Chapter 11 – Surprise!


After I asked if I was a monster, the room was filled with the awkward kind of silence. But then the book killed the silence by saying, [The ‘Administrators’ were right. You’re a total idiot… The reason why you can use ‘Monster Magic’ is because of the similarities of your mana to them. Remember, the author of the Mana Vitality Technique was not human to begin with.]


“Owww… I’m sorry… It’s just… I’m not very familiar with the concepts of this world.” I apologized for my mistakes and decided to listen to the book much more attentively and carefully at that.


[According to the ‘Administrators’ you should at least be able to cast Level 0 Spells with your capabilities. If by any way that you will be able to improve your mana core once more, you might be able to cast Level 1 spells. I’ll also tell you this now, Lucan’s body has the greatest affinity to the Fire Element.]


“Okay, I understand now. But aren’t I very lucky? Fire is a very destructive element and for Lucan to have such a good affinity is a very beneficial advantage to me!” I rejoiced as I could feel much more powerful than before. [You’re only slightly correct. Although the Fire Element is strong in the 4 Classical Elements, it’s not the strongest in the huge ‘Element Pool,’ where all Elements that have been discovered are recorded within the Infinite Library.]


“Hmph! At least it’s strong for a basic element!” I said strongly so that I wouldn’t get discouraged. [But there are a lot more people talented than you are. According to the Infinite Library, some people are born with Advance-class Elemental Affinities, such as the Lightning Element or the Shadow Element. In terms of talent, you are only average.]


I’ll be honest, I was pissed off by now. The fact that I can’t do anything about my affinity and my talent. What’s more to come is the fact that I think my aptitude for magic is only on the average level. “Sooo… how about my aptitude for magic then?”


[Your aptitude for magic as of now is below average. Lucan himself didn’t care much about magic when he was young and he was also born with only low capabilities on magic. Hence the reason why I encouraged you to try out ‘Monster Magic.’]


After hearing that, I’m not pissed off anymore. I’m super angry now! I can’t believe that I have to reduce myself to using the magic of monsters just so that I could become powerful. But as I got dealt in by my emotions, I suddenly screamed, “Damn it! After dreaming to become a Magus in this world, this is what I get?!”


*wuuurp vuuuum* I could hear a strange noise and my vision suddenly became blurry. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, everything was in grayscale. I was the only one with color. I stood up from my bed and walked around my room. When looked outside the window, a saw a bird suspended in the air while it seemed to be flying. I could no longer hear the book’s voice and realized that time stopped. “Is this… the effect of my Negative Soul?”


*vuuuum wuuurp* This time, the sounds I heard were the same but the other way around. Suddenly, the world gained color once more and everything moved. [How did you get there?] The book suddenly spoke and I jumped from shock while holding my chest with my hand. “I… I don’t know…”


“Quickly! Show me my ‘Status!’ The ‘Administrators’ might know what happened to me!” I shouted even though I was in my house at that time. The book quickly opened up and glowed to show the information I was once showed before.


[Name: Lucan Darius V. Ernest (Nero C. Varley)]

[Title: (No titles)]

[Race: Human (Physically)]

[Occupation: Basic Education Student]

[Path: Unknown]

[Supernatural Abilities: Mana Vitality Technique, Negative Soul]

[Active Skills: Vitality State, Negative Realm]


[I no longer included your description as I think it would not be beneficial to you right now.] The book said while I was analyzing my ‘Status,’ “It’s fine, but could you tell what the Active Skill: Negative Realm is?”


[Active Skill: Negative Realm]

[Description: Allows the user to enter a personal realm that is stuck between reality and nothingness or void by enveloping oneself with ‘Negative Energy’. While the user uses this skill, time would seemingly stop and the user is free to move anywhere while in the realm. As the skill wears off, the user will go back to reality.]

[Duration: Random]


“Hmmm… Although the duration is random, I guess it would be safe to use it for short-time instances only. Either way, this is very beneficial! Now I have something that could help me in a pinch!” I was so happy that I already forgot about the pain was body was shouting.


[You seem overjoyed and you look rather okay now.] The book said as I was rejoicing on my own. “Of course I’m overjoyed! I don’t even want to slack off anymore. I’ll put learning ‘Monster Magic’ aside for now. It’s about time I learn the second movement anyway.”


Lucan focused while sitting down on his bed and recalled the information about the Mana Vitality Technique. He successfully grasped the information he wanted and was overexcited to learn the next movement as it had amazing benefits:


[Second Movement, Initial Stage: ‘Mana Boost’]

[Description: Allows the user to temporarily increase the base strength of chosen parts of the body by saturating the chosen part or parts alone with mana. If this is done to all body parts at the same time, the user will explode. It is recommended to only use it on one or two body parts at a time.]

[Duration: As long as the user still has mana.]


“Now this is useful! Since it increases my base strength, the more I improve the greater the boost!” I wanted to try it out even if it my body was still painful. I mean… One punch is enough to test it out right? So I stood in front my door in a boxing stance. I made my mana saturate my right arm and I mercilessly jabbed my door.


*crack BOOM* “That was weird…” My fist went right through my door and it left a hand-sized hole, but what I didn’t expect was the wall in front of my room had a gigantic hole that was surrounded by cracks. Luckily, it was the wall of our storeroom, where all our old stuff is placed. I suddenly heard rushing footsteps and all my family members saw the gigantic hole in the wall.


“Lucan what have you done?!” My father shouted in shock rather than anger and everyone else had their jaws on the floor from such a sight. As I didn’t want to stay silent, all I could say with a big smile on my face was, “Umm… uhhh… S-surprise!”


~ End ~

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