The Menocht Loop

The Menocht Loop

by caerulex
Editor: sontagisme

Ian Dunai is trapped in the only maze an arch-decemancer can't escape.


Only 1% of the population is blessed with magic affinity at birth. Fewer still have high enough affinities to rule. Ian’s decemancy eclipses all, granting him ultimate control over Death. He conquers cities with a thought and turns them into ruins with a gesture. But overwhelming power isn’t enough to escape the time loop or reveal its purpose.

When Ian discovers a critical clue that he missed years ago, escape is finally at his fingertips.

Little does he know, it's only the first layer.

Release schedule: 2 chapters/week (Mon/Fri at 11:30 AM EST).

Book 1, The Menocht Loop, is complete at ~100k words (~370 pages; chapters 1-41).

After being on Royal Road for nearly 20 months, Book 1 came down from Royal Road on Nov 17th, 2021. Please consider buying it on Amazon. The first 10% of book 1 is still available to read on Royal Road so you can try before you buy. DM me if you want to read the book but do not have the financial means to purchase it.

Book 2, The False Ascendant, is complete at ~110k words (chapters 42-83)

Book 3, The Eldemari's Wrath, is complete at ~145k words (chapters 84-143)

Book 4, The Samsara Crucible, is complete at ~165k words (chapters 144-211).

Book 5, The Seed of Chaos, is ongoing (chapters 212 and on).

Constructive criticism welcome.

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Cover art by the very talented Jeff Brown. (Higher res version here; 3840 x 2400 ultra high res wallpaper version here)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Map of the World and Overview ago
1. Yet Again ago
2. Menocht Bay ago
3. The Flower District ago
4. World Shift ago
[The False Ascendant] 42. Awakening ago
43. Reunion ago
44. Deliberation ago
45. The Bay of Ramsay ago
46. Landfall ago
47. Zukal’iss ago
48. Regret I ago
49. Regret II ago
50. Guardian Druni ago
51. Teatime ago
52. Oath-breaking ago
53. Aunt Maria ago
54. The Last Layer ago
55. The Primes ago
56. Royal Retainer ago
57. Restaurant Redo ago
58. The Demonstration ago
59. Skai’aren ago
60. Arrival ago
61. Practice ago
62. Ascendants ago
63. Appraisal ago
64. Interlude - Cunabulus ago
65. Memory ago
66. The Inevitable ago
67. Pain ago
68. Weaponized End ago
69. The Fassari Summit ago
70. Impulse ago
71. Interlude - Zilverna ago
72. Viable Strategies ago
73. Suran Rindo ago
74. Achemiss ago
75. Resolve ago
76. Gift ago
77. Gala I ago
78. Gala II ago
79. Life Versus Death ago
80. Rematch ago
81. Confrontation ago
82. Unplayed Ace ago
83. Finale ago
[The Eldemari's Wrath] 84. Alternative Routes ago
85. Auburn ago
86. Nightmare ago
87. Return ago
88. No Return ago
89. War Council ago
90. No Way Out ago
91. First Strike ago
92. Future Sight ago
93. Bluebird ago
94. Restless Repetition ago
95. The Meaning of Despair ago
96. Deathseed ago
97. Scouting ago
98. Wasps ago
99. Venom ago
100. Opening Fire ago
101. Reluctant Return ago
102. War ago
103. Respite ago
104. The Armada ago
105. Siege ago
106. Departure ago
107. Lighthouse ago
108. Feather ago
109. Demetrius ago
110. Gnoste ago
111. Morinapol ago
112. The Morinapol Loop ago
113. Going Off-Track ago
114. Yurusi Canyon ago
115. Soul Sight ago
116. Assessment ago
117. The Essence of the Soul ago
118. Interlude – Endgame ago
119. Convenient Distractions ago
120. Ethereal Touch ago
121. Vote of Confidence ago
122. Terms of Surrender ago
123. The Crowned Prime ago
124. The Second Gift ago
125. Desert Escape ago
126. Life and Death ago
127. Into the Depths ago
128. Nethereal Rift ago
129. End and Death ago
130. This Isn’t a Scenario ago
131. Promise of Change ago
132. Path of Blood ago
133. Reality or Nightmare ago
134. Beginning of the End ago
135. Armed to the Teeth ago
136. The Thread ago
137. Descendant ago
138. Weeping Willow ago
139. The Sezakuin’s Cradle ago
140. The Cuna ago
141. The Final Act ago
142. Wrath I ago
143. Wrath II ago
[The Samsara Crucible] 144. The Long Hall ago
145. Vizier’s Crown ago
146. Eternity ago
147. A Means of Return ago
148. Soul Oath ago
149. Ascendant Awakening ago
150. The End of Everything ago
151. The Fragrant Vale ago
152. Messeras ago
153. Intruder ago
154. Contingencies ago
155. Insurmountable ago
156. Escape ago
157. The Misty Plane ago
158. Crystal ago
159. Metamorphosis ago
160. New Territory ago
161. Assembling the Gang ago
162. Onward ago
163. Settling In ago
164. Samsara ago
165. Interlude – The Crowned Executor ago
166. Here Be Dragons ago
167. Vracoola’s Heirs ago
168. A Brief Vacation ago
169. Nuremvark ago
170. Interlude — Karanos ago
171. Motivations Are Messy ago
172. No Shortcuts to Power ago
173. Without Regrets ago
174. To the Edge ago
175. The City of Souls ago
176. Interlude — One Hate to Sate Another ago
177. Interlude — Anchors and Burdens ago
178. Time to Die ago
179. The Oculus ago
180. Transcending Resurrection ago
181. Soul Forging ago
182. Unbalanced Time ago
183. Test Drive ago
184. Loyalty and Dependence ago
185. A Means to Victory ago
186. The Root of Ruin ago
187. Soul Insight ago
188. The Hangar Garden ago
189. Floria ago
190. Nervous Energy ago
191. Shared Sight ago
192. Time’s Up ago
193. Impudence ago
194. Blood Oath ago
195. Return Beacon ago
196. Taboo ago
197. Chose to Be a Monster ago
198. The Price You Pay ago
199. Interlude — Only the Broken Ones Ascend ago
200. Unturning the Key ago
201. Truce ago
202. None of Us Are Okay ago
203. Counter-Offer ago
204. Planar Crane ago
205. The Perennial Palace ago
206. The Celebration of Mirrors ago
207. This Is Why People Never Visit ago
208. Going Down ago
209. Do You Believe in Paradise ago
210. Choosing Trust ago
211. Let Go of Your Fear ago
[The Seed of Chaos] 212. Send-Off ago
213. First Practice ago
214. The Looming Loop ago
215. The Regalia ago
216. The Twenty-First Gate ago
Book 1 Release Announcement! ago
217. The Lost Quadrant ago
218. To Gnoste ago
219. Why We Fight ago
220. The Dagger’s Return ago
221. Lineage ago
222. Control ago
223. Desire ago
224. A Versatile Reward ago
225. Death Energy Isn’t Cheating ago
226. The Darkseers ago
227. Ghosting ago
228. Level 04 ago
229. Factional Gathering ago
230. Cold Feet ago
231. Inauspicious Welcome ago
232. The Samsara Crucible ago

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Unique, Oddly Entertaining, Mysteriously Twisted, Magic is Dope

Reviewed at: 31. Julia Verina Dunai

Review as of Chapter 31.

When seeing the name of the story.....seemed like it wasn't worth reading but seeing it show up on Trending, decided to give it a try......holy shit I wasn't disappointed!! 

Give this web serial a try  Excited to see what happens


Iggy is best bone boy

Reviewed at: 30. Winery

This was alot better than I expected OP protagonist are normally very boring bit reading abou Iggy was actually very entertaining.


The best of its genre

Reviewed at: 30. Winery

As stories on RR go this already stands out as one of the best I've only ever seen this type of writing pulled off once before in this genre with mother of learning and honestly I like this a lot more As it goes into the more brutalistic and realistic mental trauma that would be expected from bing stuck in a violent loop. The character building is great and I found the characters refreshingly understandable and relatable. This has the makings of something truly great. Sorry for the bad spelling and grammar I have dyslexia  


a surprising find

Reviewed at: 30. Winery

well written and thoroughly enjoyable. a true gem of a find in a sea of medocrity.


Reviewing as of chapter 30.

This is a well written, non-cliched fantasy novel. Pseudo-modern somewhat futuristic setting with magic, monsters, and time-travel. Follows the adventures of a formerly ungifted college age young man who finds himself in a time-loop and many death defying scenarios. 

Great concept, immediately catches your interest and holds it. Doesn't lack for action and develops characters and plot at a satisfying pace. The characters are likeable and act with understandable motives and reasonable reactions. 



Once More with Feeling!

Reviewed at: 32. A Forced Hand

Let’s try this again.

I liked this version of a time loop. Similar in ways to Mother of Learning’s concept; MC stuck in a reality loop.

But different enough to stand on its own. (No spoilers) You’ll just have to read it to see what I mean.

The MC is relatable. The world setting is different, especially the naming of places and things. But realistic enough to understand.

Magic + Science blends are hard to do well, but the author is an old pro at this and does it well here.

Sadly, Sun Mages don’t get to use Nova Powers or Generate Fusion beams and Blasts. Oh well.

Overall, still a good read.  So if you did like Mother of Learning and also want to experience a slightly different version of reality looping, give this a read.

Let’s try this again.

I loved this version of a reality loop! Eerily similar….


10/10 one of the best books on this damned site, can't wait for book two. I'm genuinely happy that I found this book, like...damn. Chills, literal chills


Read the whole thing in a night so far. Solid writing, and so far a solid plot. Excited to see more!


This isn't on the same level as MoL, but it's still very good and captures the same feeling. Absolutely read this if MoL is something you really enjoyed.

My one complaint is that there have been moments in the story that made it impossible for me to suspend my disbelief. However, these moments are brief, and  I don't think they harm the story too much. And aside from that, the characters are great. The time loop is awesome. Decemancy is rad. The MC is rational. It probably won't happen, but it would be cool to see some romance, which was absent in MoL for obvious reasons. 



Yeh... Time loop again...

Reviewed at: 32. A Forced Hand

I have been searching for a story with, time loop as it's the main theme, after reading Mother of learning, for a long time. It was by accident that I stumbled upon this story two days back. I can't say how happy I was to find yet another story with the time looping element. And the story didn't disappoint me. If you have read Mother of learning and if you have loved it, then you will love this story as well. The story from the very first chapter is very captivating. Like Gunsofpurgatory said in his review, it is quite addictive. 

  1. The grammar and writing style is really good.
  2. Character: We have an OP MC from the beginning and the second MC is also OP, from what little info. is available about him.
  3. Story premises: The back story of both the MC's are not fully revealed, so I don't have enough data to say something about it.