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Its amazing, I’ve lived a total of 429 months between my two lives, that’s almost 36 earth years; and my mom is still yelling at me to get a job.

“You should have been asking for work two hours ago!”

“Mom, you know its hard for me to get up in the morning, and I needed to do my exercises or I'll get fat. Besides this is only the second day after my Awakening. People probably don’t even know about my stats yet.”

“Yes they do know! You spent three hours running around the village yesterday without stopping. I’m pretty sure every person in the village knows about your Awakening!”

She makes a compelling argument. “I’m sorry, let me rinse off really quick, and I’ll walk around the village and see if I can help anyone.”

“You don’t need to help anyone, sweety. You need to look for something that interests you. This is the time of your life you need work the hardest. If not, you can stay home and polish your wife skills with me.”

Twenty minutes later, I changed my clothes, washed my face, and threw my hair up; ready to explore the job market.

The first place I’m heading to is Anastasia's clinic. She’s the only person who uses magic in the village besides me. I’ve wanted to ask her questions for a long time now, but if someone who hasn’t awakened yet came to her, it would be really suspicious. I bet most kids try to talk with her after their awakenings so right now should be my best shot.

Walking up to her door I notice how nice her house is. Its only smaller than the village headman’s and has much more work put into it. Her walls are made from stone and has a wooden roof instead of a thatched one. Mom said she only has basic healing skills that would make her only an apprentice in the city, she only stays out here to feel important. I’ll just have to act the part and turn up the charm skill.

Walking through her open door puts me in an open room much like our house, but this one is filled with only chairs and two doors. Taking a seat, I wait for her to come out.

Eleven minutes later, one of the older villagers stumbles through the left door followed by Anastasia. I make sure to remain seated and smile the best I can. Its hard to keep it up when she turns to me with a scowl on her face.

“Are you sick?” She deadpans to me.

“No? I heard big sister is the best (only) mage in the entire village!” I make sure to keep my best starry-eyed look on, while activating my charm skill as much as I can.

“Only one in five hundred people can use magic. Do you think you're one of them?”

Gods, if her nose raises any higher it will strike the moons. I ignore the second half of her statement and lay on the cheese. “Wow! No wonder you’re the most important person in the village. My parents even told me you saved my life as a baby!”

Finally, a small smile cracks her stone face. If I keep faking this much excitement, I’ll be too tired after this to continue around the village.

“I am blessed with great talent, but no matter how blessed I am; if you have no skill in mana, I can’t teach you.”

“That’s ok, I just want the Mana Manipulation skill so I can throw fireballs at goblins.”

“Puufff, children and their fire spells. You don’t need mana manipulation to cast spells, child.”

Finally, some information I can use. If she is willing to give me pointers that’s ok, but what I really need is information the most.

“Magic is used mainly in three ways. First and the hardest is with Mana manipulation. Only the truly gifted can form mana freely into their spells. Second is with a chant in magic script, you need to learn not only the proper word but also tempo to use this magic. Even then the best spells are all held by higher authorities and they never share them freely. Lastly is runic magic. Do you see my gloves, they have the healing runes weaved into them so when I expel mana in a certain way they activate.”

Wait so she’s not even a real mage, she’s just using a magic item! No wonder she can only use one spell! She can probably only teach Expel Mana to a student at most.

“Sister, can I see your magic gloves?”

“Like I would give your untrained hands my gloves. How would you pay me back if you damaged them?”

Does this woman think I’m going to throw them in a fire, how am I going to break them: they're gloves!

“If you can feel your magic, you can come back to me then. You’ll need a pair of gloves like mine, that’ll cost you 50 silver and I charge three silver a day for lessons.”

This woman, she wants a fortune for one skill. Mother already taught me about money with my math lessons, it starts at iron coins and goes:
10 Iron Coins = 1 Large Iron Coin
10 Large Iron Coins = 1 Bronze coin
10 Bronze coins = 1 Large Bronze Coin
10 Large Bronze Coins = 1 Silver coin
And it keeps repeating for silver and gold. I asked mom if there’s anything higher and she said she wasn’t sure. Considering villagers mostly use iron coins and a handful of bronze, she wants me to gather all of the money in the village for one skill. I’m out, this lady is even worse than mom said. I wish I could tell her off but she does have the only healing ability in town.

Curtsying to her I give my farewells. “Thank you so much for helping me sister Anastasia, I’ll start saving up and come back when I’m ready to learn.” I sprint out the door and don’t look back. That woman left a bad taste in my mouth.

Walking around the northern outskirts of the village, I reach the fields. From where I’m standing, to the forest line lies 15 acres of soil with maybe 30 people toiling away. It looks like they just started planting something, but why; we're moving into fall?

Curious I approach two men sitting in the shade of a tree overlooking the fields.

Seeing me approach the men stand up and look at me with looks of contempt.

“Look out for the crops Markus, a rabbit showed up.”

“Don’t worry Ezekiel, she doesn’t look hungry.”

I wonder if I can gain skills from murdering farmers? Oh well, if I don’t try to talk to them, mother will probably find out. How many smiles am I going to have to force today?

“Hello, I’m Aaliyah. I just had my awakening and was wondering why you are planting again before winter?”

“Aaliyah the rabbit huh, I’m Markus and that’s Ezekiel. We're planting wortel because its strong enough to survive the snow and will be ready early spring.” 

Wortel then, they're the long green carrots we have in our stews; I can’t believe they can grow below the snow.

They both look at me like I just asked a stupid question. The smile slips from my face. Is everybody in charge of this village rude?

“Why aren’t you helping everybody plant?” I ask, trying to put some sass into my glare.

“Me and Markus are the field managers. We’re in charge of managing crops for the whole village.” Ezekiel retorts to me, either not noticing my lip or not caring about my opinion.

“We make sure the right crops are planted at the perfect time, and use our leadership skills to improve the individual performance of every farmer under us.” Markus says looking over the field.

“The two of us were chosen by the village headman because we’re the best at telling people what to do.” Ezekiel takes a step forward emphasizing his point.

“You probably don’t even understand how important we are.” Markus continues looking back at me. “We keep control over the farmers deciding on who plant what. Farmers using the same skills together on the same plants provide the best results.”

“That’s why we’re over here, our talents are too important to be wasted in the fields, if something happens to us, you’ll only have pomme for your winter stew.” Ezekiel takes another step towards me as I take a step back.

“Knowing how important our jobs are now you probably want to help us right?” Markus starts to offer me an apprenticeship, but before he lets me answer he continues...

“We're almost done now, but if you want to help us harvest in spring, we can always use a rabbit to help us dig then.”

I don’t have to take this.

“Thank you for the offer gentlemen, I’ll think about it.” I walk towards the village, turning around before I can't see them anymore only to see them sitting down again, this time laughing; “Assholes.” Zero for two so far.

I know it's my first day and all, but I didn’t think an apprenticeship would be this hard to find. Looking at the sky, I can tell it's only been half a day. If I go back now, mothers going to drown me in textiles till I’m 30.

Walking around aimlessly, I start to hear a pounding noise nearby. Following the sounds, it leads me to the stables located on the east end of the village.

I see brother hauling pieces of lumber to some old scaffolding next to the stables. All of the animals are pushed into the open pen while the work on the roof is being finished. This is the first time I’ve gotten a good look at the farm animals this clearly. Our village has three bivol currently, to help with transportation and farming. Bivol look like a stockier, shorter bison with black fur, people say it only takes one to pull a full cart for miles. Slowly.

Running around the bivols are velociraptors, or what I think velociraptors actually used to look like. Unlike in the movies, velociraptors were only the size of turkeys, the ones in front of me are slightly smaller; I'd say like big chicken sized. They sport many shades of brown feathers that are used to make arrows. We call them kips. They're scavengers in the wild. We use them as a source of eggs and meat. They don’t lay as often as the chickens back on earth but an egg every two weeks is ok, at least they're bigger.

The only other animals in the pen are two horses with a mixture of deer and ram horns on top of their heads. The two jelen are the village headman’s property, only he's allowed to touch them. Maybe if I increase my charm skill, I can convince him to let me ride one.

“Need a hand Richard?” I shout to brother.

Richard and Salus look shocked to see me momentarily.

“What are you doing over here Aaliyah, shouldn’t you be with mom learning how to sew?” Richard questions me as he climbs the scaffolding with one arm.

I run over to the fenced off area that they're working on and vault right over the barricade.

Grabbing the other end of the beam Richard is dragging behind him, I tell him about my job search.

“Why are you even looking for outside work, little rabbit? Does your mother not want to teach you some homemaking skills?” Salus asks me with an exasperated look, listening to our conversations.

I puff up my nonexistent chest and tell him how it is, “I couldn’t spend all day in the house, I’m an outdoors person. I need something interesting… need any help building houses?”

Both of them freeze and look at each other awkwardly.

That’s not good.

I shuffle home slowly after Salus sent me on my way, his words still echoing in my head.

“I’m sorry but you’re not what I’m looking for in an assistant. I need someone strong to help me prep the materials and haul them all over the village. Even if you have the same strength stat as your brother, you need the corresponding body to use it efficiently. A grown man with a 100 strength will almost always be stronger than a woman with 100 strength. Now I’m not saying women can’t be strong, don’t tell my wife I said that; it’s just we’re built differently. You haven’t even finished growing yet. If you were to throw all your stats into strength and dexterity I might reconsider, but I don’t recommend it. There’s plenty of other jobs you can find that match your… specifications.”

“If you really want to work with us, come back in a few years; once you’ve decided on your status build. I have to warn you though, most people are looking for exact builds when hiring an apprentice. Masters usually strictly decide how an apprentice distribute their points. “

“The main reason I hired your brother so quickly was his willingness to use his points as I told him. If he had found work before helping me, I wouldn’t have taken him on so easily. You need to be careful who you work under over the next couple years. Each job you take will likely close others later.”

“If this is your dream job, work hard and come back later. I won’t go easy on you if you do though… and technically Richard would be your master, if you can handle it.” 

I stop a few feet from our house looking at the ground. I know I’m fit but not very muscled. Is that the reason people call me little rabbit because they think I’m frail like one?

The rest of the day was a blur. I think I helped mom prepare dinner, I don’t know; I can’t even remember what we ate.

I can’t believe this; I didn’t think a world with status pages would still have challenges like this. What am I supposed to do? I know I don’t want to spend my days doing house work forever.

“What has you down, sweetie?” dad's big hand on my shoulder brings me back to the real world.

After meeting his gaze, I tell him about my day. From the nickname, to overpriced lessons, and outright refusals; I tell him how disappointing my day was.

“I’m sorry they couldn’t see how great you are, honey. Why don’t you come to work with me tomorrow, I can teach you how to swing an axe?”

That… that sounds great. Going to the woods for a day sounds really fun. “Sure dad, I’d love that!”  After giving daddy the biggest hug I can I run to my room and prep my clothes for tomorrow.

He always leaves really early so I'll dump my mana using the same skills as last night and go straight to bed.

Laying down, I remember its been almost two days since checking my status; Status Page:

LV: 37 Experience: 7,999/43,318
Health: 1000/1000 Stamina: 659/666 Mana: 342/500
Vitality: 100
Endurance: 50
Strength: 50
Dexterity: 50
Senses: 50
Mind: 50
Magic: 50
Clarity: 50
Status Points: 96
Skills: Sense Mana (LV42), Acting (LV25), Meditation (LV40), Expel mana (LV23), Charm (LV32), Running (LV27), Cleaning (LV12), Mathematics (LV26), Writing (LV12), Mana Manipulation (LV5), Wood Carving (LV6), Drawing (LV3)

Wow, increasing my stats gave me the biggest skill boost since I was born, I even gained another level . At least I got a happy ending to a terrible day. Tomorrow with dad should be much better.

A note from kosnik4

I was pointed out by DLX that I’ve been adding an extra n to mana, so I’m having fun going back and fixing that. Please point out any mistakes you see. It only helps me strive to be a better writer.

Writing reached (LV3)

A reminder, I won’t be back till Tuesday possibly Monday. I’ve been putting off housework to write to long.

Thank you for the support; and as always, stay safe.

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