She was determined to reveal the secrets of her past and to do so, she went to Venetta under a false name. But the adventure was more dangerous than she thought.

Seabound is the first book of dilogy involving magicians, outlaws, sea monsters, and sweet romance.

It's action-packed story set in the mysterious city where everyone hides their true faces behind masks.

The translation was made by my sister, Mia Velisarova.

Now I am writing a second book of this series: Seaspelled

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1. The man in black ago
Chapter 2. She suspects something... ago
Chapter 3. Meeting with the groom ago
Chapter 4. True friend Pulcino ago
Chapter 5. Nice dinner ago
Chapter 6. The man in black appears again ago
Chapter 7. Wedding present ago
Chapter 8. The way of magic is a short way ago
Chapter 9. Types of fears ago
Chapter 10. What shall we do with a paurozo? ago
Chapter 11. Revelations of donna Joanna ago
Chapter 12. Alessandro begins to search ago
Chapter 13. Fishy Stranger ago
Chapter 14. The Exile Day ago
Chapter 15. Grand Canal Racing ago
Chapter 16. Who is Manriolo? ago
Chapter 17. Six steps from the monster ago
Chapter 18. Busy morning ago
Chapter 19. Mysteries of the Palazzo Arsago ago
Chapter 20. Love and sense of duty ago
Chapter 21. Hall of Masks ago
Chapter 22. Feast of a Thousand Lights ago
Chapter 23. Night killer ago
Chapter 24. Old friends ago
Chapter 25. Friendship and betrayal ago
Chapter 26. Acqua Alta ago
Chapter 27. Everybody lies ago
Chapter 28. Sea witch ago
Chapter 29. Donna Beatrice’s last letter ago
Chapter 30. Island of the Seven Dead ago
Chapter 31. Trapped ago
Chapter 32. Monsters in the sea and in the soul ago
Chapter 33. Down ago
Chapter 34. Guest from the sea ago
Chapter 35. Bird girl ago
Chapter 36. Furious sea ago
Chapter 37. Farewell to Venetta ago

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