"Take this, it's a Level 1 Soul Nourishing Pill"

Kence may not know how precious this pill was but even he knows that as long as its something about the Soul it would be a great item!

Also, the name of the pill also imply its effect. If it can improve his soul his cultivation speed will surely increase! To absorb the Origin Blood one must use their Soul Power or the fog like thing in the sea of consciousness. The stronger the soul is the more Soul Power it will have!

"Thank you, Elder!" Kence smiled sincerely at her and vow that in the future if he become strong enough he would surely repay her kindness today

"Hmm, you can also have the sword you used" the Elder continued, she was really generous!

Although the sword was just a normal sword but even then a commoner's family would need to fork a huge amount from their savings to buy it

Kence wanted to hug the beautiful and kind Elder but he knew his position, he can't possibly do that. Kence bowed and sincerely thank her again

"No need to be thankful, with your talent you deserve it. Go now, the other students are still waiting for their turn" hearing this Kence thanked her again before going back to Calter's side

"Calter! I did it!" Kence said while showing the small pill bottle to Calter as if he was showing off his own achievement

When Calter saw the pill a look of shock appeared on his face "S-Soul Nourishing Pill?"

"Why? What is it?" Kence said in a questioning tone

Calter smiled "you sure are lucky!"

"Soul Nourishing Pill can permanently enhance one's soul and in return one's cultivation speed will improve. However, all of its ingredients are precious herbs and not all alchemists can make one. Even the Noble kids might only get one of it every month!"

Wow! Something a Noble can only have once a month! In this case this pill was really something and has a high value

"The Elder was really generous this time!" Hearing this Kence turned to look at the Elder who helped him a lot but his face immediately fell down on what he saw

Coincidentally, that familiar green haired kid was standing at the opposite side of the kind Elder. Clearly, it was his turn and the one will guide him was the same one that Kence had

"Attack me whenever you want, student" The Elder said while a smile was plastered on her face. She was always full of smile and treat all the students partially, whether they are Nobles or commoners. A good role model for all Elders!

Sven was also holding a metallic sword on his hand, he quickly connected himself with his Bloodline Soul and a poisonous aura covered his sword

His skills were clearly far above that Kence's. The process of connecting with his Bloodline Soul was so smooth and natural without any difficulty. He took almost only half of the time that Kence needed to use his power

The Elder nodded with satisfaction, no doubt the talent and skills of the kid in front of her was far above than other students. However, she looked at the poisonous energy of the sword with complicated expression. She was sure that the poison cannot harm her but it still brought her an uncomfortable feeling

"How can the level of his poison be this high?" She asked herself and felt like if Sven's cultivation base was only a few levels lower than hers he might be able to defeat her easily. However, she immediately dismissed that feeling

Sven's Bloodline was only on the first layer and maybe the reason why he sense an abnormal power from it was because it was a half level higher than first layer Bloodlines

The Elder thought that Sven would run to her and slashed his sword but what she expected didn't happen. Sven waved his sword and a sword slash made from poisonous energy flew in the air towards the shock Elder

Nonetheless, her strength was still far above the kid. Just like what Kence experienced, when the sword slash collided on her body she dissolved into multiples flowers and flew to Sven

The flower's speed this time was faster, Sven's power after all was above than other students. However, anothing shocking thing happened. Sven let the other flowers land on his body while only destroying the ones that contained real flower

After destroying all the flowers Sven thrust his sword to the former location of the Elder before she transformed into flowers. The sword was met with an indestructible invisible wall and couldn't move any further. The light in that area distorted and revealed the Elder

Kence watching this was shock, he only managed to destroy the real flowers because of the Elder's advice and he was not even able to guess where the Elder vanished. However, this Sven was actually able to do things he can't effortlessly

"I came from a Noble Family, I at least have this much understanding on illusion" Sven said to explain his monstrous skills. He wants to be labelled as a genius for more resources, although he was sure he cant reach his former level without any cultivation resources but that process would be harder and needed more time

He can do more than this but the others would already consider him to be someone who has a monstrous talent which would invite more trouble. Some people might even abduct him for him to spill his secrets. Without a choice he can only attribute it to his Noble birth

However, even then what he do was something hard even for Noble Kids with a bit of foundation. Knowing the theory was different from actually performing it. Not to mention the Elder increased the level of illusion a bit but even then Sven easily see through it

"Interesting" The Elder muttered to herself and a strange glint appeared on her eyes

"You're right, I underestimated you. I apologize for that, shall we continue then?" Sven nodded without saying anything

This time the Elder split into five, each emitting the same aura as hers. On the five Elders a sword with a butterfly wings on the handle appeared and they simultaneously attack Sven

This level of illusion was not something a student can see through but the Elder wants to see if Sven's skills can. If he can then there would surely be something abnormal about him

Sven knitted his brows and act like he don't know who the real Elder is. He knew that this was a trap and he won't fall for it. Sure, he knew the position of the real Elder but he can't show it

He gathered poisonous energy on his other hand and made five bullet like thing made from it. Sven conrolled the poison bullets to attack the five 'Elders' coming to him

Although he can't show that he knew where the real Elder is but he still can show his fighting talent with this. If these illussion was like the flowers from before then when the bullet hit them they will immediately vanished

True enough when the Bullet landed on the Elders body they immediately vanished. However, all of them vanished! Meaning not one of these Elders were true!

Sven feigned shock on what happened and tried looking everywhere to see where the Elder is. Suddenly, a hand tapped his shoulder and he turned his back to see the Elder smiling at him

'It seems like I overreacted' Sven's actions cleared the doubt on the Elder's heart 'But, his talent was still top-notch!'

"It's a good tactic attacking all the images at once to know the where the real one is. But, don't rely much on your vision, the enemy might not be included on those images and was waiting for the time to sneak attack you" the Elder advised, what she doesn't know was Sven was sneering inside

If he doesn't know an elementary knowledge like this how can he survived in his past life and reach the level of Gods? Unfortunately, he need to act like he was listening intently and absorbing the information that the Elder gave to him

The two spar for a bit more before finishing as the other students were still waiting for their turn. Just like Kence, the Elder gave Sven Soul Nourishing Pill. She actually gave two to him because Sven's talent was above than Kence's

"I'm in trouble, he is so talented" Kence was really afraid of the kid. If he was only a Noble as long as he don't do anything to offend him the kid won't have an excuse to kill him. Unfortunately, with his talent he can just find a chance that the two would be alone to strike. The two of them are going to be in the same academy, the chance of that happening is high

"Kence, don't worry you have me! I'm also talented you know" Calter winked to be playful and made Kence forgot his fear which is actually effective. The other kid playfully punch him on his chest "Yes, yes you are talented Young Master Calter"

"Don't call me that, it's irritating" Calter rolled his eyes and earned Kence's chuckle. "Why so angry? Is is that time of the month already?" Calter flicked Kence's forehead causing the kid to cried out in pain

"Don't talk nonsense, you are the one having menstruation" Calter said with a smirk implying Kence's status as an omega

"I-am-not-a-girl!" Kene said through gritted teeth, if you want to trigger his anger one can easily do that by reminding him of his status as an omega

"Uh-huh" Calter said while holding his laugh

"Student Calter Crosmoner, its your turn!" One of the Elder announced with a hint of softness on his voice. Even with his status as an Elder the other one was the most talented kid on a Marquees Clan. In the future there is a high chance that he would become the Patriarch of the Clan. Even the Elder can't possibly offend a family that is only second to the strength of the Duke's family

"It's my turn now, wish me luck and I will wish you luck in your menstruation now!" Calter immediately run after finishing his words. Better safe than sorry, Kence's look when he said those words was like he wants to rip him to shreds

"You!!" Kence puff in anger. His chest was rising at a high speed because of anger. While his flawless white face turned red. The kid surrounding him men and women alike were mesmerized by his current look

He looks like a beauty that was teased to death making one to want continue teasing him to see what other expression on his face he would have. Kence on the other hand was unaware of this as he really wants to punched the kid who teased him too much

"Please guide me, Elder" Calter cupped his hand gently and bowed towards the Elder. His Noble Temperant will really amazed everyone. He was like a gentle sun that can improve everyone's mood

"Hmm" the Elder also handed a metallic sword to Calter in order for him to show his fullest strenght

"Thank you, Elder" Calter took the sword and practice swinging it a few times on his hand

"You can start when you are ready" Calter nodded and immediately connected his mind on the small white colored tiger figure inside his soul. If Kence has an icy blue energy and Sven has poisonous green one, Calter on the other hand has pure white colored one.

It contained a small amount of holiness on it. The metallic sword become a sword that looked like as if it was made from white light. His foot on the other hand was also infuse with his white Bloodline Power enhancing it

With the power provided by his Bloodline Soul, Calter's speed rise. He swung his word towards the Elder, the sword flowed in a very smooth and fast manner. Even the Elder has to admit that Calter might have the fastest speed among all the students here

The Elder also has a sword on his hand and he effortlessly use it to deflect Calter's sword

Calter poured more energy on the sword and its already fast speed increased

Teng teng

Sounds of swords colliding with each other reverbated on the whole area. After the colliding sound was made another one will replace it immediately

The kid's swordmanship was elegant as although he was swinging his sword nonstop it didn't made him look like a lunatic. Calter's forehead were already covered with sweat and his hair were being blown by the wind. He was like a handsome holy knight

At this moment a group of cultivators arrived and silently watched the students. These group of people were also students composed of 2nd year ones. On the middle of these cultivator was a man with a slightly brown skin that added to his manly charm. He was currently looking at Calter's direction with a smirk

"My prey"


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