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File under: sky pirates, guild level-ups, and true companions (nakama)

The problem isn't her, it's her folks. Seren is tired of living a lonely life on the island, but every time she brings up the lack of community to her parents, they tell her that it's better that way. Better not to have anyone else around. Better to have dad-vetted "friends" in touch only by mail. Better to not go near the transportation area and to report anything "strange."

And she tries. She really does. When it becomes crystal clear that nothing will change, the lure of far off horizons is louder than ever. The last straw is when an attempt to abide by the rules fails and even small pleasures are taken from her. Opportunity knocks and she throws open the door, determined to prove that she can take care of herself.

Too bad the world is just as determined to prove otherwise. 

(Story is aiming for PG-13 levels of content. Tagged with Profanity & Gore just to be safe.) (weekly update at Friday midnight PST / Saturday 4pm JST) 

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This story is beautifully written and worth the read!

The world building is insinteresting! The author doesn't give long paragraphs of exposition and instead weaves it into the story.

The characters are well written and you can easily see each person's personality and they react accordingly. I admit that I am awfully stressed for our main character at this point in the story. It's like watching a teenager who grew up homeschooled, without internet and without any friends running away to go live in NYC all by themselves. You just know that something terrible is going to happen to them, but you hope nothing does. Fortunately, she isn't dumb, just not well informed about a lot of things that pertain to the outside world. Not her fault, but it stresses me out.


A Delightful Adventure!

Reviewed at: 12 - Truth Spills

I came for the shell ship and stayed for the fun and colorful cast of characters! The writing is great, the worldbuilding is fantastic, and the story has me continuously wondering what Seren is going to have to deal with next. I've had a great time reading it so far and can't wait to see where this goes!


I read it in my spare time

Reviewed at: 15 - Magic to Discover

Mostly due to the slice-of-life theme doing it for me. While there is plot that can be followed if one chooses to, the lack of overreaching True Drama makes this a must-read for me. When put along with a style that at least isn't annoying to read, I have gotten a good bit through this story. I do hope more will be enjoyed in the future. Until I actually get through making an advanced review, I have nothing more to say. Grammar good. Story okay. 5/5