The Balance Breaker



Chapter 4 – The Price for Knowledge


Chapter 4 – The Price for Knowledge


“Oh no! It’s going to be night soon! I have to go home before my mother kills me!” I started running as fast as I could back home. My family lives in the Kingdom of Berklia of the Ganthar Empire. It’s a small Kingdom despite already being as large as a modern city, but the Ganthar Capital is even bigger.


[Do you request any assistance?] The book calmly asked.


*haa haa haa* “Do you… have any… way of getting… me home… faster?” I asked while panting as I ran as fast I can with the little 12-year-old legs that I have.


[First, you should really try to communicate with me through your thoughts. Second, there are many ways to go home faster than running, but none of which you can do at the moment. Lastly, according to the records, your mother is planning to give you sermon about going home late.]


“Shit! This is bad! Lucan never went home late in his entire life. My mother might become suspicious of me!” I thought to myself as I ran until my face went pale. Eventually I reached the kingdom gate and showed my citizen crest to enter. I still ran on the way to my house and awaited a punishment from my parents.


*knock knock* I slowly knocked two times to give ideas that I’m sorry for what I’ve done before entering.


“Where have you been little one?” My parents asked at the same time, while my elder siblings were sitting at the dinner table with a smug look on both of their faces.


“I can explain mother, father…” I said softly so that I wouldn’t anger them much more than they already are.


“Hmm… I would like to hear that explanation, coming from the boy who was always punctual in going home.” My mother coldly said as if I had broken the biggest rule in the house.


“I was attacked by a bear while collecting herbs.” Personally, I also find it stupid to actually give that reason to my parents. But what else could I say? I didn’t want to lie since I might become comfortable with lying and will end up doing it all the time. Also, it’s true that I was attacked, my clothes are even in a bad shape.


“WHAT?!” Everyone shouted in worry and shock, after which my brother hurriedly checked up on me to see if I had any injuries. It seems that we’re a family that believes deeply in each other’s words. “It’s true mother look at his clothes, they have claw marks on the back.” My elder brother said as he examined my condition.


I really dodged a bullet there and if it wasn’t for my brother inspecting me the truth wouldn’t come out. “Luckily, I was able to run away before I got wounded. I might have gotten too close to its territory while collecting herbs.”


“The good thing is, you are safe and sound. Now why don’t you change your clothes and take a bath. Your mother made your favorite vegetable soup!” My father happily said as his smile was clearly seen despite having a thick beard.


Naturally I took a bath, changed my clothes and ate. Usually at this time my mom would go out and work in the tavern until tomorrow morning, “Good bye mother, do your best at work!” I said to my mother as I kissed her cheek and saw her glittering black hair flow at her back while leaving the house.


“Father, I’m going to bed now. Good night.” I said, to my father as he cleaned the house after my mother left.


I entered my room and blew out the candle. “I could really get used to this.” I thought to myself as a smile could be clearly seen on my face. “Hey… Infinity Book?” I said in my thoughts.


[Yes? Do you wish to inquire knowledge from the library?] The voice this time only rang out within my mind and I knew for sure that it was a special king of telepathy, since I didn’t use any mana to talk to the book.


“Yes, I do wish for knowledge. Knowledge that could give me the strength to protect my family in the future… I do not wish for the same thing to happen to my family again, since as of now everything seems to be too happy. I know for sure that this is only temporary peace, but this isn’t Earth and I could work to become stronger. My family… I couldn’t protect them… I was weak.” Lucan thought to himself while reminiscing the events that happened to his family in the past.


[Then I’ll give you the knowledge you seek. Knowledge beyond compare that could be obtained in this world. The knowledge that can turn you into the “Greatest King” or into the “Deadliest Monster.”] The book said, as if telling me that I might soon fall to worldly desires and wouldn’t be able to resist the thirst for power.


~ End ~


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