The Balance Breaker

by EzMi3

A man witnesses the unreasonable and undescribable destruction of Earth. He doesn't how it happened, but he is sure that all life on Earth was done for. Fortunately, he is given a second chance and a gift as compensation by an unknown powerful being called the "Overseer of the Universe."

The same series of events happened to all humans on Earth and they have also been given a second chance in life. Witness the adventures of the protaganist as he wishes to live his life to the fullest, meet new comrades, and to no longer make the mistakes he made in his past life, which made him live with regrets.

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Theres no much to comment with 8 chapters but i think the beginning was ok, the premise is not new but i want to know how Will the author spice it. 


It's not bad per se but for one it's kind of cliche and second, it needs some editing. The whole cliche part is that the MC dies meets an all-powerful being and gets a cheat skill. With the editing part, there are grammar mistakes and missing words throughout each chapter but they are not to the point of not understand what is trying to be said. Overall, it just needs to be looked over a few times by different people and then the story, while it might not be unique, will be better.