Thanks to all of you, I broke into the top 500. I honestly didn’t think people would like my writing that much. I just wanted to tell everybody how thankful I am for having so much support.

I don’t want to post something so small, so I’ll address a few issues I’ve been noticing people comment about.

First, is the time in my new world. The year is composed of 15 months instead of the normal 12. I figured if I had a new planet to work with, it shouldn’t be the same size as Earth. So, when Aaliyah reaches 10 that’s 12 years six months in Earth time. So, when I stated in the last chapter, she would be learning the basics till she reaches 15, that mans she would be 18 years and 9 months old back on earth.

With the timing set aside, the next issue I want to clarify is aging. Humans age the same up in till they reach their tenth birthday. When they distribute stats, the parents recommend they put a few points into Vitality so they live longer. After a person’s body matures their vitality goes to reducing the signs of aging. So, after someone reaches the age of 15 it becomes hard to tell how old someone really is.

Some people think I should change the story so Aaliyah was a woman in her previous life so I can drop the Gender-bender tag. As I stated on the home page this is the first thing, I’ve ever written for other people. I really enjoy a female MC and wanted to challenge myself writing from that perspective. I don’t know if I’ve managed it as well as I could have. I truly feel the background of Aaliyah has shaped who she is now. I hope people have noticed how I’ve slowly shifted her perspective to that of a female. I posted that last line in the previous chapter to show that she’s comfortablewith herself, and will tackle the future from the perspective of a woman. Of course, being a man, I expect to fail at portraying a women's perception of the world.

If anyone feels that I’ve messed up writing something, please continue to comment. I check comments multiple times a day and read everything you guys are posting. Please help me become a better writer.

One last thing, some people have been asking me where they can donate? I know many people are suffering from Covid 19 whether through sickness or time off of work. Everything I post will be free for quite a while.

If you want to donate, I have a patron account here:

Please only donate if you have the means.

Stay safe everyone.


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