So. Let's get things straight. I once saw a weird complaint in one fic of danmachi because the author tried to add Buddhist gods and someone took it badly. Like WTF? The whole premise of Danmachi is about gods and such.

Anyway. For those who don't know DxD. Highschool DxD and the different work around it are full of religious connotations. Mainly Christian and Buddhist with a little bit of every myth.

In DxD the original author even mentioned the death of the god of the angels.

Buuuuut. This is a fucking work of fiction!!! Please don't become angry at something that's targeted at the teen and young adults. Where an mc scream "oppai" every ten minutes. Because everything is false and just a way of entertainment and that's just childish to become butt hurt because of that.

More precisely I don't want to see bullshit comments about religion and such. I am religious and I believe in God but I know the difference between fiction and reality.

If you can't accept reading such a fiction please don't come here and put toxic comments.

Thanks, you and I hope those who decided to stay will love my story.

Also. Before anyone asks me. I will not destroy Rias and Issei. Those who read my other novel know how I treated Izuku. The same will happen with issei. I will make him stronger and better.

For me, despite his perversion and stupidity issei is a guy I respect and like quite a bite. Someone ready to make so many sacrifices for those he loves he someone worthy of respect even if he is a Pervert and an idiot and a "beta" as some people call him. Anyone who has read the light novel would have a better insight into his thoughts. The anime focused too much on the Oppai part.

Same for Rias. Some people act as if she manipulated issei and waited for him to die or some shit like that. I won't try to argue about it since it would be a waste of time. Just know that will Rias won't be treated like shit in my story.

Finally, once again those read my previous stories know that I am not shy about gore and other such things. My warning in the title is mainly because of this. DxD world is seriously fucked up. Only that all the oppai hide the darkness. Lol. I will endeavor to show more of his darkness. So be ready.


For those who never read the light novel but watched the anime I advise you to try it. The novel is awesome and way more interesting than the anime.

If you have watched it until the last season then begin with vol 10. Vol 10 where the anime finishes. Use vol 10 to see the difference between the anime and the novel then read vol 11 and so on. Trust me. You won't regret it.


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