Friday, June 26, 2020

I started running a fever today and feeling like crap. We have isolated me to a shed that is here on the Stanley's homestead, complete isolation. Food is left at my door and then I will hear a knock. I am to wait five minutes before opening to get my food. Water is delivered twice daily and I have three buckets that are being used for toiletry. One is used for composting toilet (at least it is not just straight feces, that would be horrid) and the other two are for urine and once more they are cleaned twice daily. There is absolutely no interaction between my family and me. Maybe this is the deserved punishment for the crimes I have committed to keeping my family alive. If it is, so be it. As long as they live through this.

Even if I do not have MERS, I know that without modern medicine, things like strep or even a simple inner ear infection can easily kill me without the aid of modern medicine. This has been in the back of my mind since the beginning of this pandemic. What will happen to us without even the basic medicine that we have come to rely on? During the civil war, more died from infection than mortal battle wounds. Will this end us too? Will the flu or a cut kill me or Cassy or both? Our kids could still very well die and not from anything but lack of care. All I can do now is wait and see if I what will become of me.


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robert buckley

Bio: I am an aspiring author but with not much time on my hands. As a stay home father of four, with children ranging from thirteen to two, they keep me on my toes but they are also the reason I write. Without them, I would have never picked it up.

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