The Balance Breaker



Chapter 12 – The Little Brother


Chapter 12 – The Little Brother


It’s been 3 days since I broke the wall in my house… To be honest, everything was normal. I went to school, got insulted, exercised, and trained myself. It was pretty much what you would expect as a daily routine for someone who is trying to get stronger. The only difference was, my elder brother Linton said that he was being dispatched to nearby village because of an accident, which was caused by a monster.


Although they were a whole group of knights and scouts in the army, I haven’t heard any news about them. Instinctively, I went to ask the Infinity Book for any information about my brother. “Infinity Book, can you please tell me about my brother?”


[I thought you would never ask. As of now they are searching in the village for any survivors and they have been trying to secure a perimeter around the village to make sure nothing bad happens to them. According to their Squad Leader, they will be back after their scouts have confirmed that the monster responsible for the accident is no longer present near them.] The book narrated to me as my worries were slowly fading.


“Alright… Thanks for the information Infinity Book. Could you please inform me at once if anything happens to them? Or even if anything bad is about to happen to them.” I asked the book, but its reply just made my worries resurface on my face, [According to the ‘Administrators,’ there is a 97.99% chance that your brother’s squad will encounter the monster that caused the destruction in the village. Also, there is a 26.50% chance that there will be no survivors if no one would be there to help them.]


I knew it… Everything was just too peaceful for a world filled with different monsters and dangers. It just so happens that one of my family members is about to become a victim of the cruelty that is present in this world. I had no choice but to take action. “If I go there now, would it make a difference?”


Lucan’s expression became serious and furious. He didn’t want his own family to just die in vain like that. So, the book replied bluntly, [If you were to go there now, you have a 100% chance of saving your brother, considering that you take satisfactory measures, but you wouldn’t be able to save everyone…]


Lucan went silent. He looked at his hands before looking towards the window and saw a beautiful sunset. He closed his eyes and clenched his fist. From that point on, he had to prepare himself, both physically and mentally. His response to the book’s statement was, “It’s fine even if I don’t get to save everyone. I was never planning to play the ‘Hero’ role anyway.” After that, he jumped through the window and by the book’s instructions, he ran to the village while activating Vitality State and using Mana Boost on both of his legs.



*haah haah haah* “Captain! We have a problem!” A panting member of the scout team came dashing back to their temporary campsite in the small village to warn everyone of what he saw. “Bloody hell man! What happened?! Where are in the bloody hell are the other members of the scout team?!” The squad captain who had a great figure said to the panicked scout.


“We have to leave! There is absolutely no way to survive if we don’t leave now!” The panicked scout became worried, frustrated, and anxious. All he wanted to do was leave. “What in the world did you discover?!” The squad captain asked furiously as he held the scout and shook him vigorously.


“It was a Spike-back Salamander captain! We must leave – NOW!” The scout took off the captain’s hand from his shoulders and ran for his life on his own. “Bloody hell… Everyone prepare to – GAAAAH!” *thud* Before finishing his orders, the squad captain was hit by the Spike-back Salamander’s tail and flew 5 meters away from where he stood. As he regained his balance, blood gushed from his mouth and he had a hard time breathing because his ribs were already broken. Unfortunately, he could no longer fight in such a condition and he helplessly sat down on the ground.


Linton, however, was standing still from fear after seeing his captain getting done in by the horrific beast. As he stood there in a trance, the beast looked towards him and suddenly rushed in. It would seem that the beast left the disabled prey for later and loved pouncing towards sitting ducks. “Linton look out! AAAHHHK!” A man with the same size as Linton pushed him out of the way but got his body split in half as he bitten by the salamander mercilessly for trying to be a hero.


Linton just witnessed the death of his comrade and was engulfed by rage. Thus, he unsheathed his blade and shouted at the salamander, “Foul beast! You will pay for killing my comrade! HAAAAH!” He charged without thinking and prepared to hack through the beast with all his might, but was suddenly disappointed as the beast easily dodged his attack.


The beast was rather large, but it was still very agile. *GRRR* The salamander growled and spikes came popping out of its back. Linton was still furiously swinging his blade in random movements because of anger. But the salamander was smart, it took its chance, faced its back towards Linton, and shot out the spikes that popped from its body.


“GAAAH!” Linton was hit in his left arm and right leg. He was lucky enough to actually block some of the spikes that flew towards him. “Quickly! Let’s surround the beast and teach it a lesson!” Linton shouted until some of his nerves became visible on his forehead, but there was no response… It was this moment he knew… Everyone had already ran for their lives out of fear.


“Mother… Father… Little brother… Little sister… I’m sorry… It would seem that I will no longer be able to eat with you anymore. At least today, I die as a brave man!” Linton thought to himself as he prepared for the worst. He was calmer this time around and he concluded that a beast with such strength was only playing around with so that he will become tired. In the end, he accepted his awaiting death.


He clenched the hilt of his sword and said with a burning rage, “Come at me beast! Let’s see who will be the last one standing! HUURAH!!!” Linton charged towards the beast thoughtlessly and the beast prepared to slice Linton apart with its sharp claws.


*whoosh* Suddenly, a black figure came between the salamander and Linton. *BANG* It was rushing in the direction of Linton and with a loud bang, it kicked Linton’s chest plate. Linton was fiercely pushed away from the beast, while the black figure was already beside him.


“Do you really think suicide would be a great idea?” Linton heard the words of the black figure as it began to clear up… “Little Lucan?! What are you doing?!” Linton was shocked to see his little brother appear out of nowhere like that. “What does it look like? I’m saving your ass!”


~ End ~

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