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I changed the reading skill to writing because they go together and its more of a challenge to write.

Laying down staring up at my ceiling, I have to shift my head and; yep that cloud looks like a dinosaur. Last year I convinced mom to buy me some white paint from the traveling merchant that stops at our village every other month. I needed some color in my room, so I painted clouds. When brother stopped by earlier to celebrate my awakening today, he said they look like spots to him. I hope people don’t hire him for his artistic eye.

Three years ago, after doing random jobs around the village, he found his calling helping Salus, our local architect, fix a collapsing wall after another goblin attack. Goblins randomly attack most villages and are usually only regarded as pests, who never really do any significant damage. Other than that one wall, I haven’t heard of any other significant stories about them. The men usually gather when the lookouts spot them and quickly slay them all.

After the wall fell, brother was close by and offered to give Salus a hand. Salus really liked having Richard as an apprentice and they quickly became teacher and student. After only six months Richard started building his own home with his free time and finished about a year ago.



Looking at my blobs alone, makes me miss him; though I'd never admit it to him. He still comes by for dinner every night but mom forces him to cook now. She wants him able to cook something edible by years end. I actually miss mom's casual stew now; brother is under the impression there’s no such thing as, "Too much seasoning."

Thank the gods mom didn’t have him make my special meal tonight. It was really nice having him over most of the day hanging out with me like we used to. He was a little mad when our parents didn’t scold me about my Status Page though.

“How come you're not scolding her about proper distribution like you did me?”

Mother and father just looked at him with pity in their eyes.

“Honey, you never asked us any questions about your Status Page. Always running around shouting how strong you were going to be. If we didn’t sit you down and spell it out for you, we worried you’d dump everything into Magic and claim to be the strongest mage.” As mother explained it to him, his jaw almost hit the floor.

“Aaliyah has been asking us questions about Stats and Skills for years now. She even asked me to teach her the Mathematics and Writing skills to take notes.” As mom further laid into him, my smile grew with my pride.

If only I could tell them how much I’ve grown with 150 months of training; Status Page:

LV: 36 Experience: 9,334/38,335
Health: 160/160 Stamina: 117/160 Mana: 77/360
Vitality: 16
Endurance: 17
Strength: 15
Dexterity: 19
Senses: 21
Mind: 30
Magic: 36
Clarity: 32
Status Points: 350
Skills: Sense Mana (LV41), Acting (LV23), Meditation (LV39), Expel mana (LV19), Charm (LV30), Running (LV21), Cleaning (LV12), Mathematics (LV26), Writing (LV12), Mana Manipulation (LV2), Wood Carving (LV6), Drawing (LV3)



So close, I’m sure mother leveled these last few years. I think I did pretty well, I don’t have any other kids to compare myself to, since brother wanted to remain so cryptic with his status page. Considering I have an adult’s level at ten I bet I’m doing exceedingly well.

I was worried my Mana Sense was going to become impossible to level after 40 but after working on it constantly for so long, I never felt it hit a barrier. When focusing on the skill I can see the different hues of mana in a 27-foot radius. I have to be really careful; if my parents are active at night when I use it I get a funky Picasso picture in my head. It takes a lot of meditation to forget that.

Most of my experience came from mother teaching me mathematics, reading, and writing. Learning to read and write is still a challenge for me, considering the lack of books in a remote village like this. Math however just required me to learn the symbols. Once I had the basics down, I started going over my previous knowledge. I made it to basic algebra and a few geometry formulas before things started to get fuzzy.

The only other major breakthrough was finally unlocking Mana Manipulation. I unlocked it two years ago and only managed to level it once. It falls in the category of intermediate skills like Expel Mana but it is incredibly hard to level. While dumping my mana has pretty much turned into a chore by now.

I finally unlocked it after slowing the flow of mana in my body… by a hair.

After that initial success, other than repeating the feeling again and again; I’ve seen basically no improvement. Trying to speed up my mana has failed, slowing it down more takes too long, and complicated movement in general seems impossible.
I’m not going to let that stop me. For all the time I spent on Skyrim; I will throw a fireball at a deer one day.

The rest of my new skills are just hobbys I picked up. I needed something relaxing to take my mind off all the skill grinding.

For once, I’m going to get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow morning, I finally get to distribute my points and after watching brother go through it; I’m a little worried.




Grabbing my blanket, I try to roll tighter into a ball; usually I’m too tired to notice dad leaving in the morning. Rolling over, I stare at my door and wait. A few minutes pass and mom comes through the door and looks surprised to see me already awake.

“This is a surprise, now that you’re an adult, do I still need to wake you up in the morning.”

“Yes”, I groan. “I still need you to wake me up. I was too nervous last night and slept weird.” I can’t tell her I usually train for hours every night, but held off so today would be easier.

Gliding over to my bed she leans down and kisses my forehead. “Don’t worry you’ll get used to your stats in no time, just like your brother.”

That’s what’s worrying me so much. When brother distributed his points, he couldn’t control his body for the rest of the day.

“He flopped around like a fish out of water for hours mom, can’t I do it inside so people can’t see me?”

“Sorry, but it’s too dangerous indoors for your first points. We can’t have you breaking everything inside because you don’t want to be embarrassed.” Mom smiles at me; “Now go outside and start. The longer you put it off the longer you have to stay outside.”

After she leaves, I grab my outdoor clothes. Just a simple pair of dark brown wool pants and shirt that I’m prepared to get dirty. Grabbing some jerky for a morning snack and out the door I go. I move a few feet in front of our house to find a good spot.

There’s a boulder not to far from our front door that I always use to sit and enjoy the summer breeze. I was born right when fall is starting so the weather is perfect right now. If my birthday was during the rainy or snowy months, I would have had to do this in the village stables.

Crossing my legs, I decide to meditate for a few minutes to clear my mind…


Here we go, Status Page:

LV: 36 Experience: 9,334/38,335
Health: 1000/1000 Stamina: 659/666 Mana: 342/500
Vitality: 100
Endurance: 50
Strength: 50
Dexterity: 50
Senses: 50
Mind: 50
Magic: 50
Clarity: 50
Status Points: 86
Skills: Sense Mana (LV41), Acting (LV23), Meditation (LV39), Expel mana (LV19), Charm (LV30), Running (LV21), Cleaning (LV12), Mathematics (LV26), Writing (LV12), Mana Manipulation (LV2), Wood Carving (LV6), Drawing (LV3)

I have decided that this will be my base line. I have to know what raising each stat forcefully feels like before I decide how I want to grow in the future. I probably won't raise half of these ever again unless…..

Wow, how do I describe myself right now.

I feel amazing, like I could do anything now. My whole body feels like it's on fire, in a good way. I can feel the boulder below me more clearly, the texture of my clothes, the smells around the village are clearer, and the taste of the air, it feels so sharp I can’t describe it.

Opening my eyes, the world is brighter filled to the brim with color. I have to see more! What does the woods look like now? How does the water taste? I have to go see it all now!

Before I even know what’s happening, I’m lying face down in the grass. Trying to move my limbs makes my whole-body twitch and everything feels like it’s over reacting.

“Ha ha ha ha, Ha ha ha ha, Ha ha ha!”

Richard steps into my view, “Remember back when it was me on the ground, you spent the day teasing me while I couldn’t move.”

I had no response, well more like I couldn’t respond. Trying to say something back only causes a weird screech to come out of my mouth.

“You sound like an injured rabbit, Ha-ha!”

Now he’s starting to piss me off, with anger fueled justice I curl up and fling my body at him!

Surprised, he takes a step back but still manages to catch me in his arms. He must have went with more of a strength build like dad did.

At least he stopped laughing at me

He actually looks quite serious now.

“Aaliyah you need to be more careful. Even if you feel invincible right now, you can still get hurt.”

He sets me down carefully a few feet from the rock and starts giving me some advice. “Take it slow; feel your toes, then your legs, moving up slowly through your body into your head and arms. Try to move only the smallest part of your limbs, one at a time.”

Following his words, I slowly start to close my fingers, trying to make a weak fist.

“Good, keep that up and you’ll be up and running again in no time. I have work on the other side of the village; be safe little rabbit.”

With no way to stop him he rustles my hair and turns to leave.

After he’s gone, I slowly move back into a meditative state. This time instead of sensing mana I focus on my body, trying to grasp these new sensations the best I can.



While self-reflecting, I notice how much my body has changed over the years. No longer a baby or toddler I’m a young woman now. I’m 5’ 3’’ and still growing. My bright red hair is kept in a pony-tail with my bangs still loose to outline my face. I can’t describe my face that well with no real mirrors but I’d say its average; the right amount of skinny and chubby with a slightly pudgy nose and thin lips over a short chin. With my bright green eyes like Richard and dad, I can’t complain about my looks.

Village life has kept me fit and thanks to my stretching and running each day I’ve kept a skinny figure. Puberty has already started so keeping my body clean is a must, but I keep hoping that higher stats will keep pimples away.

My chest has started to grow, giving me mixed feelings. I know a lot of confidence can come with size but I’m hoping for the same magnitude as mother; not too big, not too small. I’m still in my growth phase and I’m curious to see how my stats will affect my body over the next few years.

I finally have slow motion movement down. Slowly I prop myself up against the rock and try to get my bearings. This is my third time learning to walk, you’d think I’d be better at it by now.

Taking it one step at a time, I start my usual laps around the village. The village is only roughly a mile in diameter so the laps don’t take too long. Half way through my second lap, I’m walking as usual. Finishing the second and third lap I decide to start running again.

One two, one two; with every step I push a little harder. I quickly reach my usual top speed and easily push onward. With my running skill helping me keep my footing, I’m almost double my previous speed now. I bet I’m faster than pro athletes on earth. It isn’t only my speed that’s improved I have so much more control over my limbs; I think maintaining this pace will be easy.

Turning to face the village my new eyes pick up the villagers watching me. While running, I hear a whisper in my ear and when I slow down, I can make out what the villagers are saying 40 feet away.

“Little Rabbit” 
“Little Rabbit” 
“Little Rabbit”

Damn it, that killed my runners high.

Noticing the sun starting to set, I finish my cooldown run on the way home. Other than a few stumbles around our house, I think I have my new physical stats down now.



Later after waiting for my parents to fall asleep I start to test out my new mana with my abilities.

Back in my meditative state again, I focus inward. The vortex in my chest is almost 40% bigger and pulsing throughout my body like a second heartbeat. Trying to move it like I usually do is pointless. Raising my mana with stats points instead of naturally seems to make manipulation even harder.

I sink into my training trying to at least slow down my mana flow slightly, like I used to.

The increased Mind and Clarity stats are helping tremendously. It took me awhile but I’ve regained the little control that was lost. Coincidentally, by observing my mana network after it grew, I can tell how the mana increased in speed with volume.

Using Mana Manipulation, I try increasing the speed by pulsing my mana through my body. After draining 30% of my mana I am able to temporarily increase my mana flow like back when I started. When I speed up my mana and used Expel Mana at the same time it leaves my hands so quickly, that a blue mist appears around my hands.

The little mist quickly dissipates, but not before I can look at it with my Mana Sense. The mist looks like small stars in the night, burning themselves out.

Tomorrow night I'll have to try that again and see if I can replicate it. Tomorrow, wait how long have I been up?

I lost track of time again.

Thankfully draining my mana helps me fall asleep quickly. Tomorrow I’m going to be busy, technically I’m an adult now and need to start looking for some apprenticeships.

I fall asleep knowing a new adventure starts tomorrow.

A note from kosnik4

With that the “baby arc” is over!


I have some things I need to take care of over the weekend, so I can promise another chapter tomorrow and be back Tuesday maybe Monday.


Comments are always appreciated and as always, Stay Safe.


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