Yesterday, Astrid's biggest concern was how to pay her rent. Now, an encounter with a beautiful and seemingly immortal young woman has shattered her once-normal life. Astrid is drawn into a dangerous tournament, in which competitors pilot giant robots in wrestling matches. Will Astrid be able to help her team to victory, or will her social anxiety get the better of her?

Astralfice is a web serial about love, anxiety, found family, and gay kids piloting giant robots. 

Updates fridays. Visit the official site at

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This review is written after reading till chapter 3, please keep that in mind.


The story itself so far has a clear direction, with a lot of room for growth and development. 

The style kind of has a quick pace with everything getting together rather fast  but nothing you can't easily follow. The writing is clear and vivid in its descriptions with the world being developed naturally around the characters. 

The grammar is quite good, I didn't notice any mistakes though I'm not the best at catching them. It's definitely good enough to read easily, with no odd phrasing or sentence structure to trip you up.

The characters are the real star of the show, with so much development already in the beginning. They are all distinct in voice and appearance (as well as names, so it's easy to keep them straight(or not lol). They are all as colorful as the setting which is a beautifully chaotic and clashing cityscape of jumbled up buildings and disparate styles and colors. 

I'm absolutely looking forward to reading more!


Gays, Mechas, and a Great Start to a Future Smash Hit

Reviewed at: Arc One: Chapter Five

Gay women, fighting robots, a crowded post-apocalyptic city, and a socially awkward mechanic... What more do I have to say before you read this?

The story follows Astrid, a mechanic with some significant social anxiety who has just moved to a new city and gets wrapped up in an underground mecha fighting organization. This kind of setup could have been done extremely poorly, but thanks to a keen sense of character development and organic worldbuilding, every chapter is just dripping with personality. The side characters are also extremely solid and make for a very dynamic ensemble. The fact I can remember character names without looking them up is really impressive! lol

Mechas in prose are always something I really enjoy up until I actually read the story and am bombared with technical details and clunky fight scene descriptions. Here, though, the fights, what little have appeared to far, are described well, and everything outside the mecha realm is just as good in prose. I'll say a little bit of the prose could use an editing pass later on, but it's still way better than most of the stuff on this site or anywhere in web fiction.

Astralfice is definitely one to binge now and watch as it grows. The updating pace is pretty slow, just one chapter a week, but give it some time and I am certain it's going to be something great.