Chapter 7 – Unclear Clarity


[Hmmm… I expected you to be shocked, but not to this degree. You should’ve already noticed that you’re different. After all, your capabilities alone were not enough for the Gate of Wisdom to gauge. Luckily, the Infinity Library can record and archive everything accurately and accordingly.] The book explained to Lucan as the shock and fear from Lucan’s face was still visible after seeing his “Status.”


“Okay, okay. I have to be calm and prepare myself… Infinity Book, what exactly happened on the day Earth disappeared in a flash?” I prepared myself to the best of my ability, since the “Overseer of the Universe” didn’t actually bother to explain everything to me in detail.


[The ‘Negative Catastrophe’ did not come from Earth itself. Earth was only the victim of a certain race that caused it. To further understand this you must know that Earth is in a local zone of galaxies where worlds or planets do not produce mana. The habitable planets within the local zone of galaxies are those who foster life that usually and commonly improve with time through technology.] I cut off her explanation and said out load, “Then does that mean there are actually races that have reached a Type II or Type III Civilization?!”


[Indeed, there are civilizations that have the capability of expanding throughout their own galaxy within the local zone Earth is located at. But on planet 0X415 there were experiments on how to utilize ‘Negative Energy,’ however it only ended up in vain as it caused a massive explosion of ‘Negative Energy,’ hence the reason why it is recorded as the ‘Negative Catastrophe.’ During the catastrophe, many planets were destroyed and Earth was the only planet that was destroyed which had life. Every other planet was either desolate or filled with resources.]


“That actually seems deeper than I thought it was. I just assumed that it was a simple accident, but I didn’t expect to actually hear about different concepts about our world. So… is this ‘Negative Energy’ like dark matter or something?” I asked as my curiosity lit up even more.


[Those are two different things and are not at all similar. ‘Negative Energy’ is the total opposite of ‘Positive Energy.’ Think of it as “Yin and Yang” or even life and death. It’s a type of energy that literally produces negative phenomena and the sort. However, your soul absorbed the energy and became one with it. As for the reason why, I’m not exactly sure as the records about it within the Infinite Library are inaccessible for you.]


There it is again! Another restriction… “So even if I’m with you, I still have different restrictions to knowledge I access…” The book replied in an apologetic manner to me, [I’m humbly sorry for the inconvenience. The only way for one to have complete access in the Infinity Library is to become an ‘Administrator,’ where the details in order to become one is something I cannot expose.]


“Alright, it’s fine. Can you at least provide me with some ways to utilize ‘Negative Energy’ and what I could do with my Negative Soul ability?” I asked the book, but there was a moment of awkward silence before the book replied. [I’m sorry, but you are the only one with such records of having a Negative Soul ability and the ‘Administrators’ are currently observing you in order to retrieve accurate data. There are some records on utilizing ‘Negative Energy,’ but all of it require top-notch technology, it cannot be done by single person, and all have ended in failure. In short, you are on your own… again.]


I suddenly hear my doors creak and started to panic. I hid the book under my bed, but it seems that I was too late and my mother had already noticed me, “Little Lucan, what in the world are you trying to hide under your bed?”


Well… Things didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would be and so, I told my mother the “TRUTH” by telling her that it was just book about cultivating the body, but it was written in a different language. But her reply made me panic a lot more, “So you’re finally considering those things? It’s almost as if you’re no longer the son we know and love… I mean… since recent times, you were always against cultivation. But here you are actually studying it. I feel proud, but confused at the same time.”


“I’m sorry mother, but this is all the truth I can say for now…” Lucan thought to himself as he showed all smiles to his wondering mother even if he was anxious about the fact that her mother was very sharp about him not being her son.


“Also, you didn’t collect any herbs today… Are you finally giving up on becoming an herbalist? Do you want to continue you father’s legacy as blacksmith now?!” My mother became excited even more and asked me a lot of questions.


Apparently, Lucan was supposed to be the heir of the family’s business in blacksmithing, but Lucan was more interested in the arts of herbalism in order to become a doctor.


“About that… I still want to think about it mother…” I said in low tone, while the excitement of my mother was wiped off from her face, “Oh… okay… There’s no need to rush it anyway, since you’re only entering the age to be accepted as an apprentice.


Yes, an apprentice. That’s how this world works. You have to become an apprentice of someone from a certain field of profession and complete their training. With that, you will be given an official certification that you have passed the training and will be able to work in the world as a highly valued worker, well in most cases that is.


This is the reason why most people who take in the Path of the Scholar become successful in their field of profession because they can complete the training faster and have recognition from official scholar academies. If people do not plan to take on the Path of the Magus or Knight, they should at least consider on becoming a scholar, since it would be the only to ensure a secure future for themselves and their families.


“Be it on Earth or in the Kingdom of Berklia, it seems that education is truly a ‘need’ in order to survive.” Lucan pondered to himself after realizing some similarities of the “New World” and Earth.


~ End ~


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