Chapter 3 – The New World


I started to recall the memories of the boy named Lucan and figured out a lot of essential things from the memories as if it was my own, “Hmm… So I’m 12 years old this year and only have a few months left to graduate from basic education. I have a hobby of collecting herbs for cooking. I love my family and my family loves me too. I have an older sister which is a scholar on tailoring and related arts, an older brother which is already an enlisted knight, my mother is a cook in a tavern, and my father is a blacksmith.”


[You could’ve just asked me about your family, since I have all their records.] A voice came from somewhere near him and realized that the book given to him by the Gate of Wisdom could actually speak.


“This is great! Since you can speak, does that mean you can tell me anything I want to know without actually reading?” I asked excitingly, since it feels like I have my own personal speaking “Google” or “Alexa” things that people had on Earth.


[I can also directly transfer any information you would like to know to you brain. Although it would give a weird feeling, it is the most efficient way of transferring information from the Infinite Library.] The book explained.


“I want to try that out. Can you please transfer brief details about yourself and also some brief information and history about this world?” I politely asked the book.


Suddenly, the book opened up. Streaks of light came gushing from the book and entered my body. As the light started dimming, the book closed and the information I wanted was already transferred directly to my brain.


So, this world is a planet that generates mana and it fused with two other dying planets, thus saving the dying life on these planets. The human race have been around for so long that civilization already entered a medieval sort of age. There are also different races, such as Elves, Beastkin, Neptunians, and other miscellaneous races. “Wow! This world is unexpectedly amazing! It’s like straight out of a MMORPG or something!”


As for the book, it’s called the Infinity Book and it acts as an access for users to gain information from the Infinite Library, in which according to the book, has all the records of everything that happened in the universe and could predict different outcomes and patterns that have a possibility of becoming true in the universe. The information to gain is virtually limitless because you can just ask simple or complex questions, such as instructions and the sort, and there will be an answer.


[Is that all you wish to inquire?] The voice asked calmly as if it was very focused and serious in doing its purpose.


“By the way, could you also transfer information on how humans utilize mana? Please?” I still didn’t stop being polite because I knew for sure that this book is going to be my greatest asset in this second life.


Once again it opened and started the process of transferring information. Honestly, it really did give a weird feeling like a surge of information is being burned into my brain.


Generally, there are three main paths for humans to use mana that is if they have the capability to use mana. Most low-class people live and die without being able to use the mana that is naturally imbued in their body during birth because of the fact that they lack information about it. The paths are called The Path of the Magus, Knight, and Scholar.


In the Magus Path, it involves magic as a whole, such as alchemy, conjuration, destruction, and so on. Commonly, Nobles are composed of Magi and Magi are highly valued wherever they go. In short it’s literally for the rich and famous. But, the number of active Magi is low since most live in seclusion to search for knowledge and some stay within a magic academy to improve their arts.


Those in The Path of the Knight aren’t just soldiers that use swords for battle. It’s only called the Path of the Knight because it was first done by knights or soldiers, which was instead of using mana to alter the physical laws of nature and the sort, knights used mana to improve their bodies and physical capabilities. Be it footmen, adventurers, and so on, they take upon Knight’s Path. Most people in this path are middle-class people and there are some low-class too. It’s just that different cultivations have different results.


As for the Scholar Path, these are the people who study to cultivate their bodies, physically or mentally, in order to become the best in whatever profession it is that they took. Well you could say that only a few people are in this path, since it would be hassle to study a specific cultivation and it is way easier to just cultivate for common body improvement, but most scholars become very successful for the skills they possess.


“It seems that life in this new world is truly going to be amazing. This time… I’ll do things right!” Lucan swore to himself.


~ End ~


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