Chapter 5 – Paying the Price


For people on Earth or specifically for people who “were” on Earth, knowledge is power and combine it with money and resources, great influence and success are usually at reach. But in this world not only do you require knowledge, money, and influence, you would also need to have strength that can surpass others in order to survive in this world. Humans are no longer the so-called “Dominant Race.” There are many competitors that are more capable and powerful than humans. Thus to survive I need strength, I need to become stronger…


[I shall now begin the transfer of information.] The book said to me telepathically as it opened and lit up. [But be warned, for the knowledge I will pass onto you has been conceptualized by a powerful being and it is forbidden for me to give you any details about the maker of this technique, unless you are already stronger than the maker. All you must know is that many have already used this technique and became great heroes of their respective worlds, but some also became the biggest threat to their homeland.] The book warned as it passed on abundant information to my brain and even gave me headache during the process.


*uuuggghhh* I was groaning from the pain of my head and to put in fact that I still have to process all the information that has been passed on to me by the book.


[Is there anything else you would like to know? Would you like any clarifications about that forbidden and lost technique? Do you perhaps wish for me to tutor you or to spoon-feed the ways on how to execute the technique?] Nagged the book as my head was still aching terribly.


“Please just let me rest!” Lucan to the book in his mind while his head was still hurting from the pain. “For now, I think I should just get some sleep…” Lucan then fell into a deep slumber for the whole night.


The technique that was passed was rather simple, but it has a very high difficulty when it comes to practicing it. To understand the concept of difficulties, there are generally 3 rankings for cultivation techniques, be it for magic, the body, or the mind.


The first ranking is called High-grade Technique, usually these techniques are those practiced by people of myths and legends, and some great leaders of empires and kingdoms also have possession of such amazing techniques. The second is Middle-grade Technique, commonly those who are enlisted in the army of a kingdom practice Middle-grade Techniques. Adventurers also practice such techniques and they commonly acquire it from masters of a Middle-grade Technique. Lastly, there is Low-grade Technique. These are what most humans practice, but most low-class people don’t even have any access to Low-grade Techniques and if some do have these techniques, not all are able to comprehend and practice it because of the lack of information, thus staying as regular humans for the rest of their lives.


“Lu… can… Lucan… LUCAN!” A voice shouted and I was suddenly lifted from my sleep. I noticed that my mother has entered my room and had an angry look on her face and said, “Get up already! You will be late for school!”


“School? But I’m 30 years old already…” I said stupidly as my head was still foggy from my sudden awakening.


What nonsense are you spouting boy?! Do you think I will let you stay home when you have an important test today?! And what is it with you saying that you are 30? You’re only 12 little Lucan.” My mother said to me while I sat down on my bed.


“A test?! At school?!” Of course it had to be at school. I’m just a student in this world, what was I thinking?


Yes, of course it’s at school! Now get up, eat your food downstairs and go to school. I just came back from work and will be sleeping soon.” My mother said to me while a hand covered her face from the stress.


I stood up and kissed my mother on her cheek, “Alright, alright, I’ll get myself ready. Sleep well and rest easy mother.” I went downstairs and did all the necessary things I must do and left for school.


As I neared the school, I became anxious, “Infinity Book… I need your help.” I said in my mind in order for the book to hear me out. [Don’t worry too much. The test that you will encounter can be easily answered with the intelligence and knowledge you have stockpiled from the education you received on Earth.] The book replied as it already knew my worries.


“That’s the point… I’ve been trying to remember things about my education, be it from my past or Lucan’s past, but for some reason I can’t recall anything.” I politely replied. [Ah, yes. I forgot to tell you. The side effect of transferring an abundant amount of information for the first time is the inability to recall or identify anything related to academics or education properly.] The book added.


As I entered the classroom of Lucan I sat down and asked the book again, “Then just transfer the answers to my brain or tell me the answers while I’m taking the exam.”


But the reply of the book was totally heartbreaking to me, [I cannot transfer any information to you, since you will stand out, and children are not even allowed to have possession of magic artifacts. Even if you find someplace private, your exams are about to begin within 2 minutes. Good luck and I request that you do not blame me. Talk to me once again after your exams.]


“But… But I’m technically 30 years old!” There was no reply and so, I kept thinking, “Infinity Book…? Oh no… Please help me, have mercy on me!” Still there was nothing. Afterwards, the teacher went in and we had the exam. The moment I saw the test paper, I took out my quill and ink bottle. Despite trying my best to answer the questions, it was like I became a complete idiot and I couldn’t answer anything with confidence. In the end, I answered in patterns, since almost everything was multiple-choice.


Lucan then prepared himself for the worst as he knew that passing the exams that day was literally a pipe dream…


~ End ~


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