Unbesknown to Kence and Calter a pair of poisonous green eyes were watching them coldly. For now, what Sven wanted to do was to extract the Heavenly Wishing Bell on Kence's sea of consciousness

"Number six! Enter the battle ring!" Hearing his number, Sven walked to his designated battle field without any expression on his face but his demeanor exuded out extreme confidence. It's like he doesn't even care about the entrance exam at all and was confident that he will pass it

His opponent sneered at him. Too bad, he doesn't know the cultivation base of Sven as he was one of the early ones that got tested and immediately went to the second part of the exam. That's why he was looking down at Sven, if he knew Sven's capability he surely wouldn't look down on him

His opponent was not familiar for him, he doesn't even wear his clan's insignia. The kid thought that it was because his opponent came from a weak Noble Clan

Sven's opponent came from the Clan of an Earl and he knew almost all the talented kids from all of the Earl and Maquees Clans. Since he was not familiar with Sven that only means for him that the kid was not a worthy opponent

"Hmph, a weak Noble like you isn't worthy as my opponent. Surrender now or I'll poison you to death!" Coincidentally, the kid has a Bloodline of a green spider. It has a slight poisonous nature

Sven laughed coldy inside, poison? Him?

Anyone can kill him however they like but they would never be able to kill him with poison. If he were to die because of his enemy's poison that would be a huge joke!

He was in possession of the Life Extinction Pearl, the most poisonous thing in the whole Universe. Nothing can compare to its poison. Even if his enemy try all the poison in the world it would be easily absorbed by the Life Extinction Pearl

Sven didn't reply as he felt that having a word war with this kid was way too below him. His arrogance, naturally angered the Noble kid

The Noble vowed that he will torture his opponent with poison once the match formally started

The Elder made a few hand gestures and the same barrier appeared around the battle ring

"Start!" As soon as the Elder said those words the Noble immediately connected to the figure of green spider inside his soul. The figure filled his body with poisonous power and around his palm poisonous green fog were formed

The Noble's arrogance was not without basis. His Bloodline was already in the first layer and has an attribute, in the Elite Class that is something normal but him absorbing 8% of his Origin Blood made him above average even in the Elite Class

The Noble hold out his palm and a cloud of green poisonous fog shot out from his palm.

Seeing Sven was not reacting at all the Noble's disdain for Sven increased. He thought that his speed and skill shocked his opponent to the core causing him to not ba able to react

Too bad, he was bound to be disappointed. When the poisonous fog landed on Sven's body it didn't even made a ripple on his clothes and immediately vanished. It was as if something absorbed the poison

Sven sneered ad looked at his opponent contemptuously "trying to play poison with me? Dream on!"

Suddenly, Sven moved like an agile snake. Slippery and fast, his opponent was the one who was not able to react. Sven's hand cupped the Noble's face while it also emitted green poisonous fogs

However, Sven's own level of poison was league higher than the pitiful Noble. Its power was beyond any other poison in this world, too bad his own cultivation level was still insufficient and cannot display all of the poison's power

Even the Elder facilitating the match feel a sense of apprehension on that sinister poisonous energy. But he dismissed that immediately, with his level of cultivation how can he feel some fear towards a kid who only started cultivating for a few months?

If the other elders were to know this he would surely become the Mighty Blood Academy's laughingstock

The poison energy seeped into the unfortunate kid's head causing his face to turn into pale green color. His body twitched violently as if his body were feeling an intense amount of pain

Well, that was actually the truth. The poison quickly spread from the head to his whole body, making him to look like a human that bathed in green paint. The poison not only harmed his body but also gave him an intense amount of pain that he never felt before

He was sure that all the pain he experienced before combined was not as painful as this. The Noble can't even speak or scream and can only helplessly struggled from Sven's grasp

The Elder didn't know what to do now, the Noble can't surrender and he was not unconscious yet. Meaning the Elder cannot srop the match and save the unfortunate kid from pain.

Even if he wants to lose consciousness the poisonous energy inside his body won't let that and stimulated his senses

The Elder's heart felt cold at how ruthless Sven is. It was clear that his opponent can't fight back now but he still didn't stop. In the future he was sure that if Sven won't die early he would become one of the merciless person in the entire Dukedom

Few minutes pass and when Sven became satisfied he finally let go of the kid and withdraw all of his poisonous energy in the kid's body. His poison that came from the Life Extinction Pearl was too mysterious and powerful, he can't allow other people to examine it as that might bring him some trouble

Those powerful cultivators might harm him and his clan for him to spill his secret

"S-Sven Won!" The Elder announced and another Elder recorded it

In this few minutes the other examinees watched Sven's action with fear. Sven was like a demon king, cruel and merciless. They listed him to their list of people they can never offend

If they are already fearing Sven, the blue hair and eyed kid Kence was even more terrified!

For Kence the kid was a monster and he can already imagine his grim future. Just how did the other part of that broken bell needed to land on this monster's hand? Calling his situation as unfortunate was already an understatement

Suddenly, a warm hand hold Kence's own. He slightly looked up to see Calter's reassuring eyes "don't worry, you are my friend I will protect you!"

The comforting expression of Calter made Kence slightly relieved. Although he don't want to but if the worst possible situation happened he can only rely on his new friend who obviously has a higher status than Sven

"Thank you" Kence softly said

'So Sven is his name, hmm what an ugly name for a person as ugly as him!' Without Sven knowing there was someone already cursing him on his head

As he heard what the Elder said Kence finally learned the kid's name. How ironic that today was already their second time meeting with each other but he only learned the other's name because of the announcement from the Elder

As Calter's number was four he went to the 1st ring because the participants there finished early, his own fight happened even before Sven's. Thankfully to that he managed to watch Sven's fight and can comfort Kence. His own fight was also smooth and fast as his opponent already knew that he would lose. However, because Calter was good in nature he let his opponent do the best he can to show to the Elders. In this way he would still have a chance to be accepted even if he lose

Time pass and all the match finally ended and it was now time to reveal those who pass

"All those who won in the match stand on the right!" The Elder ordered and half of the examinee stood up and went towards the right part of the area

"For those who lose, I will announced the names of those who passed"

There were not many people that lose that got accepted, after all losing was still losing. In the end there were only about fifty people who passed both from the winner and the loser side

To think that in a year there are only fifty people in the entire Dukedom who would be able to enter the Elite Class not to mention there was still the third stage. The commoners were fearful, their number was already low yet some would still be eliminated in the third round

The Noble kids however were not fearful at all as they already knew that will happen in the third stage

"Those who did not pass need to exit now. Don't worry, although you cannot enter the Elite Class but you are all still qualified for the normal class" those who did not pass dejectedly walk out from the area.. well, that was only those Noble kids

The commoners although felt some pity that they cannot enter the Elite Class but still being admitted in the number 1 academy in the entire Dukedom was something to be celebrated about

They still has chance to change their fate and become a strong Cultivator

"Okay, now before I announce the third round I will first say that all of you already pass and will enter the Elite Class!" The Elder's words made the commoners to have beaming smiles on their faces while the Nobles already expected it

"As some of you already know this third round was the same as the second round! It will be a one on one fight" the commoners has confuse expressions on their faces. If it was the same as the second round then what is its use?

Kence look at Calter waiting for an explanation, Calter chuckled and said "he will explain it don't worry"

"The third round was actually gonna be the first benefit you will get in the academy" as if on you the Elders who facilitated the match before appeared on the speaker's Elder side

All the students were amazed at the Elder's power, in just a blink of an eye these Elders moved at the speed that looks like as if they teleported. Well, all of the students except for Sven. The others has some anticipation on the day that they can be as strong as the Elders but for Sven who in his previous life can make a tear on space to travel. This kind of speed was like a snail's speed for him

"All of you will spar with the Elders and they will give you some advices. For those who satisfied them they will give you generous rewards!" Now, even the Noble kids were excited. The Elder's advice might not be something they care because they already has powerful cultivators in their clan as a tutor but the rewards were an enticement for them

Even if they came from a Noble Clan the resources was still limited as it will be divided to all the Clan Members. Even if you are the number 1 genius in your Clan you can't possibly have all the resources available. This was also the reason why they all want to enter the Elite Class

Entering the Elite Class will raise their importance on their own clan and more resources would also end up with them. Add that to the resources that the academy will give, normal cultivators almost has no hope in catching up to their cultivation speed!

While if you gained a high standing and reputation on the academy that will further elevate your status in the Clan. Higher status means more resources!

There is no such thing as too much resources!

"What do you think the Elders will give?" As Calter seemingly looked like a person who know it all Kence unconsciously ask the kid all the things he doesn't know

Calter shook his head "I don't know the specific resources you will get but at the very least it's something that a normal Nobility Clan will only give to those who has above average status and talent on the Clan"

Kence rubbed his hands, even if it was something that would be given to an ordinary Nobility Clan Member he was sure that it will help him greatly

He was someone who never had a cultivation resources as his family just cannot afford it but now in just the entrance exam he already has a chance to gain cultivation resources. Kence's battle intent was ignited and he is gonna make sure that he will get resources!


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