Chapter 1 – The New Life


June 19, 2033­­. I was 30 years old on that time, and I dubbed that time as The Day The Earth Died, the 6th Extinction, and The Big Flash. All of these were the names I made up for the huge catastrophe that happened on that destined date. I myself witnessed it and I truly saw my life flash before my eyes until I said to myself, “Seems like this is the end.” And there it was, a streak of black light landed on the surface of the Earth and a flash of light extinguished the Earth itself.


“Where am I?” I opened my eyes and all I could see was white. It was kind of stupid to ask such a question after I witnessed my own death.


[You are here, while you are not. Unbound by time, yet shackled by it.] A distant, yet close voice said to me.


To be honest, it was actually unexpected. To think that I just died and the first thing I hear is a voice spouting words of whatever wisdom is it that it has, but still I appreciated the fact that there was actually a reply and I asked, “Why am I here?”


[Isn’t it obvious already? You died.] The voice rang out as if it was trying to tell me that I’m stupid for not actually realizing that I died.


I really didn’t know if this voice is the one who is stupid or not, so I just asked the voice another question, “Of course I know I died, but shouldn’t I be in like a judgement place where God asks me questions and then decides if I go to Heaven or Hell?”


[You’re a really weird human…] I lost it, this voice was totally a dumbass. I could already tell that I’m not going to get the answers I want from the voice so just went quiet.


[I am called the Overseer of the Universe, I watch the balance of the world and make efforts to restore that balance whenever it is disrupted.] Says the voice proudly as if it really didn’t care about the questions that I had in my head, so I just went along with the flow.


“Well… Since I’m here, does that mean I disrupted the balance of the universe?” I know, isn’t it already obvious? This voice must be angry that humans kept on abusing Earth and decided to eradicate the human race.


But the answer of the voice totally unexpected and shocking, [You are merely a victim of the race that disrupted the balance because of power and greed.]


“Wait what? A different race?” I couldn’t help it, I was just very curious of the world and to hear that there was another race, I became excited because that was solid proof that we were not alone in the universe.


[Indeed, they were also humans like you and they were very intelligent and innovative. But that was only true until they caused their own destruction.] Well… That was the end of my excitement. It seems that whether it was an undeveloped world like Earth or a high-tech civilization, as long as there are humans, the world would lead to its own destruction.


“So… What now?” It was pretty direct for me to ask that, but I was literally at a loss and didn’t know if I was supposed to know the cause of everything or not.


[Now you must look behind you!] The voice this time sounded very powerful. So I didn’t hesitate anymore and for some reason I felt like I still had a body so I turned around.


I was dumbstruck and all I could say was, “What… is… that?”


[That little one, is called the Gate of Wisdom, I made it to store different artifacts that I made or that was naturally born out of cosmic energy.] It was a majestic sight, an enormous golden gate with many detailed rune-like symbols on the gate and on the side were gigantic pillars that seemed like ancient Greek marble pillars, just that it was golden.


[Touch it.] The voice was calm and soothing this time and it told me that while I was still blankly staring at the enormous gate.


Naturally, I thought of going closer by walking, but just after thinking of ‘going closer’ it was as if a flew and I was already in front of the Gate of Wisdom, I reached out my hand as if I still had one and once again I was engulfed by light.


[This little one is very talented, he was actually able to navigate freely and comfortably in my realm.] The voice thought to itself as it saw how the soul of this person was not bound by the pressure of the realm that couldn’t be easily resisted by mortal souls.


~ End ~


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