As the rays of sunshine entered his room, Kence slowly opened his eyes and sat on his bed while rubbing his eyes. He spread his arms and stretch it while yawning. A satisfied smile hung on his lips. This was the best good night sleep he had for the past ten years thanks to his soft bed and pillow

He already forgot that he was supposed to be unable to sleep peacefully at night for fearing that Sven will kill him while he was asleep. Kence walked towards his small cabinet and grab his towel and another pair of clothes that was also provided by the academy

He exited his room and gasp at seeing Sven. What a coincidence, both of them just woke up and seems to about to take a bath

"I-I uh..." Kence wanted to say that Sven can use the bathroom first but seeing the kid's morning look with dishiveled hair made his words to be stuck on his throat. This was not because Kence was attracted to Sven but in the reason that he thought that the heavens are really unfair

If it was in his previous world, Sven would really be the perfect boyfriend material that was still handsome even if he just woke up. His bed hair just add up to his manly charms. Kence was immediately filled with jealousy seeing the man in front of him

Why can't he be as manly looking as Sven?

Sven on the other hand misunderstood Kence, he thought that the kid was attracted to him. Although he admit that a just woke up Kence was adorable he was not someone who would indulge himself with this kind of things

Sven was about to go to the bathroom without caring about Kence but then he suddenly remembered Calter's words last night. He needs to make Kence to have a good impression on him.

"You can bath first" after saying those words Sven re-entered his room and slammed the door on Kence's face. His action of letting Kence use the bath first was quite good but shutting the door rudely like that made Kence dissatisfied

'Here I am getting jealous with your looks yet you act so rudely!' Kence gritted his teeth in frustration and stormed to the bathroom and did his business

After bathing he didn't bother informing Sven as for him that kid was too rude. He can't be bothered to be nice to him

As soon as Kence opened the door on their dorm he saw Calter who was about to knock on their door. His face almost met Calter's fist

"Yo! Good morning!" Calter greeted while smiling warmly, he was like the ray of sunshine in the morning that gave comfort to people

"Good morning!" Seeing Calter removed most of Kence's annoyance to Sven

Seeing that no one was behind Kence made Calter to knit his eyebrows. "Where is your roommate?"

The good mood that Kence just gained immediately vanished and returned his mood to being sour. "I don't know and I don't care!"

"Why are you so grumpy early in the morning?"

"I don't want to talk about it, let's just go to the class!" Saying this, Kence closed the door and started walking before Calter grabbed his wrist

"Why don't we wait for Sven?" Kence's already sour mood become even more sour at that. "I don't want to!"

Calter grabbed Kence's nose and pinch it causing the latter to protest while crying out in pain. "Didn't we talk about this already? Be friends with him so he won't make things difficult with you!"

As Calter made a lot of sense even though Kence want to refute it but he can't think of any good comeback. He knew that he was in the losing position. Whether it be status, talent or strength he was far below Sven. He was in no position to be so prideful!

"Argh okay fine!" Kence re-opened the door and enter before knocking on Sven's door. Few moments pass but no one answered. Kence decided to check the bathroom and he heard the sound of water. It looks like Sven was already bathing

Kence knocked on the bathroom's door before talking. "Do you want to go to class together?" Kence tried the best he can to sound as nice as possible but it just gave Sven a wrong impression. He thought that Kence was trying to sound sweet (which he successfully did) because the kid was attracted to him

Few seconds passed that Kence didn't got an answer which made him to puff his cheeks in anger. When he was about to just forget it and attend the class with Calter finally Sven answered with a simple "okay"

Kence rolled his eyes, he waited for a few seconds yet all he got as a reply was "okay." Is that something so hard to say?

Calter also entered the dorm and sat on one of the chairs in the living room while waiting for the two

"What did he say?" Calter asked as soon as he saw Kence. "He said 'okay' " Kence answered while gritting his teeth with the words 'okay' which made Calter to be confuse at what made him angry this time

"Are you always grumpy every morning?" Normally, Kence was always behaving like a good child but he was always angry this morning

Realizing that he was acting like a bitch made Kence to sigh. "I'm sorry. It's just that Sven always irritates me" Kence said the last sentence in a low voice, fearing that the devil will hear it

His words made Calter to remember and old saying 'the more you hate, the more you love'

'It seems like there was really something going in with these two' Calter smiled like he just understood things while Kence become uncomfortable with that smile without him knowing why

After fifteen minutes of waiting, Sven was finally done and exited the bathroom while wiping his hair with a towel. Kence stared at Sven while thinking 'Handsome bastard! How can you be this handsome? I'm so jealous!'

As usual, Calter misunderstood Kence's actions and thought that Sven's after bath look attracted Kence

Sven as usual ignored everyone around him and entered his room. He readied himself and hang his towel before exiting the room

"Are you ready to go?" Calter asked and Sven just nodded

"Let's go to the first day of class!" Calter said with enthusiasm but the two didn't show the same enthusiasm as he has

Kence thought of the class back in earth. Just who likes waking up early in the morning to go to class with a boring teacher. Although he knew he will learn a lot but he thought that teachers would be a boring one

As for Sven....well, he was just being himself. It was as if nothing in this world can stimulate his excitement. Calter pouted at the actions of the two


When the trio entered the classroom of the Elite Class most of the students were already there. They saw the commoner girl from the test that has an Evergreen Bloodline. Kence and Calter waved hello at her and she waved back shyly

"Do you want to seat in the front Mr. Good Student?" Kence teased and earned Calter's eye roll. "No, I want to seat in the back"

Kence acted shock at that "Oh! Aren't you the type of the student that was loved by the teachers?"

"Stop teasing me!"

Calter looked at Sven and asked him "do you want to seat at the back?"


Then the three walked to the unoccupied seats at the back. Sven took the chair that was closest to the window, followed by an unwilling Kence. He wants to let Calter be the seatmate of his 'enemy' but the latter forced him to sit next to Sven much to his dissatisfaction

It was like he has a statue as a seatmate that will occasionally become human just to give him a bad attitude

After a few minutes the teacher finally entered the classrom which made the students to become quite and they all settled down

Teachers are different from Elders. The Elders are the pillars of the academy and you won't normally see them. However, they were assigned by the academy to facilitate the entrance exam so that the students would take the exam more seriously

Most teachers on the other hand has lower status and strenght than the Elders. They are the ones assigned to teach the students while the Elders would just occasionally do it

Although their strength are inferior to the Elders but all the teacher are at least in the Grand Knight Stage! Only a level below than the ranks of the Nobles

Most of the Noble's personal head guards are also just only at this rank. After all once you broke through in the Blood Baron Rank you have a chance to become a minor Nobility in the Dukedom. Even if they are the weakest and most inferior Noble a Noble was still a Noble!

This made it so that it was hard for even powerful Noble Clans to recruit even just a Blood Baron.

"Good morning class, I am your teacher Narry!"

The male teacher was about 5'11 in height and has a very muscular body. It looks as if his clothes would be ripped by his bulging muscles. The students even wonder about what his weight is because of all those muscles. Even his name was also weird

"As this is your first day, I will explain simple things about the academy first"

"Firstly, all of you are required to attend the General Class about cultivation that will be held four times a week for a duration of one hour. I know that most of you already learned what the teachers will teach you however, we are here to refresh those knowledge. Most of the time as the students already 'know' the basics of cultivation they become too arrogant causing them to make a basic mistake"

"A mistake that they thought they would never do because they already learned about those things. We, the teachers are here to remind all those basic information for all of you!"

"Second, you are also free to join other specialized class like Sword, Spear, Lance, Alchemy, Rune Formations Class etc. There you can learn to wield your weapon better or learn how to make pills or formations. Just like the General Cultivation Class those specialize class will be done four times a week but it would be three hours per class!"

"And for the third one, I your teacher in General Cultivation Class will be the one responsible to distribute the class' resources. It was up to me to decide who will get the resources so better be good and attend my class while being serious on your cultivation"

The teachers long explanation doesn't cause much of an effect but his third point made the class to to talk with each other. If he was the once to decide then whoever he took a liking to would be blessed by the heavens!

Some of the Nobles already formulated on their mind how can they curry favor with their teacher. Narry, was fully aware of the students' thought. This was not his first time to be assigned in class and he naturally has a good grasp on how the mind of the students work

"All of you better keep your thoughts to yourself. Although I am the one to decide who will get the resources but I still need to give reports to the academy on why you are worthy of the resources to avoid too much bias. However, if I am satisfied with your performance I can send a letter of recommendation to the academy to give you more resources"

This made the uproar to calm down a little. All of the students swore to have a good and healthy relationship with their teacher for their own benefits

"Now then let's officially start our class discussion!"


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