Geniecide: Genie's First Law

by Breenogg

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Romance Low Fantasy Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

If David Jinn could have any wish in the world, he would wish to not be a genie. From the moment that cruel woman, Jinn, woke his powers, his life has been a nightmare. Between dodging fireballs and dealing with divine beings, he struggles to discover how to use his power. The knowledge that had been inextricably kept from him. 

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I read a lot.  This one is a modern fantasy set against the real world unlike any I have ever seen before.  The grammar is top notch.  The plot is on the improbable side but given the various magical adjustments to probability that can be overlooked.  The weakest part are the characters... but even that is developing.  Overall, I would recommend you give it a try.

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Honestly it is what is says it is on the tin but that really doesn't do it any justice.

It's a bizzar genie comedy routine straight out of "I Dream of Genie".

It's a really fast pace fantasy action novel cracking X-files Genie jokes along side knuckles.

World building is top notch.....or at least internally consistant which is good enough....considering the hits don't take a break for man or genie.

A wonderful romp without the Disney spin on genies.