The Menocht Loop

by caerulex

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological High Fantasy Loop Magic Male Lead Strategy Strong Lead Urban Fantasy

Additional tags: OP protagonist, character-focused

Ian Dunai entered a time loop filled with contagion and captives over three years ago. It turned him into a master of decemancy with domain over dead matter, but he still hasn't found a way to escape.

Little does he know, he's just been stuck on layer one.

Release schedule: Tues-Thurs-Sat releases (3 chapters/week) at 11:30 am EST. 

Book 1, The Menocht Loop, is complete at ~100k words (~370 pages; chapters 1-41).

Book 2, The Eldemari's Wrath, is in progress. (chapters 42 and on)

There is not yet romance written in this fiction between both books, but it is planned.

Constructive criticism welcome. Alternative synopses also welcome.

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Cover art by the very talented Jeff Brown. (Higher res version here; 3840 x 2400 ultra high res wallpaper version here)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Map of the World and Overview ago
1. Yet Again ago
2. Menocht Bay ago
3. The Flower District ago
4. World Shift ago
5. Getting Away ago
6. Confiding ago
7. Potentioreader ago
8. Death Affinity I ago
9. Wyrm ago
10. Invitation ago
11. Formal ago
12. Sylvestri ago
13. Return ago
14. The Prophet ago
15. Rinse and Repeat ago
16. Forward ago
17. Corona ago
18. Jupiter ago
19. Hollow Vengeance ago
20. Sword ago
21. Day One ago
22. Shade and Lux ago
23. The Palace of Fortitude ago
24. Tangled Fate ago
25. Stakeout ago
26. Bait ago
27. Hor'Well ago
28. Leviathan ago
29. Germaine on a Train ago
30. Winery ago
31. Julia Verina Dunai ago
32. A Forced Hand ago
33. A Plausible Theory ago
34. Soul Swarm ago
35. Vision ago
36. Ritual ago
37. Deconstruction ago
38. Flower District, Again ago
39. Remorse ago
40. The Wedding ago
41. Into The Black ago
[The Eldemari's Wrath] 42. Awakening ago
43. Reunion ago
44. Deliberation ago
45. The Bay of Ramsay ago
46. Landfall ago
47. Zukal’iss ago
48. Regret I ago
49. Regret II ago
50. Guardian Druni ago
51. Teatime ago
52. Oath-breaking ago
53. Aunt Maria ago
54. The Last Layer ago
55. The Primes ago
56. Royal Retainer ago
57. Restaurant Redo ago
58. The Demonstration ago
59. Skai’aren ago
60. Arrival ago
61. Practice ago
62. Ascendants ago
63. Appraisal ago
64. Interlude - Cunabulus ago
65. Memory ago
66. The Inevitable ago
67. Pain ago
68. Weaponized End ago
69. The Fassari Summit ago
70. Impulse ago
71. Interlude - Zilverna ago
72. Viable Strategies ago
73. Suran Rindo ago
74. Achemiss ago
75. Resolve ago
76. Gift ago
77. Gala I ago
78. Gala II ago
79. Life Versus Death ago
80. Rematch ago
81. Confrontation ago
82. Unplayed Ace ago
83. Finale ago
84. Alternative Routes ago
85. Auburn ago
86. Nightmare ago
87. Return ago
88. No Return ago
89. War Council ago
90. No Way Out ago
91. First Strike ago
92. Future Sight ago
93. Bluebird ago
94. Restless Repetition ago
95. The Meaning of Despair ago
96. Deathseed ago
97. Scouting ago
98. Wasps ago
99. Venom ago
100. Opening Fire ago
101. Reluctant Return ago
102. War ago
103. Respite ago
104. The Armada ago
105. Siege ago
106. Departure ago
107. Lighthouse ago
108. Feather ago
109. Demetrius ago
110. Gnoste ago
111. Morinapol ago
112. The Morinapol Loop ago

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A seriously good fiction

Reviewed at: 30. Winery

This is a gem amidst the masses of content you can find on RoyalRoad. The premise is interesting, original in its own way. The worldbuilding is lovely; a new and exciting magitek world. It's also not LitRPG, which I find very refreshing. LitRPG can be done well, but it oftentimes becomes a crutch.

All in all I very much recommend this to anyone wanting to read about a strong protagonist that still has to face hurdles. 5/5


A Story Done RIGHT

Reviewed at: 30. Winery

I don't remember when I last ever wrote a review but this story is one of the few that animated me to do so (and a glass of wine), and I've read quite a few. It's also one of my very few favorites now.

Grammar - Pretty good, don't remember seeing any mistakes.

Story - RPG-Style, Time Loop. It's refreshing to have a story where the MC doesn't need to have plot armor on every unlikely occasion. In other words he can die. Apart from this the story is multi-layered, pun intended, has a lot of different settings and themes, and is all around entertaining. Most of all I like believable and logical human behavior.

Style - I love how there is just about enough exposition to picture the surroundings but without drowning you in unnecessary details. It is a joy to read.

Character - It is a kind of Semi-Amnesic Hero. Due to the nature of this he is easily relatable and when we know more about him it doesn't change much. At this point in time he is quite over powered for his surroundings but not so much that he can't be killed. The balance is nicely hinted at. We get to see his past and parts of his way to power, riding on his coattails and wondering about the same questions as he does.


Stories like this remind me of why I keep coming back to this site.


An interesting premise that continues to develop and intrigue you as one mystery leads to another, you can tell that the author knows his shit. Well written with interesting characters that are multilayered and complex, I found the mc along with the other characters to be likable and kept thinking "just one more chapter", only to find myself caught up and craving more. :)


 The only other fiction on this site that can compete is Mother or Learning IMO.

As for if it can beat it out for the #1 spot will really come down to the post loop arc of the story.


A Time Loop Adventure That Sucks You In

Reviewed at: 29. Germaine on a Train

The Menocht Loop is a dazzling adventure with mysteries that suck you in. 

Why was Ian chosen to loop? What will the people who put him there want from him when he escapes?  And on.

Ians predicament is well portrayed, the fatigue and horrors of the loop wearing him down realistically, while he teters on the edge.

When he talks over the loop situation for the first time, his flawed actions/thinking are hightlighted--he is not some perfect man from his time in the loop, but broken. Still, he perseveres and does his best, which is what makes him so compelling.

That being said, he was cold in the initial chapters and lacking human warmth (though understandably so) but as the situation in the loop became something he could beat, he mellowed out somewhat. I was grateful for this, as it helped him retain his humanity and relatablility.

Ian is smart, too, deducing the purpose for layers of the loop on a logical, thought out manner, and thinking of what post loop life will bring. I liked how the loop also has layers for the purpose of teaching him different skills.

The world building is fleshed out and makes sense. We have a complex magic, political, school, and technological system.

The style of the story is straightforward, no purple prose of waxing poetical. It serves the story well with the constant reinterations. The pacing is fast, but you can keep up.

I like how the Death arts aren't taboo, or evil, or shunned. The ability is taken for want it is, and what makes the difference is what the user does with it. So we have butchers and exterminators using necromantic death arts. It's great.

I know the author gives a table in the first chapter with the magic system, but I will admit I was still confused about certain abilities at times but didn't want to reference back to it. 

Something that the author pulled off well was putting the readership straight into the action of the loop, no slow lead up from the first iteration. This is the opposite of Mother of Learning's beginning. Both work, and each highlights different aspects of the story. 

I really liked two particular charcters, who brought compassion to the story.

Spoiler: Spoiler


So far, this story is a real contender, and in some ways surpasses the famous Mother of Learning.

I do hope that similar to MOL's author, the author has the story's trajectory and ending thought out. Otherwise, this story will collapse on itself. But it seems like the author has sit planned, so far.

Spoiler: Spoiler




I used to use this site all the time back in the day. I read almost everything on here at one point but eventually I got older and pickier. Eventually, I gave up altogether, this fic has brought me back and given me hope. This was better than some of the published works I have read recently! I wish I could have a practitioner wipe my memory and TML all over again. If you are using this site but have not read this one yet, I worry about your mental condition. Please author.... Dont give up like all the others! This is far too good!


i really enjoyed the story. amazing read!

Reviewed at: 31. Julia Verina Dunai

it is direct and the MC's actions to everything happening to him is logical. not that he is smart, although he is, but that his reactions and decisions, make sense, even his mistakes.

i've only read a handful on time loop stories, but this is an easy read without the hefty expositions as if the author is treating the readers that we already know what is happening. which is nice since it helps me not to break from my immersion. this is despite the so many in-world terminologies peppered in the narrative. although it has its downsides since not much an explanation was given on the lore of the world. still, the only times i break into reading is to ponder on the mystery, and how the new information would factor in from his past experiences.

okay so i might be reading too much in the story, but here is my impression of the story.

Spoiler: Spoiler


the author mentioned about the coronavirus. and i agree. one of my coping is just surrounding myself with stories, so it's nice to read a protagonist trying desperately to deal with his new normal. so really thank you.

so excited about the chapters. kudos author!


There are those who know how to do loops and those who don't. This author knows. It is well-written, the pace is great and the different scenarios elaborate.

I only had a single difficulty reading and that would be the many words created for the story: locations, systems etc...But you get used to it soon enough.

More than worth reading. More than worth expecting the next chapters.

Thank you for the story.


The heir to “Mother of Learning”

Reviewed at: 60. Arrival

Not much to say besides that. This story has everything: great characters, great story, insane world building, and it is consistently good across all chapters. The Menocht loop is a classic in the making. 


I don't usually comment here, but this is a great story with a clear voice