On Sven's cauldron a small explosion also occured. This was not because of him being unskilled or talented. He did it on purpose, if he succeeded on his first try just how would the various powers in the Dukedom will react? He can be a genius but it should still be at the level where people can still barely accept it

Kence pouted while looking at his smoking cauldron. How come when the teacher demonstrated and explained it the process sounds too easy to do? Kence turned to look at his 'seatmate' and saw that Sven also failed. His lips rose a little and a small smile formed. "Hmph that's what you get for being a bully!" Kence thought on his mind mischievously. It's like he already forgot that he was extremely grateful to Sven minutes ago.

Sven naturally felt Kence's gaze and he turned his head at him. Kence flinched like a startled bunny and immediately turned his head back to the cauldron in front of him. He was afraid that Sven will see the smile on his face and bully him again

Seeing the look on the students' faces Otto laughed heartily at them. For him it was so satisfying seeing their arrogant faces was slapped by the reality. They are just kids how can they look down on alchemy? Even the lowest and easiest pill to make would still something that needs to be take seriously

"Now, now don't be discourage. I'm sure you all can make one in about twenty tries" Otto said while chuckling, earning the students' glare. These students are so arrogant how can they let themselves to fail twenty times?

"Che!" Kence made a silent annoyed sound and decided to continue attempting to make the pill again. He only has two tries left before his soul run out of fuel. Attempting to make one pill required a third of his soul power. He thought that it would be easy to make money by making a Rank 0 Healing Pill. However, even just a single pill needs a third of his soul power. At most he can make three of it before needing to rest for a few hours to recover

His situation was already fortunate as the other students don't have the same soul control he has and wasted more soul power. Most of the students only has enough soul power to try one more time

Kence's seriousness returned and he grab another clean set of equipment to continue his pill making attempt. He repeated the same process but got the same result, an explosion on his cauldron. However, this time he has two experiences in the process. He also almost succeeded in the second try and started getting the hang of it

"I need to succeed!" This is the last attempt he can do for now. Kence was determined to show the academy his talent and gain more cultivation resources. He cannot fail for the third time

Kence took a deep breath to calm his nerves. It's not good to be anxious and he needed to calm down first. He did this for a few minutes and when he finally has the courage to try again he heard the students' cry of surprise. Kence looked around and saw his classmates' shock faces while looking at something on his side

He looked at his seatmate and a look of shock also appeared on his face. There, he saw Sven taking out a pill from his cauldron as if it was nothing. It's like he didn't succeed on doing something that the others were madly wanting to do

Otto were watching all the students and naturally saw that Sven managed to successfully made a pill. He walked towards Sven and looked at the pill he made. "F-forty percent purity in third try!" Otto already judged that it will take the kid 3 to 5 tries after witnessing his soul control skills. What he didn't thought was he would make a pill with a high purity for someone that only take one session of alchemy class

Forty percent might sound low but one must know that this is only Sven's third attempt! He only gained Bloodline and opened his spiritual world few months ago. Achieving something like this was something only geniuses can

Sven also look not exhausted, meaning he still has some soul power left. Its seems like even his soul was quite powerful. "What a genius!" Otto praised and was genuinely happy for Sven. As long as someone has alchemy talent whether they be someone that is a member of his own clan or not he would be happy

"Hmph! Just a Rank 0 Pill not something to be proud of!" Yohan can't accept that Sven stoled his spotlight again. Sven's production speed was also fast and even Yohan only tried twice. He was determined to succeed on his third try and make a pill with better purity

Otto frowned, he doesn't like Yohan's remarked even if he is with the same clan as his. Yohan's words just made him look like a sore loser when he hasn't succeeded yet himself. The students although didn't said a thing but their contempt was showing on their faces. He should at least say something like that when he already made a pill

Yohan's face turned red in embarrassment at realizing what he said in anger. He felt like he lose too much of face today because of Sven and Kence. He vowed that he will make them pay in the future

Sven ignored his teacher and Yohan's remarks and looked at Kence contemptuously. With this Kence knew that Sven saw him smiling before and he gritted his teeth in annoyance. "Argh! I want to wipe the floor with your smug face!" This was what Kence has on his mind but he wasn't able to control himself and actually spoke it out loud

Kence immediately covered his mouth with his hand and blushed in shame. "I-I...." he saw how Sven clenched his jaw angrily before looking away. This made him to have a bad feeling and gulped his own saliva heavily

"You can be smug too if you succeed" Sven's venomous words not only affected Kence but its like he was also saying this to Yohan.

Yohan angrily readied another set of equipment and was very determined to really succeed on his third try. Kence was also the same and made sure to do every steps carefully and to not make mistakes

Kence's mind was fully immersed in pill making that he didn't even realized that bullets of sweats were already forming on his forehead. Every step was made meticulously and not accepting any mistake. When it was the time to combine the two medicinal essences Kence's focus rose again. He put his hand above the small cauldron and made a gentle but firm rotating motion on it while soul power was coming out from his hand

His soul power guided the two kinds of particles to blend and mix with each other. When the liquid mixture stopped bubbling and fully mixed a big smile appeared on Kence's face. He poured the remaining of his soul power to condensed the liquid into a pill form and only a small red pill was left inside the cauldron

Kence face paled at using all of his soul power but a smile blossomed on his beautiful face. He also finally realized that he was sweating and wiped his forehead with his hands while carefully taking his first ever pill and putting it inside a small glass battle proudly. Kence moved closer to Sven and shoved the bottle in front of him to show off. "I succeeded!" He announced proudly before a voice entered his ears. "Can you shut up? It's not like you are the only one that can make a pill"

Kence turned to look at where the voice came from and saw a similar small bottle on Yohan's hand. There was also small red colored pill inside it. Otto walked towards the two that succeeded and looked at the pill Yohan made. "Hmm, not bad. It has 35% purity in the third try"

"What?!" Yohan said aggressively and checked his pill. After making sure that it really only has 35% purity his face darkened at how he slapped himself again. He looked down at a Rank 0 Pill before and he actually only made one with 35% percent purity. He thought that with him being serious he would made one with above 40% purity

As Yohan is just a ten year old and this was his first class in alchemy the pill he made normally will label him as a genius. Too bad his words and Sven's result made him look bad. "Don't be sad, not all people can have the same result as you has" Otto patted Yohan's head but the kid slapped his hands in anger

If it were other kids Otto would be angry but this was his clan member. There would at least be some bias and he only sighed helplessly

Otto then went to check on Kence's pill. "38% purity in third try!" Otto was shocked at Kence's result. It's just a pity that he doesn't have a suitable Bloodline. He's even more talented than Yohan but in the long term Yohan will gain advantages because of his Bloodline while Kence would be in the disadvantageous position

"What?! How can that be?!" Yohan although extremely angry but he can still barely accept that another Noble bested him. But Kence is just a commoner. This result was something he cannot accept

Yohan stood up from his seat and snatched the bottle containing Kence's pill. He checked it and saw that it really has 38% percent purity, 3% higher than his own. Due to anger the bottle cracked on his hand before fully breaking it and Kence's first ever pill fell on the ground

Yohan's mind was clouded by his anger and kicked the pill away. Kence pitifully chased his pill that was covered with dirt. It may just be a Rank 0 Pill but it means a lot to him. His heart ache at seeing his hardwork was treated that way but he cannot do anything. Kence crouched down and carefully picked his pill from the ground and removing the dirt on it. His hands were visibly trembling while doing it

A Rank 0 Pill may be a trash for these Nobles but this pill was a result of his hardwork. For Kence this was his starting point and if he ever become successful alchemist or Cultivator in the future he wants this pill to witness his achievements. He was so proud of it yet Yohan just kicked it away like that

Tears formed around Kence's eyes while dusting off the pill on is hands. "That's just a trash pill why need to cry about it?! Are you that too poor and was afraid that it won't sell?!"

"Yohan, enough!" This time Otto was also angry. He is a great alchemist, he naturally knew what the pill on Kence's hand signify. Many alchemist will treat the first ever pill they made carefully. It has a great place on their hearts and naturally won't let other people treat it that way

If Yohan was not his clan member he would already be punished greatly for this. Suddenly, a gust of wind passed and the next thing everyone knew was that Yohan flew in the air and landed on the table with his back first

Sven was left standing on Yohan's previous position with a cold face. "You are really irritating" Sven's words were like words that came from a Demon God and gave chills to everyone present. Even Otto was slightly affected but with his cultivation base he immediately dismissed the feeling

Kence looked up from the ground and blinked his tears filled eyes at what happened. "Student, what are you doing?!" Otto shouted in anger at seeing Yohan was knocked out by Sven's punch

Sven's green menacing eyes turned to look at Otto. The old man can't believe seeing this kind of eyes from a ten year old kid. "The real question is Teacher Otto what do you think you are doing?" Sven's icy voice gave the students goosebumps while a feeling of terror sprouted from their young hearts


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