Chapter 6 – Change


After the exams, Lucan was very depressed and disappointed in himself. Instead of going out to the woods and collect different herbs, he went straight back to his house. But this was not to seek comfort, rather this was a great way for him to finally practice the forbidden technique etched in his mind.


“I’ll finally be able to practice! Mother is asleep and everyone else doesn’t come back home until sundown. It’s almost as if I have the house for myself today!” Lucan said joyfully as he walked home with a brimming grin on his face.


“Alright! Let’s finally get down to business.” Lucan said to himself as he entered his quarters in order to cultivate privately.


The forbidden technique is called “Mana Vitality Technique” and put simply, it’s as if turning the mana within the spirit of a being into a source of power and energy for the body. Of course, in order to actually perform such a feat requires the being to be very talented because the rating of the technique is considered High-grade.


I sat down on the floor and began processing the information etched in my brain and little by little I began to understand the workings of the technique, the only problem is that all I could be understand and execute are the initial stages of the technique itself. “Seems like I’ll be having a hard time to actually master this technique.” I said to myself and heard a reply to my own comment.


[Truthfully, you will have a very hard time practicing the technique I gave you because the beings who practiced it were not from Human Race to begin with.] Said the Infinity Book, which I placed on my bed after I entered the room.


“Then how am I even going to master this technique?” I asked out of frustration from the difficulty of the technique itself.


[Put simply, you can’t master it. Well… you can’t master it ‘yet’ that is. As a human, all you will be able to execute are the initial stages, in which is already decent since you are unlike the first users of the technique.] Explained the book calmly to my burning question.


Although I understand the gist of the technique already, I don’t really know the reason why it’s forbidden. As I shifted through the information in my brain, I discovered that the main purpose of the technique is improve the quality of the user’s mana and for the mana to become a source of energy and power for the body. It’s very simple, yet I don’t understand why it’s labeled as “forbidden.”


“It’s time to begin…” I focused with all my might and executed the first part to cultivate the technique, which was to pressure one’s mana in order to for the mana to become compressed and to become a purer form of mana. So, in order to do this I began familiarizing my body with the mana in my spirit and tried to move it around and I found that it was actually a very easy feat to perform. Thus, I continued and moved my mana all at once to the center where I could feel my mana gathered.


“GAAAH!” I groaned in the pain that surged throughout my body and even if it wasn’t very hot in my room, I was sweating a liters of sweat.


[It seems you have successfully started the process of compressing your mana. For a seemingly regular human, you were actually able to quickly execute that feat. Remember, you must only do that for 2 hours per day or else your spirit will break from all the pressure it’s dealing to your mana.] Although I already knew the warning of the book, I didn’t really pay much attention to my surroundings as I could feel the burning sensation of my body.


2 hours later…


*haa haa haa*


There I was, panting on the wooden floor of my room while I was drowned in sweat to the point that it made my body sticky all around. “That… was very gruesome… and… intense…” I said while lying down on the floor.


[Congratulations, you were able to complete the process. All you have to do now is to keep doing that every day until you will no longer feel any pain, and then you can actually start practicing the techniques that will require the ‘Compressed Mana’ you have begun forming and familiarizing with.]


Then I had the wildest idea, “Infinity book, can you tell me my records in this body right now?” The book suddenly replied and I was filled with excitement, [Of course I can. You seem to be very curious about your body. Worry not, not only will I provide you with the most accurate information, I will also take time to explain any concept that you do not understand!] Says the book as it began to open up.


The light from the book however, stayed on top of the pages and suddenly, on the page where the book opened, I could see a human figure on one page and understandable words on the next page. “Damn… It’s literally like a numerical status check.” I said out of astonishment.


[It is indeed what you think it is. On Earth you would commonly see such concepts in different games, novels, manga, manhua and the sort. Most people of Earth who are familiar with this concept call it ‘Status.’] Says the book to the shocked Lucan.


“Of course I knew that, but as of now, it’s like I’m living in a world where all those concepts are true.” I said and the book replied with, [It’s not like all those were entirely made up through imagination, it’s just Earth wasn’t the type of planet to foster mana in order for inhabitants to use.]


“Oh… So it’s like different worlds have their own different and unique properties. Hehehe, that’s enough of that, I still have this ‘Status’ to check.” I chuckled as I analyzed the pages where it showed:


[Name: Lucan Darius V. Ernest (Nero C. Varley)]

[Title: (No titles)]

[Race: Human (Physically)]

[Occupation: Basic Education Student]

[Path: Unknown]

[Supernatural Abilities: Mana Vitality Technique, Negative Soul]

[Description: Formerly a man on the planet called ‘Earth’ and got his physical body destroyed due to an excessive exposure to ‘Negative Energy.’ Unlike all other humans, Nero’s soul absorbed the ‘Negative Energy’ during the ‘Negative Catastrophe’ and his soul harmonized with the energy. As of now he is the body of a 12-year-old boy named Lucan and this body serves as the ‘Shell’ of Nero’s soul.]


My mouth was open with shock and all I could say was, “WHAT THE HELL?!”


~ End ~


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