The world called out for a hero to purge it of a great evil. It received Broccoli Bunch, explorer, expert cleaner, occasional ghost-buster, and full time Cinnamon Bun. 


Features include:

Talking enemies into becoming friends
Hugging menu boxes
Awesome overpowered skills (such as Cleaning, and Gardening)
And more adventure than you could shake a stick at! 

 Follow Broccoli on her personal quest to make all the friends. All of them.

Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday!

Now Available in ebook and paperback formats here:

Volume One - Amazon

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A bird that likes comfy and happy things, and also knives. Once ate a god’s eye and awakened the ability to see all that is good in the world. Known to steal shiny ideas and baubles. Currently forbidden from writing his own bios.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Maps and Art ago
Chapter Zero - A Call to Adventure ago
Chapter One - Like You've Seen a Ghost ago
Chapter Two - Who You Gonna Call? ago
Chapter Three - Crime Spree ago
Chapter Four - Dusting Off History ago
Chapter Five - An Insightful Afternoon ago
Chapter Six - Armoured and Ready ago
Chapter Seven - Grave ago
Chapter Eight - A Look into the Past ago
Chapter Nine - Dungeon Dive ago
Chapter Ten - Mushroom Hop ago
Chapter Eleven - Wearing Many Hats ago
Chapter Twelve - Tea Time ago
Chapter Thirteen - Off With Her Head ago
Chapter Fourteen - A Very High Cinnamon Bun ago
Chapter Fifteen - The Last One Smiling ago
Chapter Sixteen - Ready Check ago
Chapter Seventeen - The Road Untraveled ago
Chapter Eighteen - Pick a Pixie ago
Chapter Nineteen - Blue Skies ago
Chapter Twenty - A Ribbiting Meeting ago
Chapter Twenty-One - Tiny Fish Huge Pond ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - A Long Talk Off a Short Pier ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - Friendmaking ago
Chapter Twenty-Four - Rockstack ago
Chapter Twenty-Five - The Hop On Inn ago
Chapter Twenty-Six - Selling for a Bargain ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven - Planting the Seeds of a Quest ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight - JourneyBun ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine - Mad Hare ago
Chapter Thirty - A Very Handsome Tree ago
Chapter Thirty-One - In Which Broccoli Gives the Locals Weaponry ago
Sidestory Announcement - Oak: A Tree's Quest ago
Chapter Thirty-Two - Hop on Out ago
Chapter Thirty-Three - The First Step in a Short Journey ago
Chapter Thirty-Four - The Embers of Magic ago
Chapter Thirty-Five - A Spark in the Night ago
Chapter Thirty-Six - I Just Want to Set the World on Fire ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven - Let me Level With You ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight - Port Royal ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine - Guild Me Up, Buttercup ago
Chapter Forty - An Offer ago
Chapter Forty-One - Booksie ago
Chapter Forty-Two - Sorry for Harpy Rocking ago
Chapter Forty-Three - The Silver Boot ago
Chapter Forty-Four - A Step Around the Boot ago
Chapter Forty-Five - Upskirt Down ago
Chapter Forty-Six - A Slimey Situation ago
Chapter Forty-Seven - Mud and Bone ago
Chapter Forty-Eight - A Good Boy ago
Chapter Forty-Nine - Rift ago
Chapter Fifty - Ambush ago
Chapter Fifty-One - Fetching Help ago
Chapter Fifty-Two - Hard to Ignore ago
Chapter Fifty-Three - Buntimidation ago
Chapter Fifty-Four - The Return ago
Chapter Fifty-Five - Revelations ago
Chapter Fifty-Six - Dreaming Big ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven - Pomf ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight - Opportunity Comes Kicking ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine - LORD ABRAHAM BRISTLECONE! ago
Chapter Sixty - Pretty Dresses ago
Chapter Sixty-One - Spending the Night Inn ago
Chapter Sixty-Two - The Dungeon Book ago
Chapter Sixty-Three - The Shady Lady ago
Chapter Sixty-Four - Physical Manakinesis ago
Chapter Sixty-Five - Storytime ago
Chapter Sixty-Six - A Place to Park Airships ago
Chapter Sixty-Seven - Fairness ago
Chapter Sixty-Eight - A Cure for Hysteria and Loneliness ago
Chapter Sixty-Nine - Matters of Nobility ago
Chapter Seventy - In Which Broccoli Kidnaps the Cute ago
Chapter Seventy-One - Friendship is Magical ago
Chapter Seventy-Two - The Adventurer Look ago
Chapter Seventy-Three - Denying Moronity ago
Chapter Seventy-Four - Dibs on Petting ago
Chapter Seventy-Five - Flower Picking ago
Chapter Seventy-Six - How Droll ago
Chapter Seventy-Seven - The Best Pack ago
Chapter Seventy-Eight - Glasslighting ago
Chapter Seventy-Nine - Happy Dance ago
Chapter Eighty - Path of Broken Reflections ago
Chapter Eighty-One - In Case of Puzzle, Break Glass ago
Chapter Eighty-Two - Casus Bellyache ago
Chapter Eighty-Three - There's No Sense Crying Over Every Mistake ago
Chapter Eighty-Four - Psychohazard ago
Chapter Eighty-Five - Funhouse ago
Chapter Eighty-Six - Broccoli On Ice ago
Chapter Eighty-Seven -Trouble in Parad-ice! ago
Chapter Eighty-Eight - Wyvern ago
Chapter Eighty-Nine - Down to Earth ago
Chapter Ninety - Cleanup ago
Chapter Ninety-One - Core Values ago
Chapter Ninety-Two - Making Friends at the Next Level ago
Chapter Ninety-Three - Buzzy Bee Boogie ago
Chapter Ninety-Four - Dance Dance Beevolution ago
Chapter Ninety-Five - Dungeon Known As... ago
Chapter Ninety-Six - The Rusty Raven ago
Chapter Ninety-Seven - Enter the Dragon ago
Chapter Ninety-Eight - Bun of Her Word ago
Chapter Ninety-Nine - What is a Normal Adventurer? ago
Chapter One Hundred - No Strings Attached ago
Chapter One Hundred and One - Evolution ago
Chapter One Hundred and Two - Bounce Back ago
Bonus Chapter: The Other Possibilities ago
Chapter One Hundred and Three - The Lowest Low ago
Chapter One Hundred and Four - The Bun in the Arena ago
Chapter One Hundred and Five - Altering the Deal ago
Chapter One Hundred and Six - Git Good ago
Cinnamon Bun Art Contest! ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seven - Bringing a Knife to a Chair Fight ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eight - Buff Bun ago
Chapter One Hundred and Nine - Civility ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ten - Losing is Fun ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven - Seize the Date ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve - Teach a Dragon To Fish... ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen - And Also a Dragon ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen - Third Wheeling ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen - Dragon Rider of Bun ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen - Momma ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen - Failing The Bechdel Test, but With Dragons ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen - Breaking Fast ago
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen - Morepoles ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty - Into the Scumways ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-One - Gangsta Bun ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Two - Interrogations ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Three - An Old Name ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Four - Say Hello to My Not-So-Little Friend ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Five - Bad Implications ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Six - War Talk ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Seven - A Poet, and Also a Dragon ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Eight - Eating Out ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Nine - Oblivious ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty - Hoping For a Better Tomorrow ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-One - Fast Travel ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Two - Harping on Friendship ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Three - Of Course You Realize this Maybe War ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Four - Family Matters Matter ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Five - Great Balls of Fire ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Six - Relationship of Fools ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Seven - Sugar and Spice ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Eight - Avianation ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Nine - The Party Boat is Already Split ago
Chapter One Hundred and Forty - Repetition is the Mother of All Learning ago
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-One - Broccoli is to Ceremony as Bulls are to China Shops ago
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Two - He’s a Real Fixer-Upper ago
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Three - Wear Your Sunshine on Your Ship ago
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Four - La Vogue de la Résistance ago
Cinnamon Bun Traditions! ago
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Five - The Patrician's Armor ago
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Six - Forewarned is Foreworn ago
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Seven - In Which Broccoli Gets to Wear Many Hats ago
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Eight - Clearing the Air ago
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Nine - Prelude to Disaster ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty - A Canadian Riftwalker in the Harpies' Court ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-One - Once is Happenstance, Twice is Enemy Action ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Two - Peace Through Overwhelming Friendpower ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Three - Just Remember: Everything is Illegal ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Four - It's a Good Day to Dine ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Five - Panic at the Ball ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Six - Plotting ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Seven - Adventure Waits for No Bun ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Eight - Smooth Sailing ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Nine - Geomagnetic Wandering ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty - You're Grounded, Young Lady ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-One - You Can See The Forest Because the Trees Are Chopped Down ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Two - Dine Another Day ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Three - Hello Darkwoods, My Old Friend ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Four - Tree Time ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Five - Negotreeations ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Six - Diplomatree II: Treety Harder ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Seven - Peace For Our Time ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Eight - Shore Leave ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Nine - Rebels Without (Much of) a Cause ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy - The Pirate's Lair ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-One - Oh, The Small Manatee ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Two - Fetching Help II: Re-Re-Kidnapping ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Three - No Plan, Just Survive Contact With the Enemy ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Four - Chaos and Anarchy and Other Sorts of Fun ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Five - Jumping Ship ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Six - Picking Up Strays ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Seven - Double-Time ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Eight - Untoxication ago
The Friendship Circle of Very Nice Girls - Part V ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Nine - Learning About the Feet of the Master ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty - The Parable of the Baker Knight ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-One - Casting a Shadow Over Insmouth ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Two - Shopping With the Fishes ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Three - Hop Along to Hopsalot ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Four - The Village Hidden in the Leaves ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Five - Grandmomma's Hug ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Six - Ready to do Violence on Their Behalf ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Seven - Cuter Than a Bun's Ear ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Eight - Walking Songs ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Nine - Super Smash Bunnies Melee ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety - Deadweight ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-One - Please Be Quiet in the Library ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Two - Maid it Out Alive ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Three - Clean the Walking Dead ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Four - The Dead on Their Feet ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Five - Buddy System ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Six - Matchmaking 101 With Momma ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Seven - Ashes to Ashes ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Eight - Everybuny was Draugr Fighting ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Nine - Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Down ago
Chapter Two Hundred - Stronghold Stranglehold ago
Stray Bun Art Contest! ago
Chapter Two Hundred and One - Grassroots Campaign ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Two - Heart of Darkness ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Three - Do Science To It ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Four - Immune System ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Five - Victory Sleep ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Six - Home Again, Home Again ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Seven - Reciprocation ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Eight - Dine Hard ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Nine - Not the Hero We Need, But Not the Hero We Deserve ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Ten - Read The Mood ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Eleven - The Prisoner's Dilemma ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twelve - Mist Opportunities ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirteen - Toadbreakers ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Fourteen - Planning Commitea ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifteen - Un Mist Takeable ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixteen - Imposter Syndrome ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventeen - Colourless Green Ideas Slither Furiously ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighteen - Inquiring Mind Wants to Know ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Nineteen - Guilt ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty - The Buck Stops Here ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-One - The Dread Cute-ulu ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-Two - Down With the Boss ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-Three - A True Captain ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-Four - Celebrating the Good Things ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-Five - A Happy Sort of Busy ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-Six - Skills and Levels and Stats, Oh My!​ ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-Seven - A Huffy Afternoon ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-Eight - The Great Grey Wall ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-Nine - Armour Up ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty - A Cry ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-One - A Crysis ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-Two - Befriend Them with Lasers ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-Three - Warning: Rocket Launch Detected ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-Four - Ack-Ack ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-Five - Cross-cultural Xenopsychology 101 ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-Six - LISTEN UP, MAGGOTS! ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-Seven - People Come Here to Be Forgotten ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-Eight - Towerhidden ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-Nine - They're Going the Distance! ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty - Cry Havoc, And Let Slip the Lasers of War ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty-One - Islanding ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty-Two - A Tale of Two Prison Colonies ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty-Three - Sanity Check ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty-Four - Intercepted ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty-Five - Buniver's Travels ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty-Six - Paladin Business ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty-Seven - Dam It All ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty-Eight - Diggy Diggy Hole ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty-Nine - Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better (Except for Hugs) ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty - Chain of Command ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty-One - On the Back Foot ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty-Two - Move Fast and Break Things ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty-Three - Granite Springs Calls For Aid ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty-Four - Joint Strike Fighters ago
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty-Five - Snakes Are a Pain ago

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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Reviewing at CH. 143
Keep in mind that this author has been pumping their segments out at a rate of 3 to 5 a week. That's quite fast, especially when you consider how many stories they are running at once.

I'm... going to stop at 143 for now. I don't think the magic that was there in the first 30 chapters is going to make a return any time soon. Even since a third protagonist (Awen) was introduced, things got kind of weird. What RavenDagger has got going is great for him (her?), and I am happy for them, but I just can't take the character personality balance. I actually like the three mc's, but something went wrong along the way. For me the chemistry has been lost and the story doesn't explore all of the interesting stuff enough for me to continue based on character chemistry alone.

Style: Not quite novel, but certainly different. Some may find it quite childish to name a character RawrXD (spelled phonetically). I personally find all of the numerous puns off-putting. Here and there are fine- funny, even, but puns are about as common in this story as the air we breathe.

My biggest gripe is one about style related to dialogue, action, and description. Lots of dialogue. Mostly dialogue in the later arcs, in fact. This isn't always bad, but it can be when about 1/4 of the speaking sentences being written are the same idea followed by one of a few reactions being repeated... repeatedly. I want to know what happened to the fun and interesting descriptions and unique actions that occurred in the first 30 chapters went! The style took a complete
u-turn after our loveable bun made her first friend.

Grammar: It's pretty good. Absolutely readable. There are plenty of misspellings and oddly-placed commas or lack thereof. Compared to some stuff we readers of webnovels have seen? You could call it great!

Story: (See my biggest gripe) Well... as suggested in the title, the story starts out interesting, but quickly looses its lustre and gets off-track. I am of the opinion that RavensDagger got really bogged down in some of their arcs and it changed how they wrote the story. Despite this, RD touched on some fairly interesting settings that I wish they had explored more.

Characters: The characters themselves are pretty good upon introduction. You don't actually see many repeating personalities.

Other: I would suggest adding a romance/romcom tag to the story, because a good chunk of a certain character's whole schtick is romance and it heavily influences... everything. I find it weird how the author handles romance-related content. No, this is not a commentary on straight/non-straight stuff. I just find it... odd. Tons of hardly discreet sexual references and dialogue. Sex toys. Suggestive names. It almost goes unadressed under the guise of Broccoli Bunch being all about friendship (and not anything further than that).


If you've read Love-crafted, then you have an idea of how this story is shaped. The premise is that a young Broccoli Bunch receives a literal call to adventure while sitting in class and gleefully accepts it for the chance to explore a new and exciting world. Squealing with joy on arrival, she's rewarded with the class 'Cinnamon Bun' and shortly after the class skill Cleaning, which she hopes will be helpful with her hero's quest to cleanse the land of evil. Surprisingly, she makes a solid, if unconventional, hero. Polite, excited, and a part of a world that does not forgo darkness, she neither breaks from her friendly and optimistic base nor does the world bend to make things happy and sweet. It's a surprisingly effective blend of wholesome positivity and classic adventure.

The character is a complete sugar rush, but well written in how she responds to the less positive aspects of the world. The excitement is almost visceral, even for things as simple as ranking up her cleaning powers, and her naivete shines in certain moments (Vibrating wand of cure hysteria) without detracting from occasionally brutal problem solving within the dungeon. It's a tight balance to walk between recognizing the danger posed by things and ensuring that she never hurts anything that doesn't want to hurt her, but so far it has been handled very well. There hasn't been much in the way of other characters at this point in the story (excepting the nibbly skeleton), but I look forward to Broccoli sweeping into the just spotted fantasy town on a flood of raw enthusiasm and friendship. If the author's other works are anything to go by, characterization won't be an issue.

All in all, while the story is still in an early stage, it makes for an endearing read similar in tone to "There is No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns" in that the main character is an unrelenting force of positivity in a world that was not designed for them. If you're looking for a happy, somewhat whimsical fantasy read, then this is definitely something to keep on your read list. If you're unsure, but a fan of adventure, it's worth giving a few chapters to see if it agrees with you.


Dear lord, this is a good story. When I picked it up to take a quick look at the first couple of chapters, I was not expecting to get sucked in so much I found myself twitching at every daily interruption delaying me from reading the rest.

It's a bog standard litRPG/isekai premise - average teenager gets sucked into a magical fantasy world with dungeons and quests and handed a system - but the execution is superb. Main character Broccoli is a delightful and refreshingly well-adjusted bundle of enthusiasm and competent social skills, qualities which are apparently rare enough in her new environment to be worthy of their own class, the 'Cinnamon Bun'.

You might be forgiven for thinking that this story doesn't take itself particularly seriously, and yes, it does have a distinct lighthearted tone. Far from being silly, however, Broccoli is arguably a smarter, more relatable character than the average litRPG protagonist, using her ingenuity and common sense to learn, scavenge, befriend and problem-solve her way to survival in an alien environment, while remaining true to the cultural values of the prosperous civil society she was raised in. I have an easy time imagining this as a realistic scenario. So if Lord of the Flies ever left you with a bad taste in the mouth or a character's rapid descent into violence seemed a little too cynical to be realistic, this is the story for you.

But it's not all about characterisation. The story is easy to read and perfectly-paced, taking its time to linger and explore each fascinating aspect of the world before moving on. Like a good RPG protagonist, Broccoli leaves no corner of the world untouched, uncovering and utilising every secret she can. 

And what a world, and what improvisation! The world has a clear consistency to it, so as readers we can piece together clues about the societies and structures in it from relics left behind. The game system is just as well-implemented, with clear consistency and planning in its tiers and mechanics. Items and skills are used to creative, clever, and innovative effect, and it makes for one hell of a more satisfying and original ride than the more traditional 'swing a sword and get better at it' approach.

Cinnamon Bun is the kind of story that reminds you characters don't need to be prodigies to make good decisions, and that there are more ways to approach problems than with violence - though it's also wise to be prepared for self-defence. One of the most satisfying stories I've read in a while, and very well-written, it just hits every note right. 


Has a great start and it's great change of pace seeing such a wholesome MC. It's very well written, with emphasis on the homeliness and adorable actions of the protagonist. Unfortunately, there's a lack of tension within the overarching narrative as there's no real antagonist or tangible goal for the cast to work towards. Instead, there's a very vague "save the world" quest provided by an unknown power that has no time limit nor apparent reprecussions.

The system and the worldbuilding are pretty well done but the main focus is on the MC having fun & fluffy moments with her friends (no romance/yuri, just a whole lotta friendship). These moments are well written with minimal grammar mistakes, making it a pleasure to read.

Unfortunately, the adorable antics of the MC can only go so far and be entertaining for so long before it gets repetitive, and at that point the lack of tension makes itself known. The characters themselves are pretty well done, but seem to fall under certain tropes and stay as such (there's no real character development).

I found that the story was very engaging for quite some time, but after a hundred plus chapters it wasn't quite as entertaining and was becoming a bit stale to read.


Cinnamon Bun is at the heart of it a story meant to bring joy. Our protagonist is a sweet girl with a working moral compass that does not let a vicious world of fantasy monsters bring her down, instead, she brings the world up with herself. 

She questions inherent violence and opts for a peaceful solution. It is wish-fulfillment by proxy as sweet Broccoli goes on an adventure. On a quest to find friends and spread love and we are here for this ride and what a ride it is! 

Now, up till here what I described is fairly standard but what is NOT standard is the fact that despite the class itself acknowledging plot armor it is not all-powerful, things can and most probably WILL go bad, but what is interesting is that she will not let herself be thrown around by that. Bad things happen struggles, grief, anger mistakes loss. They are there but in the end it a story where our character takes the high road, where she put effort into TRYING to make things better. Broccoli Bunch is an explorer, curious and adventurous and she will not let Bad guys get to her, instead, maybe she will make friends and find out that they were not so bad after all. It is the goodness of people that shines here through our main character in a World that tends to take a turn to the dark.

Slowly as you get to know the characters and the world, you will realize how much you look forward to her exploits, there is no grand plot here and no demon Kings to defeat (befriending him is an option too!) instead it is the little things that jump out. I will not spoil here. Just give it a try. It might take time for some, do not rush and slowly but surely you will be charmed by our Cinnamon Bun. 

But do not misunderstand, she not a saint, by no means. She is just a good person, curious and adventurous. She will fight and she might have to kill and that is EXACTLY what makes me so excited about this. She does not succumb to Edgy crap plaguing LitRPG yet she is not all good and perfect either. Mistakes are a part of the adventure, and I love her as she is. I hope that you will too!

 “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” 


The 4 and a half are because I have not found many other characters that come to her level of complexity, a few but not many, but the story is young and I hope to see much more!

I did not mention the world and I don't I can do it justice, it is complex and full of vibrant imagery, something where many others fail. I cannot possibly tell you what you get, You just have to see it for yourself and trust me you will NOT be disappointed.

So here we come, together to watch as she brings some light to a world, with light hidden inside it, inherent to world and people. just obscured by the veil drudgery and apathy that people come to accept as a matter of course.

For the Stubborn here are some points why you should give this a try: 

  • A breath of fresh air. 
  • Lots of fresh world-building and unique twists to races and history
  • Lots of interesting characters
  • Filled with wonder and beautiful sights. 
  • Just do it, man, Broc's not gonna disappoint you. You can be friends with her too!

A must-read on this site, and a much needed fresh of air. A Cinnamon Bun filled with sweetness. 

Just read it okay?



My expecations for this story were exceeded and shattered while reading it, and thats all thanks to the MC, who is just tooo good, i hardly can handle that much Cute.

After getting transmigrated because of accepting a sudden quest prompt while she was attending class, our (Cute) Hero Brocolli Bunch explores the new world she is in, in her own way, by treating everyone with the power of friendship, unless they are meanies, which get pounded down!


Basically the MC is simply too pure, she acts friendly to everyone, even if it would make totally no logical sense at all, and it somehow works! Her innocence is one of her greatest strengths, since she only sees good in others, even if they openly disrespect and distrust her, though not to the extent that she cant recognize who is an enemy though! The MC is totally not an airheaded person, even if she may seem like it, she is quite capable at surviving on her own, with an healthy dose of common sense, though she is blissfully obivious about some topics, and i hope it stays like that!

Like every character gets swept along with her optimism, it is like a massive gravity well sucking all in and not letting them go! And even with her around, other characters are still well written, have their own characterizations which is quite clear to see, though even if they protest, they still get swept away by the Pure!


The plot? Well, its all about the MC going on an adventure to travel this new world, on a quest to destroy Evil, hugging all kinds of creatures and making friends of them!

The system quite fits here, it is a bit different than what one would expect from a standard system as it is more based around skill slots and levels, which are limited by how many Points you can have (and sadly Cute is not extempt from this).

For the rest, the world is like a standard Fantasy world with a system, though competently built but nothing expectional, still nice to see some of those twists to it like the dungeons, which are Weird and even creepy.


Near flawless grammar (for Royalroad that is) in this story, typos and such get detected fairly fast and thus corrected, i think i saw only one myself during my read, and absolutely had no problem at all with grammar and spelling.

The writing is just about amazing, the story is generally a lighthearted read, and flawlessy manages to switch to a darker tone and back, without even disrupting  the flow of the writing. Also just the right kind of pacing during the entire story so far, no complaints here!


This is certainly a story im going to enjoy for a looong time, even when constantly reading the most recent released chapter. It is just so fun and enjoyable to read.

Stop whatever you are doing right now, and just go read this story, it is certainnly worth your time if you like lighthearted reads with go-happy protagnist going on a silly adventure! And even if you arent a fan, give it a try, you may grow to love this weird lighthearted story!


Wholesome LitRPG but not much else

Reviewed at: Chapter Seventy-Nine - Happy Dance

I can recommend this to two types of people:
- Those who love LitRPG blue boxes
- Those who love seeing a cute girl try to befriend everyone she meets

Otherwise, there’s not much going on here.

The protagonist? Cute and wants to make friends. Can’t think of any other defining traits really.

The plot? The protagonist trying to make friends while exploring a new world.

The world? Nothing interesting or original. Feels like fantasy-themed filler for the protagonist to skip (I mean jump) through while trying to make friends.

The writing? Simplistic. Readable. It nicely conveys the central point, the protagonist is trying to make friends.

Maybe more developments, more substance comes later? Since I as a reader need a bit more meat to chew through on top of the bare bones of a wholesome-LitRPG idea, dropping this after 79 chapters. I only gave it this long because of the deceptively rad reviews and because I really wanted to like this.

3 stars for middling quality, +0.5 for rarity of cute friend-making girl protagonists on RR


The writing of the main character is slightly weak since the narrative keeps framing her as this excessively perfect saint despite all of her actions lining up more with a fairly normal "genuinely good person, but very willing to resort to violence when provoked in any way" adventure story protagonist. Sometimes it feels like we're being asked as the audience to issue the character the fricking nobel peace prize for not immediately murdering everyone on sight... and only horribly murdering them the instant they threaten her, something she does repeatedly.

Everything else about the story is completely amazing, though. A class deliberately designed to be inoffensive foisted onto an RPG player so she's always a bit wrong genre savvy, a system that's written to sound exactly like the kind of mean, petty dick that every system in gamelit is, a protagonist who is completely on board with the viewer's desire to explore the world instead of the author's desire to write a game book. Side characters who are interesting and have their own lives and concerns, and aren't arbitrarily hostile just to give the hero someone to beat on. Creative applications of abilities that come off as logical even when they're a surprise (hello, "cleaning"), with an advancement system that affects the story in meaningful ways but doesn't bog it down in nonsense.

Also, ghost kitten. Which is to say, no hesitation to focus on things that are just fun even if they don't advance the story or worldbuilding. Why a ghost kitten? Because it's cute.

And that's the big draw here: not the hook of the twee aesthetic so much as the sense of joy pervading everything. It feels like the characters are there because they're enjoying this, the author writes for the joy of it, and the reader is here to have a good time rather than watch something be accomplished. Surprisingly I think it reminds me more of Azarinth Healer than any other webnovel around.

... yes, I just highly recommended a story whose ostensible hooks are a Candyland reference and being super G-rated based on its resemblance to one of the more gruesomely body-horror-themed exercises is unrelenting ultraviolence on this site. Fight me.


The same vibe as "There Is No Epic Loot, Only Puns", except the MC isn't a dungeon core and is a little less flighty. A fun read!


If you ever get tired of all those OP murder hobo Isekai protagonists, if you want a story that is cute without getting dumb and innocent without being naive, if you like puns and friends and adventures, then this story is for you. Cinnamon Bun is not a patsy nor an idiot, but someone who will defend herself only after she has tried to make friends.

Just read it.