Another year pass and Kence was now already 9 years old, only a few months before he become 10 years old and awaken his Bloodline

Kence was wishing that he will get a powerful Bloodline to become a powerful cultivator, it was a lie if he say that he wasn't thinking that he would get a super overpowered Bloodline

Who can blame him though? He transmigrated and was birthed again in another world because of some broken bell isn't this like those protagonist in novels?

He would surely curse all writers if the same thing didn't happened to him

Speaking of the broken bell he tried finding it but he sadly he can't. It seems like he transmigrated without gaining a 'cheat' and that is why he pinned all his hopes to his Bloodline

"Mom, I'll go pick some firewood now" Kence said while wearing some sort of a backpack made from wood and vines

The bag has enough space to store quite a lot of wood that can last them for a few days

Emily looked at her son worriedly "Kence, you don't need to. I'll just finish my work and I'll go get it"

Emily doesn't want his son to go to the forest, although normally there are no Blood Beast if you only went on the outer most area of the forest but still occasionally there would be a stray Blood Beast that will find its way on the outskirts of the forest

Blood Beast are those beast that also cultivated and become strong, they are normally more powerful than humans because of their physique but most of them are not intellectuals. 

"Don't worry about me mom, I'm old enough!" Kence stood up after he finished wearing the wooden bag

"I'll be back immediately!" 

Kence then walk out from their home while his mother looked at his back worrily

The forest was quite near from their house and will only take about 15 minutes walk

When Kence reached the forest he immediately started finding some firewood. He wants to get home as soon as possible as to not make his mother worry too much

Kence started missing now the convenience of earth's technology. If only they have an electrical or gas stove why would they tire themselves in getting firewoods?

Dig dig dig

When Kence was busy picking a piece of firewood when he heard some footsteps. When he turned around he saw a horse running towards him

He saw a carriage first and when he look behind the other horse he saw a cage filled with humans. Both old and young. Seeing this Kence's face paled

"Not good!" Kence threw everything he had and started running away

"How can I encounter a slave merchant here?" Using his small feet, Kence run with the best of his ability

Unfortunately, he was only a child and the one pursuing him was riding a horse. How can he outrun it?

"Get him!" The fat old man inside the carriage said excitedly while some saliva splash out from his filty mouth. Seeing Kence's features he was sure that the kid would fetch a high price

One of the fat man's guards run to Kence and grab him

Kence fought back by biting and kicking the man, too bad that it didn't even make the man feel any pain and just ignored him

"Let go of me!!" Tears flowed down from Kence's eyes and fear enveloped him. He can already imagine his future if this slave merchant sell him

If he was lucky enough he will become a normal servant his whole life and if he was unlucky his future owner might do all disgusting and horrible things to him

"Help!! Help me!!" In despair Kence can only hope that someone will come and save him

"S-save me please!" Seeing that no one was coming to rescue him Kence's despair intensified


"Young Master wait for me!!"

Sven can be seen running on the outskirts of a forest while holding a small sword that fits his current body

Sven ignored his guard and look for any wild aggresive animals around. He was already 9 years old and in a few months he will awaken his Bloodline and he knows a way how to have a good foundation base

He simply need to kill a creature and drink its blood. It has to be done by himself without the help of other people

The heavens will recognize his effort and might possibly give him a powerful Bloodline

On his past life when he was ten he only gained a serpent Bloodline. A normal animal, the lowest and trashes starter Bloodline to have

With bitter hardwork and a lot of suffering he evolve his Bloodline until he became a real dragon. Yes, anyone can evolve their Bloodline but the initial state of your Bloodline has a huge impact on your cultivation

Those who only gained a normal animal Bloodline will find it hard to even advance to Blood Knight Rank, if you don't evolve your Bloodline into something more powerful even if you spend your life in cultivation you won't have much success

Unfortunately, evolving one's Bloodline required precious resources, luck or insane hardwork

In this life, Sven was not willing to have an initial normal animal Bloodline. This will just hinder his future cultivation and will weaken his true talent

The guard quickly catch up to Sven, after all he was still someone who opened a Bloodline and was quite powerful himself. How can a kid outrun him?

"Young Master where are you going?" The guard asked politely even though he now wanted to spank Sven's ass for running on his own

"Get lost!" Sven coldy said and ignored his personal bodyguard

"Young Master please don't make things hard for me. The Lord will kill me if something happen to you" just thinking at how the patriarch of the Aerondale Clan will deal with him if the Young Master came into harm he already shivered in fear

"Then just go protect me!" Saying this no matter what the guard said Sven didn't say anything again

Suddenly the two of them heard a cry of help and they both stopped on their tracks

Out of curiosity Sven walk to where the sound came from

"Young Master where are you going? It's not good to mind someone's business" although the guard himself was not afraid to check and help but Sven was with him he cannot risk anything bad to happen to the kid

Once again ignoring him, Sven continued walking and saw a muscular guy carrying a small child on its arm

Sven look at the kid, other people might be shock at seeing how beautiful the kid is but Sven was different. A mortal's beauty cannot compare to the beauty of even the ugliest God in the God's World. That is why Sven was indifferent by all kinds of beauty in this realm

The kid's desperate cry of help though managed to affect Sven. He was in this similar situation a lot of times in his past life, the feeling was too horrible and hateful for him. He can't take that his life and death was to be decided by other people thus he madly do everything he can to become as strong as possible

Sven look at his bodyguard and simply said "help him" as if he was just asking for a candy

"Young Maste--" the guard wanted to say that he can't help the kid for fear that his absence to the young master's side was dangerous

"Don't make me repeat myself" Sven said annoyed, if he has his original power he didn't even need to lift a single finger to kill the muscular man. How humiliating that he needed other people's help to save someone from a weak man


Sven toss a badge with a fire red bear on it and a single star

"N-noble's badge?" Sven didn't speak again. Although unwilling the guard can only obey him

A Noble's badge represented the Noble that it came from. Meaning, anyone who hold it was like the proxy of the Noble and would have the same authority

Sven giving him the badge means that the kid was using the patriarch's authority to order him while letting him use the Noble's Badge to settle things with the slave merchant peacefully

Nobles have a great status in the dukedom not just because of their authority but also because of their own strength

"My friend, can we talk things nicely here?" The guard said which startled the old man's guard

When the muscular man look at where the voice came from he was originally going to say some harsh words but looking at the badge that the other man was holding he held back

Even the slave merchant was shock, although he was rich but he cannot violate a Noble's dignity

Seeing that the badge work it seems like this slave merchant doesn't have a strong background. The guard felt relieve at that, who knows if this slave merchant was actually back by a Noble that has a higher rank than the patriarch. That would be disastrous

"Can you release that kid for me?" The guard said pointing at Kence

When Kence heard this he saw a ray of hope and look at the guard with hopeful look

The guard seeing Kence looking at him like that can't help but feel that he wanted to pet the kid, Kence was just too adorable!

The muscular man look at the slave merchant who was gritting his teeth in frustration and unwillingness. He was sure that if he sold Kence he would gain a fortune, many Nobles like people with smooth white skin and were willing to pay a high price

"S-sir can I just give you another slave or pay you with money?" The merchant asked hopefully but seeing the man shook his head he know that this was not negotiable

"Release the kid" the merchant said before leaving without saying anything again

The muscular man let go of Kence who started running immediately towards the guard, afraid that he would be captured again

"S-sir thank you!" Kence said sincerely, if he was truelly sold as a slave he would rather die

The guard shook his head "if you want to thank someone it should be my Young Master, he was the one who wanted to save you"

Kence look at where the man was pointing at and saw an arrogant looking kid around the same age as him. It was as if the kid was looking down and felt disdainful at everything in this world even though he doesn't show any emotion on his face. Add to the fact that the kid was holding a sword it was hard to believe that he was just a 9 year old kid

Kence was immediately intimidated by the other kid and unconsciously took a step back but remembering that the kid was the one who saved him he said an awkward thank you

Sven ignored him as if he didn't save his life and started walking deeper into the forest

"I'm sorry kid, my Young Master is just like that" the guard said apologetically

Seeing those who saved him walking away Kence was unwilling, he at least want to do something to repay them thus he walk towards them

"May I know where you are going? I might be able to help" the guard chuckled bitterly and shook his head

"Even I don't know where the Young Master intended to go. I am only following him" the guard sigh 

Kence look at Sven's back and he can't help but thought that even just the kid's back was also intimidating

Although he was intimidated he still wanted to repay them thus he walk faster until he was beside Sven who didn't show any reaction as if he was just an air

"H-hey, where are you going? I might be able to help you" Sven ignored the kid thinking that talking to him was just wasting his precious time and he won't gain anything on it

"How can you ignore me?! What's with your attitude kid?!" Is what Kence wanted to say but how can he dare? Even if you multiplied his guts a hundred times he won't dare say those words

Kence's vision landed on the sword in Sven's hand and thought that maybe he wants to hunt some wild animals. He looks strong plus he has a guard, that might be the case

"Is hunting his hobby? I can't get rich people I swear they just have the weirdest hobbies hmph!" Thus, Kence labeled Sven on his mind as a rich kid who has a weird hobby

"Are you going to hunt some wild animals?" Kence asked and he saw that Calter's eyes move to look at him but nonetheless didn't say a thing and continued walking

"I actually know a place where you can hunt" Sven stopped walking and turned to look at the other kid who has a smile on his face

Sven thought that the kid was plotting something but since he has a guard what should he ba afraid of? Even if the guard can't save him he still has a trump card. Just who Sven is? He was the dearest child of the patriarch! How can the patriarch not give him any life protecting treasures?

"Lead the way" thus, for the first time Sven said something to Kence


With an evil laugh inside him Kence was excited to see Sven's reaction when he saw his 'prey'


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