Reborn in abyss

by Arkyte

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Reincarnation Strong Lead

"What would you do if you could go back in time?"

After living years in the abyss, Theo is thrown back to the beginning of it all. Creatures, devilish games and the cruel human ambitions; nothing will block his path. He will fight hard to not let hope be taken away from the heart of his friends this time around.

Risk yourself, challenge the world and kill... But above all, survive.

Welcome to the abyss and have a nice day.

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  • Overall Score

This is a good gone back in time apocalypse story. Not to many plot holes and it has reasons why he remembers more than anybody could reasonably expect. Moreover it doesn't do anything like, wow I have tripped in this restart and found the one true hairclip that will make me OP. He works for his gear and hasn't stumbled into any plot power armor yet.

I hope this trend continues and its great to see the character growth of his side kick. 

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Reborn in abyss is a good read overall a good read in the genre of Fantasy LitRPG.

The setting is the more usual: Get reincarnated back in time to prevent to worst of an apocalypse. The story spices this up with a game like layer-world and a progression system. 

The main cast of the story is currently the wise and nearly all-knowing MC and the hot-headed young but strong sidekick. They usually confine strongly in those archetypes, this is fine for the MC but the sidekick is said to be around 10-12 years and seems pretty chill with the apocalypse and killing living beings and seeing other humans die.

Side characters are nearly nowhere seen in the story or quickly forgotten. This can be attributed to the early stage the story is currently in but even visual descriptions of characters are sparse if even existent. This makes them slightly hard to imagine and they are even faster out of your mind due to their mostly short appearance.

The story is usually told in packages of 1-4 chapter. Between the packages are pretty abrupt changes in location and time which sometimes leads to a bit of confusion, at least for me. Explanations of how or why they are at a certain place are rare. This has the positive upside that the story is pretty action-packed as there is nearly no downtime between relevant scenes.

There are no issues with grammar or spelling as far as I could tell. Plus point for that.

The world-building is currently a bit lacklustre. The main currencies are Exp and favour, but the impact and cost of them are implied for the latter but strongly omitted for the former. This leads to a progression which is not really visible for the reader which is normally the strong point of LitRPG. Even though the MC knows pretty much we aren't told where important locations or who important people are. We overall don't get much insight into the plan of the protagonist.

Reborn in abyss is, in my opinion, an up and coming LitRPG which has potential. When the story gets to the point where it crystallizes exactly what it wants to be it can become a must-read.

  • Overall Score

Super enjoyable read. Discovered it at night and slept at 3:00 am binging the entire thing haha

Definitely recommend this if you're into this genre. Strong MC and interesting world building

  • Overall Score

An enjoyable read for me so far. I agree with some of the others that the sidekick seems to have taken to everything a bit too easily but it hasn't really bothered me.