The Balance Breaker



 Chapter 10 – Monsters & Magic


Chapter 10 – Monsters & Magic


*AHHHHHH GAAAH NOOOO* Shrieks and shouts could be heard everywhere within a small village. Everything was in utter chaos. Fire could be seen in every direction and corpses of people were scattered and bloody. “Help us! Save my family!” Someone shouted out load in vain as there was no one with the capability to help anywhere.


[INAK-TIS-FUUL!] *BOOOM* Suddenly, a beast with a body similar to that of a Komodo Dragon, but red in color, could be seen and as it said the gibberish that came from its mouth, a resounding loud boom could be heard while fire strongly spewed out of its enormous mouth. In appearance, it wasn’t gigantic. It was as long as school bus and as tall as a SUV, but the power it packed with it was totally greater than its size.


After the beast left, the village was reduced to ashes. No survivors, no structures, and all that was left was ash. Even the corpses of the people were reduced to nothing but ash. Clothes, armor, skin, organs, and bones were all ash now. The village went silent and no soul remained…


It’s finally Saturday! Well, not really Saturday, but today is a weekend for the people in the Kingdom of Berklia. Similar to the calendar on Earth, there are 5 weekdays and 2 weekends in this world as well. But instead of training and learning the next movement of the Mana Vitality Technique, all I could do today was lie down in bed and rest. I was literally sore all over. It’s a good thing that my parents were very concerned and made me rest in a comfortable manner.


“Little Lucan how are you feeling? Do you want to eat now?” My mother, Lilia Danna V. Ernest, came into my room and brought some rice porridge. “Sure mother. Just leave it on my table and I’ll eat it a little later.” After that, my mom went back downstairs. It’s actually been very long since I felt being taken care of because back on Earth, I lived by myself. I had no girlfriend to speak of and I have been separated with my family since I was 22 years old, so I usually take care of myself even if I was sick. All I thought was, “As long as I can call emergency services, I’ll be fine!”


I guess all I can do for today is to learn more about this world… “Infinity Book, can you kindly give me more information about this world? I asked the book that was placed on my table. [I strongly advise to not pass the information through direct transferring methods as your body is not in a suitable condition.]


“Awww, what a bummer… Then just narrate stuff to me, please?” It took a few seconds for the book to reply, which was weird since it usually replies instantly. [Fine, listen carefully. This planet is called Kirmet, from the root word ‘Kirndra’ and ‘Metau.’ This is from the ancient language Ufir, which means ‘all races’ and ‘meet.’ Kirmet literally means, ‘where all races meet’ and almost every race in the world agrees on this. The first creatures who were dominant in the world and also made the Ufir Language were monsters. Not intelligent races, but monsters. The reason why the world is known as ‘Kirmet’ is to give respect to the monsters who first roamed the world. As of now, Ufir is widely known as ‘Monster Tongue,’ and almost every intelligent lifeform in the world cannot understand it.]


“Nice, nice. This world has a very juicy background to it. But why did monsters create their own language anyway?” I asked curiously as I could not think of any reason myself. [The same reason why any language was created, to communicate. But in Kirmet, language isn’t only used for communication. It could also be used for magic. Ufir was designed by the 12 Great Calamities, the strongest and most intelligent monsters of the past, in order to talk to each other and to cast magic.]


“But aren’t monsters already magic as they are? Why would they need to cast magic? Wouldn’t that make their monstrous traits useless?” I was extremely puzzled and was very eager to hear the answers. [You remember how this planet merged with two dying planets? Those two dying planets were literally filled with monsters. Now, there is mana in the world, and monsters would generally love to take advantage of it. That said, it would not make their traits useless as in order to execute whatever monstrous abilities they have only requires their own energy or stamina. Don’t worry too much, because only intelligent monsters are able to cast spells.]


“That’s good to hear! I bet there aren’t even that many intelligent monsters in the world!” Although I was genuinely happy, it was cut off by the next statement of the book, [Unfortunately, 60% of all monsters are intelligent and able to cast spells, be it simple or complex spells. The bigger problem is that ‘monster magic,’ is entirely different from ‘human magic,’ meaning: No magus can ever copy what monsters do. There can be similar effects, but not the same fundamentals.] Although I was no longer joyful, I was relieved. “Then it’s a fair game I guess.”


[Bluntly speaking, it’s not a fair game. Monsters cast spells very easily and swiftly. All they have to do is speak whatever spell they are able to cast in the Ufir Language and it would happen. For example, a monster is able to cast a fireball, all it would need to say is ‘INAK-VALA’ and a fireball will appear from where it wants and will accordingly go towards where it wants.] My face went pale and I suddenly stood up. My palms were sweaty, my knees were weak, my arms were heavy, and I suddenly remembered a rap song back on Earth that had the exact lyrics. I was afraid… If I were to encounter one as I am right now, I would surely die since 60% of monsters were able to cast spells…


[You look scared and lost. Honestly, you should try it for yourself. I strongly advise not to use it anywhere where there are intelligent beings as it would make them think that you’re completely a monster.] The book suddenly made a comment as I was being all weak and scared.


I was puzzled once more and was filled with confusion. It’s like everything I believed in was suddenly slapped to my face like it was nothing, “Wait a second… I’m a monster too?”


~ End ~

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