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Thanks for giving my story a try.

I’m going to try and get through my baby arc over the next few chapters, while doing some info dumping so that when interesting things start coming, I’m not stuck explaining where my exact math is coming from or why something works.


Two months of self-reflection, and I haven’t reached enlightenment yet. I want to say I’m ok now after my initial panic attack but considering I’m talking to myself might mean I’m slipping more.

Ok, Breathe

After contemplating my past life, I realized I died and was obviously reborn. Obviously, ya-right it took me five days to come to that explanation. The first two I spent panicking about not realizing what was going on around me, and the last three realizing I wasn’t surrounded by giants speaking another language, or just completely insane. I might have to take back that smart comment I made earlier. Spending two days thinking this life is a dream didn’t earn me any points.

So now I’m stuck as a baby for the long haul, and it’s not fun. I used to read fantasy stories about stuff like this and they would skip over so many of the troubles I’m facing. First, I don’t know what time period I’m in but judging by the open windows with no glass, wooden walls, and the thatched roof combined with the wool blanket and plain clothes the giants are wearing; I’m in the dark ages. Dark as in sunrise the people are up and sunset they sleep. It gets so dark, I can barely see my hand in front of my face.

So, the lower end of technology and that means no diapers, well at least not what we had back on Earth. Nothing but old scratchy towels wrapped around my bottom.

Talking about it hurts my soul but I have to say, a baby’s body has no bowel control, I’m constantly leaking unmentionables; and if that’s not bad enough I can hardly move myself. I can’t even tilt my fat head up.
So, as stated I’m stuck staring up at the ceiling.

 No movement, excreting randomly, itchy clothes, and the worst part of all of this is no communication. I have no way to tell my new family what I want, let alone need. I’ve read stories of people in my situation that play the silent baby routine and I’ll call bullshit. Coming from an adult that had full control of themselves; I don’t like to marinade in my mess, I scream my head off till I’m changed and god help them if they don’t come quickly.

Then there’s the feeding… full disclosure I was a virgin before I died and the only breasts I’ve seen were on the internet… till now.


My new mother appears on the younger side like 25’ish, it’s really weird having a mom so close in age to me when I died. I can only guess at her height because of how small I am but I say she’s around 5’ 8’’ with a darker slightly reddish hair color. Her eyes are a brown with a slender face and build while sporting a slight tan.

She does have a little muscle obviously from peasant life but I can’t tell if that matters because even though her arms are small and toned, she once picked up a big bucket of water while caring me with the other hand; judging from her expression it wasn’t heavy to her at all.
This is what I believe the first example I’ve seen of how stats affect people, I can only guess at her strength value. While she isn’t a model, she’s still a beautiful woman and her C grade assets are nothing to scoff at.

The first two days I didn’t know what was going on but after that, let’s say even if I’m starving and crying uncontrollably and she goes to feed me, I try to finish quickly as possible as a gentleman.

I always close my eyes, not growing out of my shyness any time soon.

The room I’m being held in is incredibly sparse with little furniture. Mother keeps me in a crib-like structure swaddled heavily next to a twin sized bed. The only other furniture in the room is between our beds, it's just some simple box shelving to store my brother's few possessions.

Speaking of, I have an older brother now. I’d say he’s six or seven, he’s super energetic like all kids his age are with an inquisitive mind. I’ve woken from a few naps already to find his bright green eyes and short dirty blond hair staring at me while I sleep; I’ve cried a few times already waking up like that, give a baby a heart attack. He has a pudgy face like most kids and has a slightly darker tan than mother.

 The only other person I’ve met briefly is who I can assume is my father. If mother is 5’ 8’’ he’s probably 6’ and the epitome of manliness. He has a dark tan and arm muscles that are bigger than my body. The man obviously works hard because I can only see him closer to sundown and never in the morning. His hair is a much more sun-bleached blond than my brother and sports a trimmed beard and mustache. They also share the same eyes.

I’m not sure if he’s not good with babies or if it’s just me because any time he holds me, he’s overly gentle and panics if I start to cry.

It’s hard to get a real idea of my new family, with the language barrier, mom only comes into my room when I cry, and the family doesn’t have many conversations in front of me so I can’t pick out any words they say.
I don’t even know any of their names yet!

 The most interesting thing in this world so far though is the magic. That one concept has helped me fight off baby boredom the most. I vaguely thought about it during my panic attack and a few days later when I thought this was an elaborate dream, I noticed the very slight tingling in my body and the electric taste in the air that left a slightly weird sensation every time I took a breath.

The best proof I have of this is my Status Page:

LV: 3 Experience: 75/156
Health: 80/80 Stamina: 31/40 Mana: 50/50
Vitality: 8
Endurance: 2
Strength: 2
Dexterity: 1
Senses: 5
Mind: 26
Magic: 5
Clarity: 3
Status Points: 20
Skills: Sense Mana LV2

Just thinking about it pulls the numbers right into my head. It took me a whole day after my breakdown week to figure out the weird mental sensation of retrieving it. My status numbers have been slowly going up as I get older. I’ve gained a point in endurance and strength and a further two in clarity and senses. I was even awarded experience points for learning Sense Mana. I got the first Sense Mana LV only after 12 days of trying to feel the weird tingling sensation in the air and in my body. I think the sensation of ambient magic was easy for me to grasp because I was still mentally used to living on Earth with no magic.

I got 100xp for the first level and another 200xp for the second 3 days ago. With all this free time on my hands, I tried to make some math observations about my Status Page when the numbers increased. I was interested to see how the values affected different things.

First, Vitality multiplied by 10 to give health, same with magic. Stamina appears to be an average of vitality, endurance, and strength; which makes sense considering stamina in my earlier life was most affected by physical aspects. My physical stats will hopefully continue to rise as my body moves more and grows older; I should get many more stat points for free. When it comes to levels, I was given ten stat points for each level up; and though it was difficult without anything to write on It appears the experience requirement goes up by 25% each level. I wanted to test the extra status points I got from leveling, but infuriatingly got a lock out message:

(Status page locked for 148 lunar cycles) 

After cursing the system in my head for an hour I started to calm down. This time lock must be a check in the system so infants don’t misplace points needlessly.

It originally said locked for 150, then dropped to 149 after I hit a month old; then again to 148 when I reached two months old. With a side note after counting the days the first month had 36 days and the second with 33, I’m not sure how long a year is on this planet. I hope my sense of time isn't too far off.

It sucks that I can’t make myself strong enough to use the bathroom early on, but I suppose it takes the temptation away. Just as well I don’t want to be a super baby, I can only imagine the things that could happen in a magical world where one stands out too much.

The best thing I can do now is continue to kick and flail my arms to build my status points up. The quicker I gain those the sooner I can move from staring at this accursed ceiling.

Starting to feel tired again, guess it’s time for another nap; can’t wait till I don’t have to take a nap twelve times a day.


A note from kosnik4


4/18/20 I edited the chapter let me know if you find anything wrong.

Again, any notes or comments are appreciated, and any quick review of my story might help others diced to try it out.

Please and thank you again.

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