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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

I put all the warning tags to give myself creative freedom, but I'm not going to write a story filled with gore or swearing.

This is my first time writing, other than for school projects. I put the gender-bender tag because I wanted to try writing from a female's perspective, and needed an excuse for why my MC reads a little tomboyish. The gender-bender fades into the background over the first few chapters, please don't let the tag keep you away from trying out my story.


Second chances are rarely earned, and even rarer given. Follow a new life in a new world, where anything is possible. Our MC wakes up, stuck as a baby, needing to decide how she will live her new life. Let's see what future she can forge for herself, when hard work is rewarded with status points and skill levels.

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Started with some promise, a few thought out moments gave hope, but it all quickly spiraled into generic leveling log. Empty settings, unnatural dialogue, puppet-like characters and Mary Sue as MC. And no real story to speak of as of chapter 41. For myself, I feel no attachment to anything inside, just skipped most of the last chapters. I hope the next novell would be better thought out.


Great story, but cancelled

Reviewed at: Ch: 77

This series was randomly cancelled by the author mid arc and only announced on his Patreon.

I really enjoyed this story.  The MC is OP, but progresses through hard work which I appreciate.  The world is pretty narrow and finally sees some development right before the series is cancelled, but it seems to be a fun world.  


Almost too much slice and not enough life

Reviewed at: Ch: 76

Big fan of relifed at birth stories so this started off in bonus points territory:

The MC is a bit low IQ as they seem to have a bit of stockholm syndrome where their re-lifed family is involved. The other characters feel genuine and engaging as does the world, however it could do with 50% less POV changes. MC is also a gender bender 

but in the 16 odd years of relife it is barely mentioned and comes with no real personal growth or narative around it. Initialy i was worried it would dominate and derail the main story but it is in fact just the opposite and leaves you wondering why it was put in at all.

There are a few filler chapters which was a bit dissapointing and it starts to get a bit aimless around 

the invasion

Also MC gets a completely OP power which she has not even pulled up the descrition of in many chapters. I started out really liking this story but kept getting bogged down in personal anooyances, but my advice would be to give it a read and make up your own mind as there is a story to enjoy in here.

Dark Jester

Good but lacks direction

Reviewed at: Ch: 39

This was an enjoyable book at the start, but as chapters went on it began to feel more and more hollow. The world feels generally a bit thin and so do the characters.

My bigger issue is that it feels directionless. The MC continues to become more and more powerful, but I still don't really know what her goals are. Beyond becoming the most powerful little munchkin in all the lands I couldnt tell you what she really wants.

spoilers ahead

To that point it feels like the author keeps on adding skills just so that she can learn them. The issue with this is that I don't really understand why no-one else does what she is doing. The system is designed in such a way that abusing it is pretty easy. Even if other the MC is taking the skill abuse to an extreme level I don't understand why no one else does what she does.

it was established early on that most kids apprentice for their future job at ten years old and only learn skills relevant to their jobs. If society in this world grew up with the system it would make a lot more sense for people to do similar to what the MC is doing. Her strategy isnt particuarly hard, nor is it a secret or hidden technique.



Potential to be great

Reviewed at: CH: 84

This is a bit of a power fantasy, our MC is a power leveling madwoman in relation to her peers, the setting and premise are pretty run of the mill the execution is not, it is a very solid at worst, the story as of now has potential to become one of the best on the site im going to be honest and say please stay good.

Chris Lee

Nice start, and stays as a start.

Reviewed at: Ch: 45

update: I've dropped because there's more adventuring than actual smithing. We've seen very few scenes, and the few scenes we've had are skipped over vaguely and lack the detail you'd see in a novel that has MAGIC SMITHING in its name. There's just not enough progression for me, and the few progressive events aren't detailed enough to keep me reading.

So far, there have been VERY few chapters that actually contain both the combination of Magic and Smithing. The chapters later on develop the mom (Sylvia) as a sort of tyrant but lacks power/strength.

Sylvia supports her daughter's desire to work as a blacksmith, and encourages her to level and become stronger. Later, when the daughter is much higher leveled than the mother and I assume more combat experience, Sylvia nags and punishes her even while knowing that her daughter was working for the good of the village. Either she fights or the town disappears. She even goes to PUNISH her daughter for using her strength wisely, instead of describing the pride she has for a daughter that can face multiple hobgoblins that the adults can't fight.

This 40 year old man in a daughter's body may also be affected by horomones. But there's no way that he just listens to the mother yell at her without any feeling of pride, when he fought FOR THE VILLAGE, not even for a selfish reason.

This happens again when he acts like killing goblins for the second time is more traumatizing than the first. Has he not realized that killing the goblins saves villagers? The goblin are MONSTERS for fuck's sake, and he already watched them kill HIS villagers. And yet he's traumatized by killing goblins that could kill the villagers later on.

The characterization makes the novel disgustingly hard to read, and I can't comprehend why the mother acts this way, and feels NO pride, and why a 40 year old man, although affected by female horomones, is traumatized by killing goblins that he's already killed before. His mental age is over 40 for fuck's sake.

I'm close to dropping because there is no promised MAGIC SMITHING. Rather, there's more chapters of the mother being a bitch than the actual smithing (I might be wrong). They shouldn't even be equal, the chapters with magic smithing should more than double the chatpers of a mother nagging a child. At this point I'm reading only nagging and ugly character interactions and not what I came for.

Although I was very negative, I wish the author well, and I will continue to pay attention to the story. I still have high expectations, that are struggling to be met.


Decent story, MC becomes OP a bit too quickly

Reviewed at: Ch: 77

It has been a pretty good read so far and a Very good take on emotions and how they can motivate or keep someone going. 

Plot breakdown, system breakdown and how the math is handled is really good, glad everything doesnt happen just like that.

Only complaint, if MC was able to see(sense) her soul by using meditation and sense mana, experienced mages should be able to do it as well, and it wouldnt be a hard tier 5 skill to obtain if it was obtained just like that. And I felt the MC got a bit OP a bit too soon

But overall a solid book to read.


I have so far enjoyed the story. The smithing is neat, the magic makes sense(although more of both would be great), and the characters exist. Kind of. 

Spoilers holds my thoughts of the mother.

See, there are several issues too. For one, the author appears to have accidentally made the mother abusive. At first it was a joke that "the daughter and husband fear their mothers wrath", but soon enough everyone did, and the daughter often dreaded coming home because of how scared she was. That isnt normal or funny, that is a show of abuse. 

It gets even worse when you realise the mother sometimes shows home much she loves her, there was even a chapter where the author talked from the mothers point of view, but it did not work for me. The father, the village leader, even the master smith, all fear the mother. 

And in return she sometimes shows how much she loves them or respects them or whatnot. But everyone is walking on egg shells, trying not to piss her off because she is 'scary'. 

The main character runs from her, makes excuses not to involve her, and dreads situations when she is involved, like tea time with the village leaders wife. She ran from that and hated the thought of it, and yet she will be forced to go. 

It's to the point where I am kind of curious about others dragging the main character away and asking if they are alright at home, because if I was there, I would. Sure, maybe I would get a hammer to the face for insulting her mom(not that she is that violent, but still), but the situation isnt healthy for anyone.

Besides her, everyone else is pretty cool, although we dont know too much about the village itself. Then again, this isnt a base building story, we dont actually need to know. 

Grammer is good enough, the author asks for mistakes repeatedly. Although I don't know about listening. 

So I recommend the story, but be wary of the mother, that isnt a healthy or good relationship.

Edit: Turns out the author listened and has released a new chapter which makes her appear a little better and more understanding. She actually admitted she was wrong! Like, sure, the past history is really concerning, but it seems the situation is improving, which is something.


Pointless Gender Bender otherwise great.

Reviewed at: Ch: 40

Currently my favourite story on the site. Subtle world building done with a show don't tell attitude and litrpg goodness galore. 

The main character does not act like a boy in a girls body in anyway after this first few chapters. Often using her femanity to cajole and minipulate to get her way and acting girlishly. The only reason for the genderbend appears to be to justify the MC being slightly tomboyish in their interests and not wanting to be pigeon holed to a female orienated occupation. Not sure living life previously as a boy was required to have those traits. The most powerful character we have been introduced to is clearly some kind of female soldier so the author even seems to agree with me. I don't really get it.


I suggest readers just ignore the first few chapters pretend the mc was always a girl (their actions make so much more sense that way) and enjoy an otherwise great story.

The Dragons Tales

Love the story. It has a really intriguing story and is going at a good pace. It's far from perfect, with plenty of plot holes and errors throughout but it's better than 90% of the books you'll find. 

The characters are fairly unique and resting in their own right, but do follow certain tropes a bit to often at certain points, such as the mother constantly getting mad at the daughter after she does something dangerous, and it does get rather repetitive after the 5th or so year the MC is alive.

I do believe the story could be a little less repetitive with the MC going into a fight, feeling like a monster, getting over it, and then fighting and doing it all over again randomly. It doesn't happen  very often but you  can't expect someonto be traumatized, recover, and the get traumatized by something again. It's unrealistic.

The system seems fairly unique, or it's the very first of its kind that I've read. The author is making the character very overpowered, or at least trying to but I feel like the MC is stupid. She's weaker then a villager, slower than a hunter, and less powerful than a mage, all because she wants to be a all rounder.

The skills system seems very unique and  she's definitely more powerful because of them, but I'm just wondering what will happen when she faces someone as strong as her with a tier 5 skill that's properly distributed stats. It won't even be a competition.

All around I complain about it a lot but I do love the read.

The skills are very interesting and I do like the way the character learns and adapts. I do like the way the character trains, (even if the author goes wait nevermind she has to have repercussions for this often) and it is an interesting read. I just generally have read to many stories that say OP protagonist because I say so, and while this may not be directly going  there it does feel like it's trying to. And I'm talking about forging here too, not even fighting.