Few months pass and today is now the tenth birthday of Kence. These past few months Kence already forgot his encounter with Sven, for him he will never see that guy again so why think of him right?

Although deep inside him there is still that sense of gratitude after all the guy saved his life two times and he was unable to anything to repay that debt

"Happy birthday day to you, happy birthday to you!" His mother Emily was holding a plate with a whole chicken on it while on top of it there was a candle

Emily put down the plate on their dinner table and lit it up with fire. Today they have a whole chicken to eat which is already considered as a feast for them

After all normally they only eat soup with some pieces of meat and a bread but now a whole chicken was in their dining table

Kence salivated at the sight of the chicken. He gulp and he already want to start eating it

Although he was satisfied in his new life because he has his parents who deeply love him that always made him happy he was after all a young master from his past life

He was deeply pampered with all sort of expensive and delicious foods. Never in his past life did he become hungry

The couple finished the happy birthday song immediately when they saw the look from their child. Their heart ache a bit, although they want to give the best things in the world to their son but they simply didn't have the ability to

Even just the chicken cause them to save money to buy 

"Make your wish son" 

Kence closed his eyes 

"I hope that I can make my parents happy. I hope I will gain a powerful Bloodline to be strong and protect them. I hope that our family will always be happy"

All of Kence's wish was for his family to have a good life. He was quite a simple guy, as long as they have food to eat and are safe he doesn't need anything else

He actually don't care about being a power cultivator but in this world if you want to have a good life you first need to have the strength for that

Finishing his wish Kence opened his eyes and blowed the burning candle

"Let's eat!" With an excited smile Kence took a piece from the chicken and happily ate it

The family of three ate merrily while teasing each other. The atmosphere in their small house was harmonious and filled with love

They are the picture of how a family should be

After they ate it was now the time for Kence to gain his Bloodline

Kence held a knife while his hands were shaking. He need to make a cut on his finger but he's someone who was never hurt physically before and he was afraid to do it

"Son, you can do it. We are here for you" his father comforted him. As he doesn't want to make a fool out of himself he gritted his teeth and close his eyes before using the knife to cut his own finger

Kence hissed at the pain and opened his eyes to look at his bleeding finger. He ignored the pain for now and use his blood to draw a symbol on the ground

The symbol contained two triangles. The one is pointing upwards while the other was pointing downwards. The two triangles made a star like shape

When he was finished Kence once again endured and close his eyes to cut his palm

This time the pain was even more painful than before and some tears were threatening to fall down from his eyes

The blood drip on the symbols that he draw and it started glowing with red light. Kence shakily slammed his palm on the symbol because of the pain and a booming sound can be heard inside his mind

It was like some sort of barrier was destroyed inside his mind. A strange power pulled his mind into an unknown world

He find himself standing on the same formation that he draw but this time the formation was bigger and look majestic

Seeing the symbol made Kence felt an oppressive feeling, it was like he was in the presence of a God making him feel like he was an insignificant mortal

He looked above him but he can only see a blinding light while an object was slowly descending down

It was like something descended from the heavens itself and he should be thankful for that

The object stop in front of him, it was a single drop of blood. Kence can feel boundless power that this blood contained

The temperature drop drastically and Kence shivered in cold. The blood was accompanied by some sort of icy power that cause the surrounding to freeze

The ice cold blood entered him through his forehead, another booming sound was heard inside Kence as if some sort of a barrier was broken down

Kence returned to reality but instead of opening his eyes immediately he started inspecting the thing that was opened inside him

"So this is the sea of consciousness" Kence thought. Although calling this sea of consciousness felt quite wrong because it was only an almost completely empty room aside from the three things it contained

In the middle was a ball of glowing light which was his soul and besides it was that familiar drop of blood 

Only, the blood lost its majesty. Kence can only feel a much inferior power from that blood compared to what he first saw. It was humiliating for the original blood to be compared to the blood inside him as the disparity was just too large

A few thin white fog was around his soul. From his parents he already knew what these things are. Those fogs are his 'consciousness power'

When Kence look at the third object he was shock to see that familiar broken bell!

"It didn't vanish?" Kence inspected it but he can't see anything special about the bell. It was still the same worn out and broken bell from before

He ignored it for now and decided to study it in the future. He turned his focus first on the blood that was emanating an icy glow

He needed to assimilate it to his soul. His soul must absorb this blood to have him gain the Bloodline

Although that was not something that can be done overnight. His goal for now is to absorb 1 percent of it for him to officially broke through into the 'Bloodline Assimilation Stage'

Like the name implies it was just simply digesting tha Bloodline from that blood. It has 10 stages in total depending on how much of the blood you absorb

It was divided into ten

First stage is 1-10% was completely absorb
Second stage 11-20 percent was fully absorb and the process continued

Every stage will boost the cultivator's strength by a large margin. Absorbing the blood means that the Bloodline was now fully yours

Kence controlled his consciousness power to surround a part of the blood. As his consciousness power was still too weak the process of absorbing the Bloodline was bound to be a long process

The translucent fog gained a red tinge that flowed to his soul when it touch the blood

Kence can feel that he is gaining some sort of an icy power. He ignored it and continued absorbing the blood, his goal was to reach the first stage of Bloodline Assimilation Stage

Kence continued the process of letting his consciousness power absorb the blood for a few hours not knowing that his parents were looking at him worriedly as he was still not opening his eyes

Emily hold his husband Harold's hand tightly while her heart was pounding heavily

"Don't be afraid Emily, gaining a Bloodline was not dangerous okay?" Harold said to comfort his wife even though he was nervous himself

"But it shouldn't take this long right?" Harold can't find any words to retort that. Normally, it would only take a few minutes to get the Origin Blood or the blood that one needs to absorb to get the Bloodline

However, his son already took three hours and he was still not waking up yet

After almost four hours inside of Kence's sea of consciousness  he finally succeeded absorbing 1% of the Origin Blood

The red tinge that was absorb by his soul turned into a small blue bird that was in the middle of his soul

A flood of icy power flowed towards every inch of him while the energy of the world was greedily absorb by his body

Kence didn't know it as his focus was on the small blue bird inside his soul but his silky black hair changed its color and it become blue. While his eyes as if he was wearing a contact lense turned into an icy blue color

The color of his hair and eyes was almost the same

His parents were shock at what happened to his body, their jaws dropped and they didn't know how to react

When Kence observed his soul enough he decided to retract his consciousness and open his eyes only to be met by his parent's shock gaze

"Mom? Dad?" He called out which woke the two from their daze state

Sensing the aura of Kence they can't believe it and went to inspect his body 

"Y-you broke through in the Bloodline Assimilation Stage?" His father asked him while his voice was trembling from both excitement and disbelief

Kence knitted his eyebrows and nodded in affirmation. He doesn't know why his father was reacting like this

"A-a genius!" His father exclaimed excitedly and hugged him tightly which made Kence even more confuse

"D-dad argh I c-cant breath!" Hearing his son, Harold immediately let go. Some tears gathered around his eyes and was on the brink of falling down

Kence look at his mother who was also tearing up "mom what is happening?" 

It took quite a bit of time for the two to calm down but he learned that only those who has great talent in cultivation can break through in the Bloodline Assimilation Stage right off the bat when they just got the Origin Blood

If nothing unexpected happened he has a high chance of breaking through in the Noble Rank, even just a Baron would already give him a Nobility Title in the Dukedom and will become a Noble

"That's not all son" Emily took a basin of water and hold it in front of his son

"Take a look at yourself" since they are just commoners their family cannot afford to buy a mirror and can only use the water to see their own reflection

When Kence look at his own reflection he was shock to see the changes on his body

His hair and eyes become ice blue in color, although he doesn't like how it sound but his new hair and eyes just add up to his charm and made him even more beautiful

Beautiful argh he was sure that his mom would tease him more because of this. Why does he need to have a neutral and a bit of feminine look? Even girls would feel insecure to his features

Returning to the issue Kence look back at his parents "what happened to my hair and eyes? Did you play a prank on me?"

His mother mess his hair with made him annoyed as always "you silly child how can you accuse your parents!"

The three of them laugh for a while before Kence demanded an answer again

"It was said that only those who are completely compatible with the Bloodline they have would have a change in their appearance. The more compatible the more changes will happen to the body. Although this was just a rare occurrence as there are those who are perfectly compatible with their Bloodline but nothing change on their body" his father answered

This kind of thing was actually a common knowledge in this world and not something only those who are powerful can answer

Kence nodded and he gained a sense of security

It seems like although I don't have a cheat ability like those in novels but his own talent is already amazing!


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