The Second Remnant Series : Book One - The Dark Places, Book Two - The Dividing Line

by authorwriterbard

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Second Remnant Series

Book One: The Dark Places

Trust gets you killed, and so does black magic.

Just as 17-year-old Seth Blackwell triumphs over his rivals in the local fighting scene, he’s faced with pain he’s never felt before. Broken hearts heal nothing like broken bones.

In the aftermath, Seth becomes a darker version of himself and falls for the pretty, new girl — Nicole Bauer — who participates in a world of bloodsport which he’d previously refused to tape up for. Taking her hand, he dives headfirst into the carnage.

Seth hopes that dating Nicole will help him heal, but soon he discovers hidden truths about her. Not only is Nicole pretty, but she’s also pretty dangerous, and now he’s on the run. Lured into a dangerous hunt where he is the prey, the only choices that remain are those destined to leave blood on Seth’s hands.

She pointed at the wall that the guest bedroom and Ben’s room shared. Seth moved over and began pounding on it, yelling for Ben to wake up. Nicole popped open the door and fired off a hammer pair of shots. The dull smack of bullets absorbed by ballistic plates resounded and Nicole leaned away from the door as return fire punched holes in the wall. Seth ducked.


Everything went pitch black, blacker than pitch black. Seth lost any sense of orientation.

Outside he heard one of the Hunters speak. “Nods down, boys.”

“Wait, why can’t we see?”

“Oh, fu-”

Book Two: The Dividing Line

You can never go back home.
Seth Blackwell is returning to his old life, and it’s nothing like before. The events of the start of the school year haunt him, he’s forced to keep secrets he doesn’t want to, and he can’t make things right with Emma. Even as he struggles to deal with his inner demons, a new threat appears, sucking him into a war that’s been going on for decades right under everyone’s nose. Seth must take a stand and make peace with himself, or risk the death of those closest to him.
As Seth fights for his life and the lives of his friends, he uncovers the beginning of a conspiracy that reaches far deeper than anything Nicole ever hinted at. Old friends bring new revelations to Seth as everything comes to a climax… One that may leave him with more questions than answers, and may end with the death of one of his friends.
Enter the world of the Second Remnant, where Seth must once again embrace his inner demons in order to survive.

“Fighter are you ready?”
No, no he wasn’t. This wasn’t right.
“Fighter are you ready?”
“I’m gonna beat your ass like the bitch that you are, Seth!” Shouted Jayson, barely audible over the thump of the music.
Seth glanced at the door again. He had to get out.
“Let’s get it on!”
Jayson stalked across the ring, guard up as he closed the distance to Seth.

The grizzly growled, low and deep. It appears you need to be broken before you serve.
The bears spread out to form a semi-circle around him. Seth reached a hand behind his back and gripped the handle of the cold-iron fighting knife. 
Teach the whelp his lesson.
Seth exploded to the right, drawing his blade and slashing hard at the face of the black bear in his path. The bear stumbled backwards, deshifting into human form in less than a full second. The man staggered back, a deep crimson cut across his face, shrieking in pain.
Rip off his limbs!


Cover by Andi Hara

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Chapter Twenty-Two - Arena Part 1 ago
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Chapter Twenty-Seven - The Chase ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight - Hangover ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine - Roadtrip ago
Chapter Thirty - Safehouse ago
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Chapter Thirty-Two - Teaming Up ago
Chapter Thirty-Three - Stormfall ago
Chapter Thirty-Four - Wipeout ago
Chapter Thirty-Five - Stand ago
Chapter Thirty-Six - Fire and Movement ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven - Fever ago
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Chapter Thirty-Nine - Split ago
Chapter Forty - Crosscountry ago
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Chapter Eleven - Goodbye ago
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Chapter Seventeen - Memories ago
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Chapter Twenty - Grudge Match, Part Two ago
Chapter Twenty-One - Drinks Among Friends ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - Evaluation ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - Homecoming Day ago

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Even before this lockdown it's been..difficult finding good stories I consider worth the time on this site( or anywhere else in general tbh) something always throws me off, be it the plot itself, the prose or most especially the characters, specifically the mcs,  that's like the no.1 reason I give up on most stories,  most of the time the mcs have nothing going for them that keeps you interested in their journey or the authors just make them plain stupid to force plot.

But I've seen none of that so far here, it's been a good 17 chapters and the mc is good, decent head on his shoulders,not a pushover but still deals with issues most teenagers go through at that age, he isn't perfect but he's not pathetic either so that's already 3 stars in my book.

The authors writing is also excellent, prose is simple, easy to follow, grammar is good, I'm no grammar nazi so take that with a pinch of salt but I personally have seen no jarring problems( probably cause I'm too focused on the story).

The story is intriguing, teenage drama and relationships are still being set up as of chapter 16 but it seems we're about to get into the more mysterious parts so I'm keen to see where this goes.

All said, it's shaping up to be a good one and I wish the author the best of luck.

Ps: author writes some hella good fight scenes, can't wait to see when it gets more...supernatural.

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An urban fantasy done right!

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirteen - Flight

I'll start by pointing 2 of the things I was pleasantly surprised by: 

- The prose is fluid and well balanced;

- This is an urban fantasy within an highschool setting without cringe!

  1. And thank the gods, there's no info dump; we don't get force fed the whole world. 

Very good action scenes with the right vocabulary! A more clinical approach, for sure, but emotions are described in a diferent way of acts and consequences in a very seamless transition, which fortifies the whole.

And above all, an interesting and vast world that makes the diference between individual and faction, between organizations and military, between humanity and humans, i.e. the acts of a character do not immediatly imply an organization. 

All in all, this should be up there with the more known works of this website and I see no reason why it isn't. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward for the journey you are taking us! 

  • Overall Score

Who Doesn't Love Motorbikes and Magic Tattoos?

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-Four - Arena Part 3

This story starts off fun in the prologue, and stays fun, without deadspace. It's obvious that the author has put a lot of love into this story, but also that they've had a lot of fun with it. The characters are believable, and the dialogue in the first few chapters gives me horrible teenaged flashbacks, in the best way. 

The author really seems to write to their strengths, and the fight scenes (of which there are many) are a lot of fun. I've still got more reading to do, but this is a genuinely good, polished story that I wouldn't have a problem picking up in a book shop. 

If YA martial arts fantasy is your thing, this is definitely worth a look. 

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A [email protected] urban fantasy with real characters and intrigue

Reviewed at: Chapter Sixteen - Trouble

I highly recommend you check this out if you like action-packed stories. There are fantasy elements, but it's also down-to-earth. 

I primarily read sci-fi, but venture into fantasy on occasion. I love action and space battles. It turns out I also love martial arts combat, at least when the scenes are as well-written as they are here. These are some of the best fighting sequences I've read...the author is a pro.

There is a subtle magic to this story that's growing as the plot progresses. It's not overdone, but there's enough weird stuff going on to keep you reading just to figure out what's going on. The characters more than hold their own, especially Seth. It's nice to read about a teenager who is a teenager in thought, emotions, and action (besides being a badass hero in the making). 

Characters: 5/5. I think these are really beautifully written so far. The antagonist got under my skin and I am super satisfied with how that was handled by our MC. 

Story: 4.5/5. It's really good so far. Definitely a page turner.

Grammar: 4.0 / 5: a few minor things here and there, but this is very well written.

Style: 4.5 / 5. I think there were a few places where there could have been a bit more foreshadowing, and a few spots with a bit of POV ambiguity between the MC and the author. But on the whole, this is very good as well. I like how it's an "in late, out early" type of story, in that you don't have to slog through a bunch of exposition to get to the good stuff, and it progresses nicely as tension / conflict build. The author knows his craft and has put a lot of time and effort into the art of writing. 

Andross Guile
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  • Character Score

This might be the only decent YA urban fantasy story on this site. The teenagers act and feel like their age, and they're buttheads in ways that are completely believable. Tl;dr: Read it.

The style's strong overall, but it doesn't flow well, the pacing's all over the place. At one point one guy is about to be fellated and the next a spec ops team barges in. It could be done better. The foreshadowing is sloppy, and it could need a bit more subtlety. The fighting's great though. One gets the feeling that the author is knowledgable in street fighting or straight up brawls. The combat feels more visceral and personal. The characters get tunnel vision and sensations are muted, while the adrenaline is high, that's all accurate.

The story's fine. It's hampered by the choppy flow, but it's a basic plot executed well, but not perfectly. The characters make up for it. There's some mystery and teasing of powerful organizations and those teases should be better written, because they're either not Eastereggy (cool but unimportant) or not titillating enough to get this particular reader hooked and craving for more tidbits. I hope the author does not formalize the Chosen One BS. No one likes those.

Grammar's fine. A few errors here and there. Most wouldn't notice or care.

Characters are fantastic. They live and breathe. Our MC in particular has an actual personality! A very rare gem on this site. He has his demons, and his flaws, but he overcomes or succumbs to them in a way that is understandable. He has a best friend who might just be a bit too perfect, but that's fine. The other teenagers behave like the hormonal young adults I remember. 

P.S.: A bit more bipolarity with Nicole would be nice. 


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Writte chapter Thirty-Two.


Style - The story is written really well, it's presented in a very clean format, plenty of descriptions especially when it comes to fighting, the descriptons really make you feel every kick and every resulting crunch.

My only problem is the length of the chapters, as I got into the story I found myself having to click the next chapter button every couple minutes.

Story - The story so far seems really interesting, my only real issue is how long the story takes to get into the fantasy / supernatural side of things.


Grammer - Not a single spelling or grammer mistake in sight! 5/5.


Character - While the MC isn't exactly my favourite character, I already found the single best character in this story, Ben.

Ben is great - a wizard-hermit with an English accent, 10/10.

  • Overall Score
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Who says I can't punch a black magic mage in the face? Try me!

Reviewed at: Magic System

Great story with a lot of potential and punching. Lots and lots of punching! Everything feels very solid and grounded which works good for a modern day small-ish town setting and feel with realistic teen characters.

Grammar - No glaring errors equals no problems in my book. Easy 5/5.

Style and Story - Everything is well written and it is a solid plot. My only issue is that its a bit too much of a slow burn when it comes to magic. Not saying that its bad, low magic settings can be good. But with how long it takes to hit the magic part of the plot things feel drawn out for people like me who are expecting it, especially with how little there is for foreshadowing that I could tell. 5/5 for Style and 4.5/5 for Story.

Characters - Realistic characters, realistic characters are always a major plus. Especially when it comes to teenagers which are so often written like adults by accident. Everyone I've seen so far has plenty of depth, interpersonal dynamics, and distiction personalities. Definitely a 5/5 for Characters

Final verdict: Come for the magic, stay for the fists. Now get to reading!


  • Overall Score

This is an urban fantasy story that sucks you in from the very start. The prose is simple, and I don't say that as a bad thing, it's a great 'pick up and read' story that grab your attention right away. T

he modern martial arts world is something I've not read about often, but it's clear the author knows it, and it's fun to explore. I've not gotten to any supernatural elements yet, but I can't wait to see what they are and how this turns into a fantasy tale.

Morgan Cole
  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

So good I should have paid for it

Reviewed at: Prologue

I've just finished the first book, and I feel like I need to gush a bit. This book is fantastic. Like my favorite Urban Fantasy series The Dresden Files, it feels like it was written for adults. The world building is promising as well, with the author gradually revealing the wider, secret world. 

The characters feel real, and plausibly high-school aged. The MC isn't a whiny little bitch. The fightscenes are great, visceral and obviously written by someone who knows what the hell he's talking about. The ending was unexpected and fulfilling, beautifully setting up book 2.

Style: Smooth, flowing and easy to read. 

Grammar: Near flawless. There were a handful of issues but at about the same level as a professionally edited book.

Story: Really good! The start really feels like the Karate Kid, so much so that when one of the characters makes a "sweep the leg" reference, I laughed. Then The Girl arrives on the scene and everything goes sideways.

Characters: I love the MC. The various women in his life are very well written. The only ding I can give the score is with his father - he feels a bit flat. Why is he such a prick? We never learn, only that he is.

In summation: If you like Urban Fantasy at all, read this book. Hell, I usually don't. Most of it's not good. This is. Read it.


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A close to perfect Urban Fantasy

Reviewed at: Epilogue

The story about an emotionally flawed teenager stepping into the mysterious world of supernatural, hidden right under the noses of the modern society, this one's an urban fantasy done right.

The prose flows like water. Short and concise, yet detailed and explanatory where needed. Although the characters could make you remember your embarassing teenage days, they seem grounded to considerable extents. Fight scenes are dope, and people who have a history with martial arts would enjoy them even further.

Definitely worth your time, even if you don't have a thing for this genre. Well recommended.