabbing momentum on it was so strong and it still stabbed the other wing of the hawk

A pained bird's cry escaped from the hawk's mouth and its body shivered in both pain and coldness. Kence immediately gently pulled out his sword while his eyes were getting teary from realizing his actions

"I-I'm s-sorry" Kence hold the hawk on his hand and his tears landed on the hawk's pained face. "I-I'Im sorry little hawk, I didn't know what I was doing" Kence sincerely said to the hawk who only weakly let out a bird cry

Narry face palmed himself and was disappointed by the result. He thought his student gained the resolve to kill but in the end he failed


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