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Thanks for reading! This is a reference page with a map of the world, as well as a key to help understand the world's magic system.

Please see the wiki for information about the world and characters.

Old (ugly, hand-drawn) map for posterity
Old height map

Map of the World


Light Control presence of radiance
Dark Control lack of light, darkness, void
Life Control life, like plants and living things; heal
Death Control death energy
Mountain Generally elementalist, earth
Cloud Generally elementalist, wind
Sun Generally elementalist, fire
Moon Generally elementalist, water
Beginning Augury based on the past; very easily pick up on patterns
End Augury based on future; can see threads of fate
Regret May create scenarios that branch off from a current moment in reality, effectively seeing into the future. Upon a scenario's end, return to the present
Remorse Psychological healing or damage, with the ability to root through people's memories



Based on their affinities, practitioners may gain the ability to practice elementalism.

Earth Elementalism (seismomancy) Typically Mountain; rarely Beginning or Dark
Wind Elementalism (aeromancy) Typically Cloud; rarely End or Regret
Fire Elementalism (pyromancy) Typically Sun; rarely End or Light
Water Elementalism (hydromancy) Typically Moon; rarely Beginning or Remorse

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