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The world called out for a hero to purge it of a great evil. It received Broccoli Bunch, explorer, expert cleaner, occasional ghost-buster, and full time Cinnamon Bun. 


Features include:

Talking enemies into becoming friends

Hugging menu boxes

Awesome overpowered skills (such as Cleaning, and Gardening)

And more adventure than you could shake a stick at! 

 Follow Broccoli on her personal quest to make all the friends. All of them.

Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter Zero - A Call to Adventure ago
Chapter One - Like You've Seen a Ghost ago
Chapter Two - Who You Gonna Call? ago
Chapter Three - Crime Spree ago
Chapter Four - Dusting Off History ago
Chapter Five - An Insightful Afternoon ago
Chapter Six - Armoured and Ready ago
Chapter Seven - Grave ago
Chapter Eight - A Look into the Past ago
Chapter Nine - Dungeon Dive ago
Chapter Ten - Mushroom Hop ago
Chapter Eleven - Wearing Many Hats ago
Chapter Twelve - Tea Time ago
Chapter Thirteen - Off With Her Head ago
Chapter Fourteen - A Very High Cinnamon Bun ago
Chapter Fifteen - The Last One Smiling ago
Chapter Sixteen - Ready Check ago
Chapter Seventeen - The Road Untraveled ago
Chapter Eighteen - Pick a Pixie ago
Chapter Nineteen - Blue Skies ago
Chapter Twenty - A Ribbiting Meeting ago
Chapter Twenty-One - Tiny Fish Huge Pond ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - A Long Talk Off a Short Pier ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - Friendmaking ago
Chapter Twenty-Four - Rockstack ago
Chapter Twenty-Five - The Hop On Inn ago
Chapter Twenty-Six - Selling for a Bargain ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven - Planting the Seeds of a Quest ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight - JourneyBun ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine - Mad Hare ago
Chapter Thirty - A Very Handsome Tree ago
Chapter Thirty-One - In Which Broccoli Gives the Locals Weaponry ago
Sidestory Announcement - Oak: A Tree's Quest ago
Chapter Thirty-Two - Hop on Out ago
Chapter Thirty-Three - The First Step in a Short Journey ago
Chapter Thirty-Four - The Embers of Magic ago

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If you've read Love-crafted, then you have an idea of how this story is shaped. The premise is that a young Broccoli Bunch receives a literal call to adventure while sitting in class and gleefully accepts it for the chance to explore a new and exciting world. Squealing with joy on arrival, she's rewarded with the class 'Cinnamon Bun' and shortly after the class skill Cleaning, which she hopes will be helpful with her hero's quest to cleanse the land of evil. Surprisingly, she makes a solid, if unconventional, hero. Polite, excited, and a part of a world that does not forgo darkness, she neither breaks from her friendly and optimistic base nor does the world bend to make things happy and sweet. It's a surprisingly effective blend of wholesome positivity and classic adventure.

The character is a complete sugar rush, but well written in how she responds to the less positive aspects of the world. The excitement is almost visceral, even for things as simple as ranking up her cleaning powers, and her naivete shines in certain moments (Vibrating wand of cure hysteria) without detracting from occasionally brutal problem solving within the dungeon. It's a tight balance to walk between recognizing the danger posed by things and ensuring that she never hurts anything that doesn't want to hurt her, but so far it has been handled very well. There hasn't been much in the way of other characters at this point in the story (excepting the nibbly skeleton), but I look forward to Broccoli sweeping into the just spotted fantasy town on a flood of raw enthusiasm and friendship. If the author's other works are anything to go by, characterization won't be an issue.

All in all, while the story is still in an early stage, it makes for an endearing read similar in tone to "There is No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns" in that the main character is an unrelenting force of positivity in a world that was not designed for them. If you're looking for a happy, somewhat whimsical fantasy read, then this is definitely something to keep on your read list. If you're unsure, but a fan of adventure, it's worth giving a few chapters to see if it agrees with you.

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I've read enough of your stuff to trust you...

Reviewed at: Chapter Three - Crime Spree

...to write a solid story. I just don't trust you to finish it instead of starting half a dozen more fanfics over on SB.


For any prospective readers: this will be worth your time. It may not be the most enjoyable thing you've ever read, but it will at least be pretty good.

  • Overall Score

The same vibe as "There Is No Epic Loot, Only Puns", except the MC isn't a dungeon core and is a little less flighty. A fun read!

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Dear lord, this is a good story. When I picked it up to take a quick look at the first couple of chapters, I was not expecting to get sucked in so much I found myself twitching at every daily interruption delaying me from reading the rest.

It's a bog standard litRPG/isekai premise - average teenager gets sucked into a magical fantasy world with dungeons and quests and handed a system - but the execution is superb. Main character Broccoli is a delightful and refreshingly well-adjusted bundle of enthusiasm and competent social skills, qualities which are apparently rare enough in her new environment to be worthy of their own class, the 'Cinnamon Bun'.

You might be forgiven for thinking that this story doesn't take itself particularly seriously, and yes, it does have a distinct lighthearted tone. Far from being silly, however, Broccoli is arguably a smarter, more relatable character than the average litRPG protagonist, using her ingenuity and common sense to learn, scavenge, befriend and problem-solve her way to survival in an alien environment, while remaining true to the cultural values of the prosperous civil society she was raised in. I have an easy time imagining this as a realistic scenario. So if Lord of the Flies ever left you with a bad taste in the mouth or a character's rapid descent into violence seemed a little too cynical to be realistic, this is the story for you.

But it's not all about characterisation. The story is easy to read and perfectly-paced, taking its time to linger and explore each fascinating aspect of the world before moving on. Like a good RPG protagonist, Broccoli leaves no corner of the world untouched, uncovering and utilising every secret she can. 

And what a world, and what improvisation! The world has a clear consistency to it, so as readers we can piece together clues about the societies and structures in it from relics left behind. The game system is just as well-implemented, with clear consistency and planning in its tiers and mechanics. Items and skills are used to creative, clever, and innovative effect, and it makes for one hell of a more satisfying and original ride than the more traditional 'swing a sword and get better at it' approach.

Cinnamon Bun is the kind of story that reminds you characters don't need to be prodigies to make good decisions, and that there are more ways to approach problems than with violence - though it's also wise to be prepared for self-defence. One of the most satisfying stories I've read in a while, and very well-written, it just hits every note right.

  • Overall Score

Very light hearted. Character feels very innocent, author please keep it that way!!!! The only negative that I have is that the MC doesn't seem too upset about not seeing her friends and family from her orignal world.

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Very good writing.  Lots of little nods to various pieces of the genre, and little things like the wand of cure hysteria.   I look forward to seeing how this new world reacts to the precious cinnamon bun.

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The writing of the main character is slightly weak since the narrative keeps framing her as this excessively perfect saint despite all of her actions lining up more with a fairly normal "genuinely good person, but very willing to resort to violence when provoked in any way" adventure story protagonist. Sometimes it feels like we're being asked as the audience to issue the character the fricking nobel peace prize for not immediately murdering everyone on sight... and only horribly murdering them the instant they threaten her, something she does repeatedly.

Everything else about the story is completely amazing, though. A class deliberately designed to be inoffensive foisted onto an RPG player so she's always a bit wrong genre savvy, a system that's written to sound exactly like the kind of mean, petty dick that every system in gamelit is, a protagonist who is completely on board with the viewer's desire to explore the world instead of the author's desire to write a game book. Side characters who are interesting and have their own lives and concerns, and aren't arbitrarily hostile just to give the hero someone to beat on. Creative applications of abilities that come off as logical even when they're a surprise (hello, "cleaning"), with an advancement system that affects the story in meaningful ways but doesn't bog it down in nonsense.

Also, ghost kitten. Which is to say, no hesitation to focus on things that are just fun even if they don't advance the story or worldbuilding. Why a ghost kitten? Because it's cute.

And that's the big draw here: not the hook of the twee aesthetic so much as the sense of joy pervading everything. It feels like the characters are there because they're enjoying this, the author writes for the joy of it, and the reader is here to have a good time rather than watch something be accomplished. Surprisingly I think it reminds me more of Azarinth Healer than any other webnovel around.

... yes, I just highly recommended a story whose ostensible hooks are a Candyland reference and being super G-rated based on its resemblance to one of the more gruesomely body-horror-themed exercises is unrelenting ultraviolence on this site. Fight me.

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All of it. This is being written by a fan of the author. This is a very good story a lighthearted adventure story with lit-novel flavorings. It's a very easy read but it's a little layered as well. Definitly Recommened! 

Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

Not giving this story 6 stars because it does not have enough chapters. Writing is refreshingly clean and intentionally easy to read. MC is a fun and unique blend of kind and outragiously optimistic all while somehow balanced on the book's edge of believability.

  • Overall Score

This story has a happy (one could say giddy) main character who faces standard Dungeons and Dragons foes and tries to make friends with them.  So far none have survived an encounter with the MC.

After reading Love Crafted, I knew that I was in for a romp through a world where lucidity is just a minor roadbump.  This story lives up to that expectation.

There is something very wrong with this author (in a good way).