The Balance Breaker



Chapter 8 – New World, New Me


Chapter 8 – New World, New Me


Today is the 3rd day that I’m in Lucan’s body and I’ve been able to recall much more memories than before. Some of it was pretty good memories overall, but sadly Lucan apparently gets bullied a lot in school for having a thin figure. I have school today, but exams are already over and according to Lucan’s memories, I just need to live out the last few months of school and I’ll graduate already.


“Hey Lucan!” A student shouted from the distance while I was walking towards school and beside that student was someone with a similar face as him. They both had smug looks and it these two were the bullies that always pushed Lucan around. The one who shouted was named Gilten K. Pourus and the one beside him Troye K. Pourus IV. In the end, I decided to ignore them, but things got ugly from there.


“So you’re ignoring us now?! We haven’t settled our score yet you twig! You’re going pay for pulling a prank on my twin brother the other day!” This guy was as furious as a volcano and kept shouting while we were already within the vicinity of the school.


If only Lucan didn’t get revenge on Gilten’s twin brother, I wouldn’t be in this kind of situation. “Oh yeah?! What are you two going to do about it?” The twins looked at each other and nodded. Gilten came near and pushed me so hard that I fell to the ground.


“What nonsense are you spouting Lucan? HAHAHA! Did you hit your head so hard that you don’t remember all the things we’ve done to you? Seems like your putting up the ‘fearless act’ despite being a twig!” Gilten laughed while ridiculing in front of everyone and his twin chuckled while hiding behind him.


“Alright that’s enough!” Another student suddenly came beside me and shouted at the twins. When I turned my head to take a look I was shocked at what I saw… It was a literal beauty, even for a 12-year-old. Her skin was white and her hair was long and silky, and most importantly, her face could be compared to that of nobility as she looked like a princess from Europe or something. Behind her were some other students that glared fiercely towards the twins. I guess Lucan wasn’t so stupid and dumb to provoke bullies without actually having backup.


“Tsk! You got lucky today Lucan, but I’ll make sure that you’ll suffer two times greater than what Troye went through!” Gilten shouted and then left with his twin.


“Thanks for the save back there — GAH!” I was thanking the girl beside me but she suddenly slugged me in the stomach. “Hey what was that for?!”


“I already warned you about pranking the twins, but you still didn’t listen and if it wasn’t for me saving you again, you probably have been beaten to a pulp as always!” This girl was apparently named Vhien Joy O. Berklia III, she’s a princess in the Kingdom of Berklia and was actually good friends with Lucan. As to why she’s in a school where there are middle-class people, it was in order for her to gain face and popularity in her generation. Also, she has the responsibility of assuming the throne as her older sisters are no longer residing in the kingdom.


“Hehe… I’m sorry. I won’t do it again, I promise!” I chuckled while saying that with a smile. It’s like I already have a crush on her, but I have to remember that I’m 30 years old already! Although, I’m in the body of a 12-year-old.


Vhien turned the other way and coldly said, “You better repay me by becoming one of my supporters in the future!” After that she and her “squad” left and went inside the school.


It’s a shame that teachers don’t care that much for the things students do to each other. Lucan has been bullied many times and only one teacher out of the many teachers in the school actually intervened between the conflicts Lucan had with his classmates. To Lucan, this teacher was a very important figure to him. But sadly he left the school to pursue his dream of becoming an Alchemist.


*haaaa* I breathed out a sigh of relief while being worried at the same time. So, I stood up and encouraged myself, “I have to get stronger fast! Even if school is just a few months from ending, I can’t just have people pushing me around until school is out or even after school is over!”


Class was over before I knew it and I ran straight home to practice the Mana Vitality Technique. Once again I locked myself up in my room and started to practice.


5 minutes later…


“Hey Infinity Book… I think something’s wrong. I can’t feel anything despite compressing my mana like yesterday.” The book’s exterior cover glowed and when it dimmed out, it replied with, [It seems that you already finished with compressing your mana. I will now fully explain the things that happened within you. First, you have successfully improved your mana core, where all your mana is produced. Unlike elves that receive mana from the world itself, humans have mana cores where they produce mana. This was an evolution humans had when they appeared in this mana-rich world, but humans regenerate their mana over time by slowly absorbing mana from the world. Unlike most humans, your mana core is now a ‘Compressed Mana Core.’ It’s still weak, but even mages would take a long time to naturally improve their mana core.]


“Owww… So the reason why my body was burning up was because of the change I was causing to myself. Why didn’t you just transfer that information to me when you transferred the knowledge about the technique to me?” I asked while looking a bit irritated.


[There are restrictions to the knowledge you can access. The author of the technique also did it this way. He only taught the process before actually explaining what happened. To give courtesy to the author I must be very discreet to you about the technique as well. As the author’s rule is, ‘Do what I tell you first before complaining.’]


I only closed my eyes and nodded my head in acknowledgement as I was only borrowing his technique without his consent. I was basically stealing, so I shouldn’t have any complaints. “What else happened to me?”


[Second, you are one of the people who have the best foundation among all those who practiced the technique. The author once said to his first disciples, ‘If you are truly worthy, it would only take one day to finish the initial stages of the technique!’ In short, congratulations for being talented. Lastly, you must now focus on increasing your mana capacity as a whole in order to be able to use the first movement of the initial stage comfortably.]


“How should I be able to increase my capacity? I thought magi are the only people capable of doing that? The book replied instantly, [Give it some time. Your brain should be to comprehend the process to that by now.]


It was true, as I was focusing on the words “increasing my mana capacity,” I could suddenly understand what to do and how to do it. “With this, I’m bound to get stronger!” I was excited as I can be as this is something I could only dream about if I was still on Earth.


~ End ~

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