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Star Date: Unknown

Boredom continues to haunt me, so keeping myself entertained mentally is a must.


Life on this uncharted world is fascinating, in the past 6 months I’ve lived here many things have become clear. The planet appears populated by large beasts that stand on two legs. They swarm to smaller animals that shriek in the night, and clean up the mess they find... reluctantly.

Attempts to communicate with the large mammals has proven fruitless. I will continue to try to build a dialog with them as to gain their trust. The smallest of them has stalked me more as I roll around in my slightly enlarged sleeping quarters. I continue to speculate his intentions and prepare for when he will pounce on me, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

In my time living among their number, I have realized my smile holds power over their feeble minds. I have started to reward their efforts towards me with giggles and grabbing motions, the female appreciates this the most; though this can be cause for some misinterpretation about a request for sustenance.

 I continue to exercise as much as possible. I’m still struggling to build a firmer resistance to this atmosphere. Each day I work as hard as I can to bring use back to my weakened limbs; I can still barely support myself while lying face down so practicing movement by rolling back and forth when I’m not being observed is a must.

Once the female caught me in the act so I put on my best smile to defuse the situation. She shrieked and picked me up so quickly I almost vomited. She then held me captive for an hour reducing my exercise time considerably.

 Working on harnessing this world's energy is difficult but rewarding. I shall have to check my journal for exact progress.


Status Page!

LV: 10 Experience: 338/737
Health: 90/90 Stamina: 37/66 Mana: 60/60
Vitality: 9
Endurance: 6
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 4
Senses: 9
Mind: 27
Magic: 6
Clarity: 8
Status Points: 90
Skills: Sense Mana (LV6), Acting (LV4), Meditation (LV3)

Damn…khhhu… Sorry had something in my throat, recording continuing.

My continued growth astonishes me. By focusing on grasping the world energy, I have made great strides in increasing my skills in general while unlocking two more. Meditation helps me relax and center myself while combining it with my mana sense skill has proved exceptionally helpful.

I can assume this occurs because the skills are synergistic. The rise in skill level has also provided a rise in my total level as well.

The most important new skill is my ability to act the part of a younger organism; the local animals have been more pacified thanks to this. I have noticed a difference in the feeling of skills when they level.

Meditation and Acting have grown slowly, with a gradual feeling of ease which the skill is utilized.

Mana sense however feels like a bubble slowly expanding in my core, each level allows me to feel my inner mana while also allowing the easier assessment of the ambient mana around me.

The pattern for experience points awarded from leveling skills has become more apparent the more I observe it. The basic skills acting and meditation start at 50xp and increase the reward by 50 every time they level. While mana sense is a higher grade skill, so it started at 100 and increases by 100 every level. To help me categorize the skills better I decided to name the two groups, I decided on basic and novice skills so far. The data bellow explains my findings:


Basic Skills: LV1 (50xp)-> LV2 (100xp)-> LV3 (150xp)-> LV4 (200xp) ………...
Novice Skills: LV1 (100xp)-> LV2 (200xp)-> LV3 (300xp)-> LV4 (400xp) ………...



The next sort of research I’m going to focus on is understanding these primitives’ language, I’m starting to feel left out of the few conversations I’m permitted to attend.

I believe I have a successful plan of attack to reduce the distance between us. Sadly the plan is counter intuitive to my exercise schedule but I feel understanding at least the names of this small tribe is a must. I will summon the female with my calls of distress and latch on to her with my weak hands for dear life and convince her to keep me around longer. I plan on executing this plan starting at first light tomorrow and am unsure how long progress will take so reports might be scarce for a while.

Side note we have appeared to have moved on to the rainy season of my current biome. Showers started a month ago and have picked up significantly. The temperature is dropping at a steady rate and if my predictions are correct snow should fall in less than a month.

Unnamed Captain Signing Out! 

Update pending, it’s been ten days since my last report. The infiltration has seen a marginal success. The female alpha was quite happy with my sudden fondness for her, and my dashing good looks sealed the deal; combined with some well-placed giggles, I'm in.

It’s been a rough few days but I’ve picked up much more information thanks to my infiltration. While trying to distract her and bribe my way into her good graces with affection I’ve had a chance to see the rest of my new accommodations. My lodgings which wherein I was kept most of the time was only a part of my new home.

Right next to my room was another equally small and sparse space sealed behind another weak looking door. I learned this is where the two alphas go to sleep and procreate after sunset. Judging from the sounds I’ve started to hear in the night; they… no comment, I’ll let the record show that they obviously love each other very much.

The two rooms are in the back of our rectangular abode leaving the rest of the building as one big open room.

I’ll try to describe the layout as best as I can. The fireplace is in the middle of the left wall with an iron cooking stand placed above the fire, accompanied with a large stack of firewood directly to its left. To the right of the hearth is a simple counter that looks like a work bench, but I quickly realized that that’s our kitchen. Open shelving lines the walls around the counter and many clay pots that appeared scattered everywhere holding what I assume must be basic ingredients for cooking purposes. Wooden bowls with a few wooden utensils alongside only four other pots are the only cooking utensils I’ve seen.

Sadly, there appears to be a lack of any form of running water or plumbing; two large barrels are the only supply of water I have observed.

The middle of the room is occupied with only a good-sized square table and 3 chairs surrounding it. I’ve only seen three candle sticks in the room placed on the table, cooking counter, and one ready by the door.

Near the upper right corner of the wall is a solid wooden door that's secured with a wooden panel acting as a locking system. I was surprised to see that they change their shoes when entering and leaving the house. The flooring is cut from stone so they must keep a lighter almost slipper kind of shoe for around the house. Using a small bench next to the door they change to more robust foot wear when they travel outside. I’ve noted tools and other small miscellaneous things scattered around the living space but have yet to see what their function is.

I was hoping to get a chance to experience the outside world beyond these walls but due to the decreasing temperature and sporadic rain, I have continued to be quarantined inside.

With the extra time I’ve spent with this small family I have finally managed to decode some of their language. The larger female is addressed as “mom” or “momma” by the little monster but also responds to “Silvia” when addressed by her mate. The large male happily responds to being called “dad” or “father” from the little monster while addressed as “honey” by his partner but seems to be called “Darrius” when she is angered by him. “Richard” is the codename given to my stalker who has continued to scrutinize my every move; while placed on the floor, in my bed, or even while being held by mother… I mean Silvia; he continues to study my every move.

The main leap forward is my progression of learning my own named designation. Decrypting it has become a challenge. It helps I have learned a few words like “son” and “brother” but neither seem used in addressing me.


In fact, the only name they use around me is Aaliyah, I don’t know who she is. Maybe a grandparent?


Here comes moth… Silvia, again at my summons. The way she stares at me has started to hit me hard in the chest. I can admit I have started to grow attached to this new… family. I can remember my earlier family and will always love them deep down but when someone shows you this much affection and caring; I’d like to see you resist these feelings.

As I stare smiling into her face, I see her enunciate the name Aaliyah smiling back at me….
What? Aaliyah? Aaliyah? Is…That…My…Name?
I notice the smile fading from mother’s face; she’s starting to panic.

I don’t feel good I think I’m going to vomit any second.

I start to breathe erratically.

Tears are spilling from my eyes and as I slip into oblivion, I mourn the loss of my manhood.

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