The Balance Breaker



Chapter 2 – Gradually Starting


Chapter 2 – Gradually Starting


“Why is it so dark?” Truthfully, I was waiting for a reply, but in the end, there was only silence and darkness all around me. I thought to myself that maybe that so-called overseer tricked me into going inside the gate and was going to store me in there for eternity as if it was going to turn me into an artifact.


“Wait… is that, light?” I got excited and I rushed with all my might towards it. I know, you’re probably thinking that I shouldn’t go into the light, but it really is better than staying inside this darkness.


*WHOOSH* Gust-like sounds rang out the as the light I went into expanded in front of me.


[You’re already out? That was abnormally quick.] The voice wondered and spoke its thoughts out load.


I was angry, of course, because I felt like I was really being fooled to become a prisoner and it was very lucky for me to actually get out of the gate quickly so, I shouted, “What the hell was that for? Did you just try to turn me into your prisoner or something?!”


It took a while for the voice to reply and decided to be honest with the soul, [Let me guess… You saw nothing but darkness inside?]


“Yes… Why?” The voice’s reply to me as he guessed sounded like he was worried and confused.


[Hmm… Let’s just put this behind us for now. The important thing is that the Gate of Wisdom bestowed upon you a gift.] Wow, what an expert of changing subjects. I can’t believe this voice is just going to leave me hanging despite being engulfed in darkness.


“I didn’t receive any gift from the gate.” So, I started looking around and I saw a book with words I couldn’t understand on the front cover, “Is this my gift?”


[Yes, yes it is. That’s an artifact I made for the sole purpose of gaining access to the Infinite Library.] Although I don’t really know what the “Infinite Library” was, I guess it’s somewhat like an archive of sorts or something?


Although I had burning questions, I went silent since the voice was starting to finally explain things, [You will be given a second chance. Since you are a victim of an event that broke the balance of the universe, the effort I will make is to reincarnate you to a different world along with the gift that you received form the Gate of Wisdom.]


[You will be in a new world, in the body of a boy named Lucan Darius V. Ernest. The boy was collecting herbs in the forest, but he was attacked by a bear and died on the spot. Luckily, the bear didn’t eat the body and the soul had already left its ties with the body and has already been guided to where it must go.] The voice rang out.


I was curious about this body and just couldn’t help to ask, “So technically, I’m going to be reincarnated to a dying body?”


The voice let out a sigh as if it was already tired of me asking it questions, [*Haaah* Of course the body of the boy would be healed by me. It would be pointless if you’ll just die after reincarnating.]


[So now I ask you, who are you? Do you remember anything from your past? Do know the reason why you died?] I could feel the pressure of the voice and it was giving me signals that I shouldn’t answer jokingly.


“According to whatever memories I have left, I’m named Nero C. Varley in my past life, I was a 30-year-old man. I had no wife nor girlfriend, but I had great friends and a loving family. I cannot recall my occupation, but I still have some happy memories with some close friends and I still remember the day the Earth got destroyed and how it was destroyed.” I answered to the voice honestly because of its ever-changing attitude.


[That is good. Now, I hereby grant your reincarnation to the new world. Let this second chance in life grant you joy.] *BOOM* a thundering sound came and the soul of the man named Nero disappeared from the mysterious realm.


[This is bad. Out of the 8 billion people of Earth, one was able to retain a lot of memories. This might really stir up chaos. Luckily, the people Earth were distributed to different worlds.] The voice said to itself as if having a burden of its shoulder.


*chirp chirp chirp* The songs of little birds could be clearly heard.


“Is that… the sky?” I opened my eyes to see a grand blue image in front of my eyes, which apparently made my eyes sting a lot, “Yup, it’s the sky.”


~ End ~


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