Kence, Calter, and Sven can be seen sitting and chatting in the back of their classroom for the General Cultivation Class. Actually, it's just the two friends, Kence and Calter who were talking to each other. Sven as usual has his mouth shut

The other students were also doing the same, basically just chatting with the members of their own group. As more than a week has passed since the start of the class most of them have already joined a certain group. Many want Calter to be part of their circle of friends but the kid was so fond of Kence and the two always stick with each other

Narry entered the room and the students stopped talking with each other. "Okay, listen class we will have a practical battle. Follow me in the martial field!" The teachers of this world really always made use of their time wisely. There were almost no time fo greetings and casual talk. Most of them after entering the room always stated what the things they would do for the day

The students' eyes lit up when hearing that they would have a practical battle. They only gained their Bloodline a few months ago and they don't have much chance to use their power in a real fight. "You all will fight a Rank 0 Blood Beast. It's up to you to choose what their level is. The top three students who can defeat the strongest beast will be given a reward"

Hearing Narry's words the blood of the students started boiling in excitement. Not only would they be given a chance to fight but if they do well they will have more resources! This actually was the academy's way to see who among the students that are not only talented in cultuvation but can also fight well. After all no matter how strong you are that's useless if you can't use it

The students excitedly followed Narry to the Martial Field. The Martial Field was actually like the area that the students had their entrance exam. It has a battle ring that has a barrier to prevent any attacks from harming the students outside. There were rows of racks filled with various kinds of weapons on the side for the students to use

The ring was also two times larger as to give the students more room to maneuver. After ten minutes of walking the students arrived at the Martial Field. They saw hundreds of field cages with all sorts of Blood Beast that were growling in anger. The beasts tried to break their cage but no matter what they do the cages won't budge at all

If a Blood Beast escaped and harmed a student the academy would lose face so they naturally used an extremely durable material for the cages. Kence's face looked sad at seeing the beasts. For him they were like animals that were deprived of their freedom and were destined to live in a cage their whole lives

"What's wrong Kence?" Calter asked when he saw the look on his friend's face. Kence shook his head and said "nothing"

"Now, let's not waste any time. You can choose your weapons in the racks there. I will call your names randomly. First is Student Sven Aerondale!"

A green haired and eye kid went to the battlefield immediately without even bothering to take a weapon on his hand. The kid brought with him an overbearing and oppressive aura that makes it hard to approach him

"Student, are you sure you're not going to use any weapon?" Narry was a bit disappointed because he thought Sven was being too conceited and arrogant. He naturally knew of Sven's entrance exam result. Only Calter the one that people crowned as the most talented Cultivator in the younger generation can compare to him. It's too bad if it get on Sven's head and cause him to make mistakes

"Yeah" for Sven those weapons can't actually be called weapons. He was sure that none of those could bear his poisonous power. His Bloodline after all was being nourished by the Life Extinction Pearl. It can be said that the pearl was its source of poison power. Although the poison's quality was trillions of times inferior as it still can't fully bear a supreme treasure's might but it was more than enough to destroy all those trashy weapons

"Okay, if you say so. Choose the level of Blood Beast you want to fight" Since the kid was too arrogant it was better to let him have a taste of the real world. Narry can't be blamed if he was trampled by the Blood Beast

"Mid Level 2!" Everyone was shocked at hearing Sven's words. A level 0 Blood Beast can be compared to a Cultivator that absorbed 0-9% of their Bloodline while level 2 Rank 0 Blood Beast has the strength comoarable to a Bloodline Assimilation Stage Cultivator with 20 to 29% of their Bloodline they absorbed. A mid level two was comparable to around 24 to 26% of Origin Blood that Cultivators absorbed

Also, Blood Beast has superior physique than humans. If a Cultivator doesn't have enough battle skills they won't be able to defeat a Blood Beast with the same cultivation stage

Even Narry thinks that Sven wants to eat more than he can chew. In the entrance exam he only showed 11% absorbed Origin Blood. No one can believe he can defeat a mid level 2 Blood Beast. "Are you sure about that student? A mid level 2 Blood Beast is comprable to humans with 23-26% percent Bloodline" Narry asked in the hope that Sven would stop his recklessness

"I'm sure" Narry sighed in helplessness and walked to one of the cages. He opened with a key and the Blood Beast immediately went to attack him. Narry tapped the beast's body and it was immediately paralyzed by an unknown force

Narry threw the beast inside the battle ring and waved his hand. A protective dome of barrier surrounded the battle ring to protect outsiders. There was also a light that covered Sven's body for a bit before vanishing. Even with a teacher in watch it was inevitable that some students will also gain serious injuries and if the teacher was too careless it can cause deaths. Thus, for first year students they always have an invisible protection on their body that will block any fatal attacks. They can still be injured as long as the beast's attack wasn't enough to kill or left them a life long injury though

"How can he choose to fight a strong Blood Beast? Is he insane ?!" Kence asked Calter in disbelief and anger. He can't believe how the seemingly smart and confident Sven will do something this foolish. He may have a foul mouth but he did help Kence a lot of times before, he doesn't want anything bad to happen to Sven

Calter scratched the back of his head and didn't know what to say. "Hmph! Let me see him embarrass himself in front of so many people!" Calter chuckled bitterly and said "Well .... I'm not sure that is something to say to someone you said helped you so many times ....."

Kence glared at Calter but he couldn't refute is friend's point. "Argh! I hate how your words make a lot of sense! Don't talk to me!" Calter blinked his eyes innocently and thought 'why am I the one receiving his grudge?'

"Are you ready student?" Narry asked and Sven nodded his head. "Okay, ready to fight!" After saying those words the Blood Beast immediately regained control of its body and pounced on Sven

The Blood Beast was a silver moon colored dog with saliva dripping on his mouth. Its teeth look sharp and if not for the vicious look on its face it will make a good house pet because of its fur. This silver dog has a bit of affinity for moonlight and can store a bit of moon power on its body. However, as it was just at level 2 Rank 0 it still can't do many amazing things that a creature that has the power to harness the moon's power can

The dog's speed was quite fast and in just a few seconds it was already in front of Sven. Everyone thought that he wasn't able to react and just stood there dumbly while waiting for the silver dog to attack him

However, when the dog's attack almost hit him Sven moved like an agile snake and went to the dog's blind spot. Sven's hand assumed a snake's body and his fingers hit the dog on its abdomen. From his fingers came out a green colored energy and entered the dog's body. It was his poisonous Bloodline power. After putting a bit of poison inside the dog's body Sven retreated and put a distance between him and the dog

He's actually already at the early level 3 of Bloodline Assimilation Stage with with 31% of absorbed Bloodline. However, to avoid suspicions he can only show a power of early level 2 Cultivators. He can one shot this silver dog but he can't do that

Sven's control of his Bloodline power was superb that even Narry was fooled. "He's already at level 2 and he's actually this good at fighting!" Narry exclaimed in shock. Sven's opponent was a mid level, a small realm higher than his cultivation stage. A Blood Beast has superior physique than humans and normally it was hard to fight one on the same level. However, once you have enough battle skills you can easily defeat a beast stronger than you because they don't have high intelligence

Sven's act of swifly moving on the dog's blindspot and attacking it once and retreating after than can enable him to defeat it. As long as he slowly wear down and poison the dog it will die without him getting injured

A small patch of green appeared on the dog's body but it ignored it and pounced on Sven again to bite him on his neck. Sven bent his legs for support and when the dog's head was close enough he moved his head sideways a bit, just enough to not let the dog's mouth bite him

He glued his fingers together and it moved like a snake to attack the dog on its neck. Just like before, green colored energy entered the dog's body from Sven's fingers. After attacking, Sven retreated again as if nothing happened

The dog was choked by Sven's attack and it puke out a bit of blood. It was attacked in the neck after all and it gave the dog a bit of serious injury

"He's only at the early stage of level 2 yet he already has an expert like battle skills. I misjudged him before, he wasn't arrogant but simply confident!" Even Narry has to admit his mistakes of thinking that Sven was too arrogant when it fact he really has the power to battle a Blood Beast at that level

The dog was angered as it has been attacked twice yet it didn't even touched the 'insignificant' human in front of it. The dog's mouth glowed with moonlight and it spat out a ball of moonlight energy. The dog now uses the power that the moon gave it!

Sven didn't panicked and also made a ball of energy attack. Green colored fog gathered around his hand and made a ball of poison energy. He made sure that it only has the power that a level 2 Cultivator can have. The two balls of different energy type collided. But the dog was a small realm 'higher' than Sven and after a few seconds it destroyed the kid's poison ball

However for Sven this few seconds were enough. Sven moved away from his previous position and made another ball of poison energy to attack the dog

The dog's moonlight ball landed on Sven's earlier position and hit nothing but air. The dog's level was too low to properly control its attack. Its attack can only flew in a straight line, it can't change direction at all

The dog was not able to block or dodge and the poison ball accurately hit its body. More green patches appeared on its body and if this continued the dog's death were almost set in stone


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