When the family of three finally returned on their home they were shocked to see an extravagant carriage parked in front of their small and worn out house

There are two females wearing a maid uniform that was standing outside the carriage. When the two looked at them their eyes landed on Kence and they immediately walk towards them

"Hello, are you Mr. Kence?" Kence shyly nodded his head while his face reddened. The two women in front of him was too beautiful, if it was in earth their appearance was enough to make them a top model!

As a 'straight' man (for now) how can Kence not act like a shy virgin in front of them?

"We were ordered by Young Master Calter to congratulate you in being admitted and entering the Elite Class of Mighty Blood Academy" the maid clapped her hands and two more maids holding a tray filled with all sorts of food came out from the carriage

"This was cooked by the best chefs we have, we hope you and your parents will like it" the maids showed politeness and respect towards Kence and his family. It was not just because of Calter's order but also because of the status that Kence has

A student from the Elite Class of Mighty Blood Academy would surely have a bright future ahead of him! The few commoners that will graduate there would be fought over by even Noble Families

Seeing the variety of foods the three was taken aback. "N-no we can't accept this"

As if already anticipating that Kence will do this the maid bowed down "Please, accept the gift from our Young Master or we will be punished!"

"P-please don't bow on me. Argh that Calter! Fine I accept it!" The maid smiled "please let us enter the house, there are still foods inside the carriage"

Kence sighed in annoyance "Tell Calter that I hate him! Hmph!" The maids look at each other with complex emotions. Calter was the most talented in the younger generation of the Crosmoner Clan, how can they report to him that a commoner kid said that he hated him?

Kence's family and the maids entered the house but because it was small they almost took all the space along with the foods

"Son, what is happening?" Harold asked his son. What's happening now was too abnormal, they never saw food this much before much less has a chance to eat it

"Don't worry about it dad, it's from my friend" even though he was angered to have a debt on Calter 'forcefully' but still it was already 10 years since he had high class foods. He was already salivating from the sight of these foods

"I-is your friend a Noble?" Emily asked in concern and Kence nodded

"Son, we are glad that you made friends but be careful. Your friend is a Noble" as a family of commoner they are naturally afraid to all Nobles. After all these Nobles can decided whether they live or not and these most of these Nobles has bad attitude

"I know mom, don't worry my friend is kind hearted!" Kence said in assurance and confidence. He trusted Calter and was sure that the kid won't harm him

Soon, their house was filled with all sorts of food with almost no room left for them. The three ate to their heart's content and all of them has bulging stomach in return

"I'll give some to our neighbors" saying this Emily took some of the food and went out. After all they can't finish all of these, might as well give it to other people

"Dad, I will return in my room"

Kence was excited to consume the first cultivation resources that he got and try its effect. He sat in a meditating posture on his bed and took the small pill bottle on his pocket

He stared at it for a few seconds before putting it on his mouth and swallowing it. A warm stream travelled from his stomach and he felt a sense of comfort. The pill transformed into a stream of energy and entered his sea of consciousness

The stream of energy were absorb by his soul and soon white fog like thing was made by his soul. This fog was precisely soul power!

The thing one use to absorb their Origin Blood. The stream of energy from the pill was absorbed by Kence's soul strengthening it and raising his Soul Power!

After he fully absorbed the pill his Soul Power increased by more than a hundred percent! The stronger the soul is the faster he can absorb his Origin Blood. This made Kence to feel excited and started cultivating using his newly strengthened soul

This time the process of cultivation was smoother and faster than before. The rate in which he absorbed his Origin Blood was as fast as the first time he absorb it. The more one cultivated and absorb Origin Blood that harder it is to absorb more, but now in just a few hours he absorbed another percent of his Origin Blood. A percent that will normally took him weeks to accomplish!

Having cultivation resources was really akin to having cheats, no wonder the commoners almost cannot become stronger than the Nobles who has cultivation resources at their disposal


A week pass and today was finally the time that the 1st year students from the academy will start living inside the campus

Kence's parents were on the brink of crying seeing that their son was about to enter the academy

"Mom, dad done be like that" even Kence was being emotional now and he felt heaviness on his chest. In the past ten years these two people in front of him were always there to love and raise him. They never failed to make him feel that he has a family that will love and always accept him for what he is

"Be a good boy there okay?" Emily hugged Kence and she finally shed the tears that she was holding back. Kence hugged back his mother "I will!"

When they finally bade their farewell Kence entered the academy filled with hope. Base from the information that the academy gave he first need to report on the academy's registrar and assign them his room. When he arrived at the office of the registrar Kence saw that there was already a short line of students

The Nobles as usual was sneering seeing the clothes he was wearing, although he was cute and can be considered as extremely beautiful but he was still a commoner with no strenght. Fortunately, the academy has strict rules and they cannot threaten him so that he will let them go in line first

After some time it was finally his turn, he took the badge from his pocket and gave it to the man that was in charge of the registrar. The man waa a second year student and judging from his clothes he too was also a commoner. Maybe he took this job to gain more cultivation resources from the academy

The student was taken aback seeing Kence's badge, it was extremely rare for a commoner to enter the Elite Class because of the strict requirements

"Here is your room key, map, and schedule" the student handed it to Kence while showing some respect, after all Kence was a student from Elite Class!

"Thank you" Kence smiled showing his pearly white teeth, this made the student to gaze dumbly at him while his face redden. No one can blame him though, Kence's appearance was already out of this world for people at his age

Kence looked at the map and started walking to where the dormitories are. Thankfully, it was not that too far from the registrar

On the way he took the room key and looked at it, Kence saw the number '5' engrave on it. This was his room number, as his focus was on the key he didn't noticed that there was someone in front of him and his face collided on another student's back

"Ow!" Kence cried out in pain and hold his aching nose "I'm so--!"

To think that the world was really small and playful, the one he bumped to was the one he also bumped when he took the academy's entrance exam!

Sven! The kid he wishes to be as far as possible! What sort of trick does the destiny played on him? The kid clearly wants to kill him but here he is bumping on him for the second time around

"Is it your habit to bump on people?" Sven's poisonous and cold words made Kence to shiver in fear. He swear that if a look and voice can kill he would already be dead by now!

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to" he quickly apologizes so that the kid will immediately forgive him which was something even he knew was impossible

"Give me the bell and I will forgive you" Kence rolled his eyes on his mind and thought 'you wish' but outside he still showed a subservient attitude

"I'm sorry, I told you I don't have the bell you are looking for" Kence denied, he will never give the only thing that has connection to his past life to anyone!

"Then prepare to live in a living hell" After saying this, Sven walked away much to Kence's relief. However soon he was on an awkward situation, as both of them are going in the dormitory Kence looked as if he was trailing at the back of Sven

Fortunately, they soon reached the area of where the dormitories are. The area has full medium size houses that is only a few meters aways, for Nobles it might look crude, dirty and small. But for commoners like Kence the houses were already big

Kence thought that he would finally be free from the awkward situation he was in but then he saw Sven walking towards the house with the number '5' sign in front of the door. Seeing this Kence immediately panicked and run in front of Sven blocking him from the door

"What are you doing? Why are you entering my room?!" As Sven was taller than Kence the latter has too look upwards a bit. This made him look like a little bunny defying the big bad wolf

Sven slammed his hands on the door trapping Kence between himself and the door. Kence blinked blankly for a few times before realizing what he did, he was just a commoner how can he shout to a Noble?

"I-I-Im so--" Kence wasn't able to finish his words as Sven inched his face closer to him. This made the smaller kid to be reminded of the novels where the male protagonist trapped the female protagonist on a wall, except he was a male and instead of wall it was a door

"Stop pissing me off or I'll kill you!" Sven gritted his teeth in anger and it looks like he was really pissed off now and wished to shred Kence into pieces. Reality was really different from novels. In the Novels the protagonist should say some cheesy words like 'you are mine' or kiss the protagonist but all Kence got was a death threat. How can reality be so cruel?

Kence gulped down at how close Sven towards him and he can smell a sweet yet manly smell from the other kid which made his mind to be clouded and he cannot think straight. Kence thought that this was bad and lightly bit down on his tongue, the pain travelled on his body and made him regain his sense

"I-I'm not pissing you off, i-it's just that you are entering my room"


Kence heard a clicking noise before was door was push back and as he was not ready he fell on the ground butt first. Sven looked down at Kence while holding a key in front of him

The key was exactly the same as what Kence has, it also has the number '5' engraved on it

"This is not just your room, it's also mine" Kence looked up to see the key and was met with the evil smirk that Sven has. This made Kence gulp again, it seems like he will really live in a hell now


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