"For Cultivators at the Bloodline Assimilation Stage all you need to do was to control your Soul Power to absorb your Origin Blood. The stronger the soul is the easier it was to do that...."

Kence silently absorb the things that the teacher was saying like a dried up sponge absorbing water. He didn't have much knowledge about cultivation that is why he needed to listen attentively. Unlike him, Calter was a bit bored as he already knew the things that the teacher was discussing. However, he still listen as just like what the teacher said this was to refresh their memory so that they won't make a basic mistake

As for Sven he didn't even bother listening, he was someone who reached the realms of Gods before. It was impossible for him to make an elementary mistake, his knowledge about cultivation was far more profound that any teacher or elders in the academy

"That is all for today" the teacher sighed helplessly seeing that almost all the students were dozing off. This was normal though, the students don't like hearing what they already learned. Only the students who didn't come from a Noble Clan listen to him attentively

"Our meeting would be alternate. See you in two days! Also do attend the class as the cultivation resources for this month will be distributed next meeting" hearing the teacher's words the students groaned in annoyance

It looks like they really need to attend the class if not, then they might not get any cultivation resources. After the teacher exited the classroom many students gathered around at the back and surrounded Calter

"Young Master Calter, can I eat with you?" One of the girls asked while showing off her small boobs. Thanks to their environment even a ten year old girl already has some boobs, although it was not as big as adults. Still, if it was in earth how can she have that breast already?

The other students also asked and said different things to Calter lijr "can you give me some pointers?" "I have something to give to you, I hope you will accept it" "Young Master Calter can we be friends?"

As he was the most talented among the younger generation and came from a Marquees Clan he was really popular among the students. If they formed a good relationship with him their Clan would surely praise them and award them with many resources

Kence was annoyed at the sea of people and was forced to break away from them. Sven was in better shape as his aura frightened the students and immediately gave way to him

Standing outside of the sea of people Kence can't help but took pity at Calter. The kid looked at Kence asking for help but Kence just shrugged his shoulders, what can he possibly do?

Calter saw Sven walking away and communicated with Kence using his eye as if saying 'go with him'

Kence made an annoyed groan and chase Sven. The kid glance at Kence's direction but he didn't say a thing and just let himself be followed

"U-umm do you want to eat together?" Kence really hated the awkward silence between them and tried to break it. This time he made sure to repeat his words on his head before saying anything. He don't want a repeat on what happened last night

"Okay" Sven answered and the two went towards the cafeteria

Fortunately for them as this was the first day of the class and the students decided to mingle with each other to form a circle of friends or rather 'connections'

After taking their food they sat down on available table and ate silently. Kence wanted to say things more than ten times but he was really intimidated and he can't say any more words

After some time the silence was too much for Kence to handle and decided to break it "W-what specialized class do you plan on taking?" Kence asked to make a topic.

"Alchemy" Kence narrowed his eyes, it never crossed on his mind that Sven will choose the Alchemy Class. He thought that Sven would choose something like a sword class

However, for Sven taking the sword or other weapon class was useless. His insights and control over those weapons was millions of times better than anyone here in the academy. He decided to join alchemy class not to learn about the craft as he already knew some of it. He chose it because even though he is a Noble, he's just a descendant from a Baron Clan

Even though the patriarch was his father and deeply doted on him to the point that almost all the resources of the Clan was given to him. For Sven, that was still far from enough. To reach the top as fast as possible he needed more resources!

The best way to gain resources was to become an Alchemy Master. Any pill they made can be fetch at a high price, all alchemists are rich!

"Why Alchemy, not class like sword class?" This time Kence was really interested at talking to Sven. He was extremely curious at why a person like him that looks like battle maniac wants to learn alchemy

"Money" Hearing this, Kence nodded. Even he knows that alchemists were like walking money maker. If they want money they can just make a random pill and sell it

Even Kence was tempted to become an alchemist. If he become one then he won't ever be worried about not having enough money to support his parents and his cultivation path

"Do you have knowledge about alchemy already?"

"Yeah" Even though Sven's reply was cold and one worded at this time that didn't bother Kence as he has some plan on his mind

"I also want to learn alchemy....can...can you teach me?" Kence asked hopefully, even if the chance that Sven will help and teach him was almost zero he still decided to try his luck

Sven was about to say no when Calter's words last night entered his mind again. Maybe, if he teach Kence alchemy he will become grateful to him and give him the Heavenly Wishing Bell

Besides, if Kence was talented he can nourish him to become a great alchemist. He don't actually want to waste his time producing pills to support his cultivation as his time was better spend on making himself stronger. Even if Kence was untalented in the field of alchemy, at least for now with the knowledge he can impart towards the kid. Kence can still make a name for himself in the Dukedom

If Kence learned enough he can just order him to make pills and give him a part of his profit. This was killing two birds with one stone! Kence would become indebted to him while also securing himself a walking money maker

Sven nodded and just focus himself on eating. Kence blankly blinked his blue eyes and his brain has not registered what happened yet

After some time he looked shockly at Sven "y-you nod..y-you will teach me alchemy?"

"Yes" Hearing Sven's affirmation filled Kence with ecstasy

"Yehey! Thank you, you're the best!" Kence's smile reached his ears and he happily ate his food

Calter at this time finally escaped the sea of students flocking around him and enter the cafeteria just to hear Kence's cheerful voice

Just one look was needed to see how happy the kid is. 'Hmm it looks like they already made a great progress. I hope Sven won't hurt Kence...well seeing his attitude he might really like Kence'

With his few interactions with Sven and hearing the rumors around him he knew that the kid was the loner type. He don't like interacting with other people or even just talking to them. However, when it comes to Kence even though he was silent most of the time he still didn't repulse interacting with him. The misunderstanding that Calter has just grew larger at seeing the current scene

Calter decided to give some alone time to the two and chose not to join them

The two chatted... or actually it was Kence talking non-stop while Sven just replied a few words and most of the time he didn't even bother answering. Now, Sven's attitude didn't irritate Kence. With Sven accepting to teach him his knowledge about alchemy made the kid pleasing to Kence's eyes

He even asked himself why he labeled Sven as irritating and annoying before. Without Sven knowing, with Kence's simple and innocent action he was slowly opening his heart


When the two finished eating they decided to register to the alchemy class in the registar. Kence was humming and hopping around happily. The thought of him swimming in a pile of money greatly elevated his mood. Suddenly, all things in the surroundings become pleasing to his eyes

Sven looked weirdly at Kence as if he was looking at an insane man. When they reached the registrar just like the cafeteria there were not that many people

The students at this time are still undecided on what specialized class they will take. Although they can join more than one specialized class but that will took most of time. It was possible that they will become a jack of all trades but master of none

When it was their turn they gave their identification badge to the student assigned in the registrar.

"All specialized class will open in a week but for now here is your alchemy student badge"

The registrar gave a badge with a picture of a herb on it. Kence took his badge and rub it lovingly, for him this was his first step to becoming rich!

Sven also took his badge and just put it on his pocket. "C-can you teach me when we get back to the dorm?" A hopeful look was plastered on Kence's face.

Since it was a week before the alchemy class will open it was better for him to already grasp some basic knowledge


"Yehey!" Kence jumped in delight and happily walk back to their dorm

When the two entered their dorm, Kence happily sat on the chair in the living room while looking at Sven with expectant look

"Let's start!" Kence said while grinning happily. Suddenly, he turned from wanting to be as far as possible from Sven to become as close as he can with his roommate

"The first thing you need to know Soul Power control is the most important in alchemy" Sven hold out his hand and from it a fog like substance emerged. This was different from his poisonous Bloodline Power. This one gave Kence a familiar feeling

"S-Soul Power!" Kence exclaimed in shock, he didn't know that Soul Power can exit one's sea of consciousness. This was his first time seeing Soul Power on someone's palm

"You need to at least have this much control if you want to become alchemist, try it"

Kence immediately closed his eyes and entered his sea of consciousness. He turned his focus on those fog like thing which is his Soul Power and control it to go outside but no matter what he do he just can't

"Imagine that there was a barrier between the physical and consciousness realm" Sven's voice entered his ears and he immediately did what he said

He imagined an invisible barrier was separating his Soul Power from the physical realm. "Now, imagine that your Soul Power can penetrate that barrier and come to the physical realm. Control your Soul Power to move into your hand"

Kence did as what he was instructed but knowing it was harder than actually doing it! He managed to penetrate a bit of his Soul Power in that barrier but he didn't have enough control and it immediately vanish

Fortunately, with the sensation from that experience he had a better grasp on controlling his Soul Power. He once again tried controlling some of his Soul Power to penetrate the barrier and this time he did it easier than before. He controlled that Soul Power to travel to his hand and a very thin and small fog was emitted from his palm that immediately vanished

"It's so hard!" Kence opened his eyes and pouted, he already felt some tiredness on his mind even though he didn't have much of a progress

Sven on the other hand was shock inside him although he didn't let that show on his face. It was extremely hard to make your Soul Power enter the physical realm when you are just at the Bloodline Assimilation Stage

To think that Kence can do it in one session proved that he has a talent when it comes to soul. He might not be a talented alchemist but with enough training he would surely have terrifying control over his soul!


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