Renewal and Rebirth

by flriley

Original ONGOING Action Female Lead Reincarnation Virtual Reality Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity

Interstellar travel.  Life extension medicines.  Advanced AI's

All of these meant nothing to Jayden, she had been born too soon, her body unable to process the new technology.  She was approaching the end of her life and had a choice to make.  Deep Dive VR had progressed and real digitization and uploading was now an option for those unable to use life-extension treatments.

For all the science the Human race had developed, Jayden was forced to take a different path.  She would be digitized and explore a new world.  One where cultivation and dinosaurs blended together.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

For those unfamiliar with my writing style, Second Chances was my first attempt at writing.  I'm not sure how much I learned in the process, except that readers get angry when you mess with characters they like!

Warnings - I tend to info dump.  I know I do this, I like slice of life novels that take time to unfold.  So don't expect action, murder, and battles in every chapter, it isn't going to happen

I prefer the first-person narrative.  I will do an occasional POV shift, but very very rarely.

I hope you enjoy the story, comments, ratings, and favorites are greatly appreciated!

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Frosty Nips
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Really a solid start. Needs some work.

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

The potential is really there for a captivating story. The world building is good. The main character is introduced well enough. Side characters are being developed. Cultivation system is a little recycled but good.


The main problem about reading is that is just info dump after info dump. It's a real slog to get through. The first 6 chapters are all about earth and humanity and how it's advanced but I fail to see why it should be 6 chapters long considering it will have little to no relevance on the story. The author could probably boil down the prologue into one or two chapters and it would be a much better read overall.


The chapters after the prologue continue the info dumps after info dumps about the world and cultivators. Agains it's all really interesting but it pauses the story for practically a whole chapter to ramble on about the world.

I think the author should go through and boil down the info dumps or work them into the story or dialogue. I don't need to know every aspect of your cultivation system if it's not relevant to the story in the immediate or near future.

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A bit early but no other reviews

Reviewed at: Chapter 33

 (Chapter 33 edit) This chapter was great, I left the top comment saying why while trying not to write my own book but I've now favorited and gave this the fifth star, grammar has also quite improved

chapter 13ish review below. (I might leave brief updates when I notice a real good chap, but I'm not going to re-write my whole review every 30 chapters)

Spoiler: Spoiler



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Well written, and another unending cultivation draft?

Reviewed at: Chapter 34

Quite well written. The characters have feeling and depth and it takes an interesting approach to cultivation. The first half-dozen chapters are a futuristic take on transmigration and give reasonable credence to an often bogus genre. There's a fairly good feel on where this novel is heading and I'll be happy to follow it and see where it goes, but I'm doubtful if it will ever end.

My inner pessimist is going to have to point out that this novel is arguably too detailed for a cultivation novel and I fear that an ending to this novel will never be reached. These novels often have several realms of cultivation that are slowly ascended through over dozens or hundreds of chapters, while novels on RR tend to go on hiatus after a certain period if they do not end in a reasonable time frame. The approach to the novel is fantastic and it's well written but the foresight (or lack there of) appears to target an unending novel, sadly.

Perhaps the author will take a less linear approach to cultivation? Or the MC will die and utilise the game-like rebirth from the early chapters? Perhaps the early chapters have more meaning than just an excuse for transmigration? Perhaps a rebirth will be used as an epilogue and a sequel will involve a restart from the initial? With how the novel is written so far I find my inner optimist hoping that the author has a firm plan in mind as a complete novel from a talented author is always a joy to read.

Give it a read through if you enjoy the genre as it has it's own appeal.