The Cosmic Interloper

by Marmoset Threat

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi Female Lead Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

A cyborg transhuman escapes corporate indenture and through cosmic coincidence ends up in a fantasy world of full of unique magic, angry people with sharp things, and malicious divine entities.


- No blue boxes!

- Hard-ish Sci-Fi

- Hard-ish magic

- There will be fighting occasionally, but this isn't a combat-grinder

- Generally trying to keep this "rational". Please call me out if I slip up

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Marmoset Threat

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  • Overall Score

So far this story has been Great! It scratches an itch I had for a while now.

No real errors that I'm aware of, overall very well paced and thought out.

I look forward to more 

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Great pacing interesting world creative use of sci-fi and magic

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Please write more dystopian sci-fi

Reviewed at: 005-E: The Saint, An Agreement

Good start, not sure how will it go in the future, but the first chapters are absolutely worth it

I'm not sure about fantasy part of the story, It's good, no doubt, but compared to the original world it just bleak. Reading MC pow in original world is like reading a different book

I'm hoping the author will write something standalone, but dystopian sci-fi only

  • Overall Score

Slowgoing, but well-written. i love it.

Reviewed at: 006-A: Contaminant, Woodswalker

It's a great story, but as i said, it's slowgoing, so if you're looking for fast-paced adventure novel, well, go read one.

This is a sci-fi story, and as such, it starts off a bit heavy on the explanations. The worldbuilding takes quite some time, since it needs to introduce both worlds and their intricacies. The story does a great job of it, and i've had a great time reading it.

At first i thought it was going to be a "sci-fi" where-in it's just an excuse to make the mc more powerful and is then no longer mentioned, but the author actually went with true sci-fi, background, tech, upgrades, and even endgoal of mc all based on the sci-fi universe. 

(minor spoiler ahead)

Spoiler: Spoiler


in conclusion, i want to congratulate the author on a great read, and hope the story ahead is just as great! 

  • Overall Score

Good Sci-fi Fantasy cross over

Reviewed at: 006-A: Contaminant, Woodswalker

I liked it. 

The story has the right blend of science and magic. 

The MC reaction to a primitive society is seemingly rational. Nothing outrageous. The world's reaction to the MC is pretty normal too. 

The magic system seems plausible. The science as well. 

Overall if you like the stories of science hero meeting magical world, you may like this. Give it a read. I know I'll be around for a while. 


  • Overall Score

I absolutely love this book, and its on my list of favourites now. (As of Chapter 24)

I think I'd describe it as rational transhumanist fun, and really well written. I listened to it with a TextToSpeech app, turned down slow to make it last. This may explain my lack of any wall-of-text issues.

Some other reviewers have criticised aspects of the story which I don't recognise; I'm assuming preferred writing style is the factor here. Or, perhaps the writing style is more suited to audiobook format?

Regardless, I wish I could buy books like this regularly. Or at all. :D

Marmoset: if you release this as a book, please let us know. I will get it.

  • Overall Score
Only through the prologue but amazing so far. This reads like hitchhikers guide to the galaxy or some absurd Monty python narration skits.
  • Overall Score

I personally can't stand sci-fi where the "science" is just techno-babble. This isn't the case with this story. Highly speculative and unlikely possible tech? Sure, that's the best kind.

I'm also not big on dystopian cyberpunk-style futures. This one is quite infuriating, IMO. Would not want to live there. Then again, I wouldn't want to live in a medieval world either. I'm picky. So I get why the MC would have her main goal be getting back home.

The MC is quite interesting, a weird mix of a college student and a ruthless kill bot. Her abilities make her incredibly OP in small encounters but due to resource and battery power limits, she's definitely not all powerful. 

The medieval world is not what I was expecting. The magic is quite magical, but some of it actually works just like tech. Very confusing at this point in the story. Otherwise, it's a rather realistic place complete with gender inquality, burn-the-witch mobs, and kill-first-ask-questions-later paladins.

I would love to read more of this.

  • Overall Score


This book is quite good.

The story is very gripping and one chapter leads the other. I'm always waiting for the next one to come out. The story is really gripping and everything is really clear despite the very elaborate plot, characters introduction is really well made and doesn't take too much time so the reader is immidiately involved into the events.

The grammar is really good too. No noticeable errors that could affect the flow of the book.

Really consistent characters who never do something against their real nature, and talking about the background you will surely notice how well made it is, there are many true mythical/historical references which make everything even better. Highly recommended, it will be well spent time.

Grest job.